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10 interactive sites with fun art galleries for kids

Most of us leave behind a drawing pen or crayon as we grow up. Maybe our own dreams of becoming great artists don’t come true. But maybe we can inspire kids in our lives to get where we left off. Art games can be a fun introduction to the world of color.

Art games are no substitute for formal art for children. So don’t make them drop the palette and brush, but check out these interactive art sites to have fun with the kids.

PBS interactive art site for websites

Any search for elementary students from online activities will take you to PBS Kids. The network is the most popular platform for children’s programming and content in the United States.

The PBS Kids portal is full interactive games for kids

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so you will be spoiled for choice. This link leads to all kinds of online coloring games.

Sesame Street Art Maker

The Art Maker on this PBS site is another popular online item with a nice little collection of children’s art games. They can paint a fluffy muppet for Elmo or go against a lunch monster with a coloring brush in their virtual hands.

It’s all online, but you can show your kids how to paint with crayons, oil paints or watercolors, etc. And light your kids ’creative fires.

A collection of art games at GirlsGoGames

This site has a collection of casual art games designed for girls. But it doesn’t have to be gender-specific because it’s about having fun with colors and craftsmanship.

Try fashion options, decorate a friend, or become a hairdresser by clicking the Play button.

For Smithsonian children and teens

The Smithsonian does not take half-measures in terms of science, history, nature, and even pop culture. This part of their extensive site is dedicated to arts and crafts activities for children of all ages. Many of the sources are part of the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

For example, you can help your children make ArtBot, an art-making robot with detailed instructions on the site. There are also milder activities like coloring pages and collage work if you want to bypass the robot.

The Smithsonian can be a fun art site, but you’ll get more out of it as a serious educational resource.

Tate Museum art games

Appreciation of the arts can begin early with visits to museums such as the Tate Art Museums in the UK. But you can also do a lot at home. For example, the Tate site has an entire section dedicated to free art games, artistic activities, and fun quizzes.

Kids can make art like Andy Warhol or paint virtual walls with graffiti Street Art. No one can stop them from embarking on their art adventure.

Art and design activities for children at the Toy Theater

The toy theater is a clean little site full of educational activities for elementary students. Go straight to a collection of interactive art games to help your children develop visual learning skills, abstract expression of ideas, and design awareness.

The activities are very suitable for students at an early stage from kindergarten to third grade.

Artsology is a website with an interactive art gallery for children

Artsology is the second collection of 107 art games for kids of all ages. Start by spray painting New York City walls with graffiti and get through surreal art in an arcade game.

Some games are marked with the Flash logo. So everyone can enjoy Flash games at least until December 2020, at least when Adobe officially stops updating Flash.

Drawize is a fun drawing and guessing game

Drawize can replace a dictionary because it is similar to a “guess what I drew” game. Your kids can draw and participate in a daily drawing challenge or go online to play with friends or strangers anywhere in the world.

The drawing and guessing game is also available for Android and iOS.

Charge: Draw for Android | iOS (Free)

Using Quick Draw to play children's art

This Google A.I test keeps kids caught for 20 seconds at a time as they play against the neural network and its image recognition capability.

It’s an amazing research project, but you can also use it for a fast-paced doodle drawing game like Dictionary. The game uses its nervous system to guess the drawing. If it guesses correctly, the “game” is over.

The twenty-second timer also makes your child use their intuition and not take a break and reflect on drawing. The drawings don’t have to be perfect, which means anyone with no artistic ability can join in and have fun.

AutoDraw from Google

Auto Draw is another Google game used by A.I. It’s a little different from the game above because the automated bot “guesses” the logo and suggests a polished clip art to replace it.

Children can also see in an instant whether their own logos are close enough to the suggested drawings made by the visual artists.

AutoDraw is a great little tool for non-artistic kids because they can change their rough drawing to a more comfortable drawing and use it in any art project.

A few other websites about children’s art

Many art games can now be found as mobile applications. But here are a few more simple skill games that your kids can enjoy in the browser.

  1. Art Pad
  2. Color with Leo
  3. Beautiful curves
  4. NASA-coloring books
  5. Crazy games – C0loring
  6. Disney Junior coloring pages
  7. The son of archery
  8. ThisIsSand
  9. Tessellate
  10. Weave silk

Sparkle creativity with art and drawing

Art games can only get kids to draw for free. After all, they don’t waste paint on canvas or paper and do things. In fact, art is just a space that children need to inject stuff and see what is created.

These interactive art sites are perfect for kids, and there is drawing and painting applications and some even disguised as games on Android and iOS. Point towards your child sites that teach the basics of drawing

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and they begin to build the foundation of a great hobby.

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