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10 interesting things you can learn on YouTube

Stuck indoors? You can reverse your frustration and acquire the skills to learn and master. YouTube is just a click away, with over a billion videos on every topic imaginable.

Maybe you’re not sure about the new thing you want to learn. Take a A 30-day learning challenge and see where it takes you. If it’s fun somewhere, you can try other interesting topics.

Here are some great things you can learn from YouTube. But first, here’s a tip …

Make learning a habit

Watch the Khan Academy video above for a motive line in a one minute apartment.

YouTube is a fish market on Sunday morning. But in those 300 hours of video that is uploaded to YouTube every minute, there are a lot of gems you can attach that a few other sites can compete with. You can learn on the go and you can learn in 61+ languages. You can learn practically anything. I selected the ten videos below with three things in mind:

  • These skills can be learned and practiced in less than a day.
  • The skills can be applied to any day-to-day equipment.
  • All of these ten skills can make you look smarter than your friends.

So puts three rules into these ten interesting things you can learn to do on YouTube.

1. Improve critical thinking with the Socrates method

Why is it important? A skill that can help us make better decisions and not jump to conclusions.

Critical thinkers are more in demand when AI handles everyday chores. It starts by observing important details, questioning assumptions, researching sources of information, eliminating biases, and most difficultly – outside the box thinking.

One of the techniques for critical thinking is the Socrates method. There are quite a few videos on YouTube about this, but the above is a brief introduction.

Critical thinking is also a big part of the core standards of schools. The common core focuses on developing the critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills that students must be successful from now on.

2. Save time with mental health skills

Why is it important? A life skill you can use in a business room or helping a 10-year-old with their homework.

For most of us, math and fun don’t fall into the same sentence. Calculator applications do their part to solve our mathematical fears. Even then, mental math skills are the best brain weight lifting. Mental math isn’t too hard to learn, and you can impress anyone in seconds.

Arthur T. Benjamin devotes an entire playlist to it and shows how it can be simple and fun. This human calculator might inspire you in the secondary to look at what you were taught.

3. Pay attention to writing with spelling

Why is it important? Because one small mistake can ruin any memo for a course.

One of the golden rules of life is to always check your writing before you turn it over. We skip proofreading because we become lazy and rely too much on our hands and eyes. Some self-editing tips can help us all improve writers.

4. Create beautiful calligraphic shells

Why is it important? The snail mail has not gone out, and first impressions are counted.

You have special invitations to send. Printing envelopes is an easy way and can be done easily with any printer. Calligraphy is a great skill that you can learn to add to its extra flourishing.

All you need are a few different sized envelopes to practice with and the video tutorial above. It may not come off the first time, but eventually the results will show.

When there are too many messages to send, the calligraphy may not cut it. learning how to merge mails in word or excel

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can help save you from the anxiety of mass mailing.

5. Understanding color theory

Why is it important? Matching colors will help you do everyday things like wearing makeup or painting your house in the right colors.

You can understand color theory in less than an hour and there are apps to help you with color choices

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too. But you will learn color theory because it will help develop your eyes into the right combinations. It’s also made even easier on YouTube with the visual nature of the videos and the many apps you’ll find in the guides.

Want a deeper understanding of basic concepts such as hue and saturation, and how it affects color balance? check this out the whole playlist in Color Theory.

6. Learn to read nutrition information on food labels

Why is it important? You can make better decisions about the food you consume.

Some small amounts of data can have an impact over a lifetime. One of them is reading nutrition information on food labels on the back of packaging.

The sizes and nutrient information provided are just like knowing the amount and type of fuel your car needs. Maybe more because your health requires more work than a car.

The FDA has a thorough point explanation of food labeling on their site and this Q&A YouTube video will help you better understand your diet.

7. How to cook perfect eggs

Why is it important? Start your day quickly and easily with an egg breakfast.

Eggs can get you through all the emergencies in life. And cooking the perfect egg is one of the easiest skills even novice chefs can master. It may not look like a big deal, but cook one sunny side up and it can be the perfect start to the day.

Eggs are a convenience food and once you’ve learned the timing of cooking them, look for a video that teaches you to turn them in a pan.

8. Start your day by making your bed perfect

Why is it important? It is an example of small things.

Admiral William H. McRaven once gave a popular starting address on how making bed first in the morning can change lives. Check it out on YouTube.

Also include the video above and more that will teach you this less respected but important life skill.

9. Cut and cut your own hair

Why is it important? Stay well-groomed when you can’t visit the hairdresser.

You may be one button away from a hair bug, but cutting your own hair is still a nice DIY skill to learn. There’s a lot of advice on YouTube, and the video above is the most popular video with a million plus impressions.

It helps to make getting to your toes with a body-razor, but there are other videos that will show you easy self-surgery with scissors and a comb.

10. Learn things in plain English

Why it is important? Because learning interesting things doesn’t have to be complicated.

Confused by daylight saving time or what the hell is an election city? YouTube channels like CGP gray, Collision courseand In a nutshell (Kurzgesagt) come to the rescue with simplified explanations of the most complex topics.

Just to illustrate the value, watch the video above that explains the coronavirus.

Once you’re hooked, YouTube includes the lineup fascinating channels for mind training

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Learn a new skill in your spare time

Once you have a few minutes to save, you can study these videos and decide on the skills you want to work with. After all, true learning only benefits when you transfer it into your own life, rather than just using these YouTube videos for entertainment.

YouTube is a training center in itself. So, if you’re serious about diving deeper into DIY skills, then check these out Chrome extensions to help you learn better on YouTube

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