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10 Netflix movies to watch with Mom on Mother’s Day

Most mothers love to spend time with their families, and this is especially true for Mother’s Day. So whether you’re going for big meals with the little ones or just enjoying a glass of wine with the adult kids, why not gather around the TV and relax after a movie. If only you could.

Netflix offers great movies to watch with mom on Mother’s Day and beyond. The streaming service has movies that will make you laugh, shed a tear and enjoy your vacation with the one you love. And this article lists the best Netflix movies to watch with Mom on Mother’s Day.

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Netflix movies watched with mom

You may have an adult child who is starting their own life, or a baby who is just starting their own. Anyway, these movies will make you and your mom smile and laugh together during this Mother’s Day.

1. Poor mother Christmas (2017)

genre: Comedy | Review: R

It may be Mother’s Day, but Bad Mothers ’Christmas is fun for all the holidays. Join Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as they do their best to get Christmas when their mothers show up. This sequel to the 2016 hits Bad Moms is as enjoyable as the first film.

2. As good as it gets (1997)

Styles: Comedy, drama, romance Review: PG-13

What single mother could spend time with Jack Nicholson? As good as it gets, you can watch an obsessive disorder with a single mother played by Helen Hunt, who beats the original author. From a cute, romantic comedy, you and Mom both laugh about this.

3. Wild oats (2016)

Styles: Action, adventure, comedy Review: PG-13

It may not be Thelma and Louise, but Wild Oats lets you and Mom watch a retired teacher with too much money head to the Canary Islands with a guy on their own adventure. This premium of 50,000 accidentally turns into 5 million and the duo does their best to enjoy it.

Cinemas Shirley MacLaine, Jessica Lange and Demi Moore.

4. Julie and Julia (2009)

Styles: Biography, drama, romance Review: PG-13

If your mom loves to cook, she might also enjoy Julie and Julia. Starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, the blogger got tired of her life and decides to start a cooking challenge. And the chef she makes… all the recipes for Julia Child’s classic cookbook. If you want to watch a simple, good good movie on Mother’s Day, check this out.

5. Fun mother’s dinner (2017)

genre: Comedy | Review: R

Something a little less polished but still fun to pop download at Fun Mom Dinner. Follow four preschool mothers for a night on the town. Things may start innocent enough, but when these mothers meet for a break from the kids, things will turn wild from them and entertain you.

6. Otherhood (2019)

genre: Comedy | Review: R

If you want to watch stressed moms spend time together on fun adventures, then Netflix’s original movie Incidentally is for you. Starring Patricia Arquette, Angela Bassett, and Felicity Huffman, Otherhood shows what happens when these mothers decide to leave for New York to surprise their son with a feeling of neglect on Mother’s Day. And from what experience it comes!

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Netflix movies watched with the family

Sometimes a fun movie that the whole family can enjoy is the perfect way to spend time together. From new beginnings to old classics, these family-friendly Netflix movies definitely bring a grin to everyone’s face.

7. You, me and us (2005)

Styles: Comedy, family, fantasy Review: PG

This is a remake of the Brady Bunch-style movie of the 1968 comedy of the same name by Dennis Quaid and Rene Russo. As both single parents prepare to become married, their children’s assaults try to stop the Marriages. The whole family should enjoy watching this humorous movie on Mother’s Day.

8. Mary Poppins is back (2018)

Styles: Comedy, family, fantasy Review: PG

Another great Netflix choice for families on this Mother’s Day is Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. You know the story; the magic babysitter arrives on time to help the three-year-old father during a hard time. Laughter and fun for everyone, this return of Mary Poppins is a great family movie.

9. Libra: mermaids are real (2017)

Styles: Adventure, family, fantasy Review: PG

Another good movie to watch for a family movie is Scales: Mermaids Are Real. In this sci-fi fantasy starring Emmy Perry, Morgan Fairchild and Elisabeth Rohm, a young girl finds herself becoming a mermaid on her 12th birthday. Unfortunately, this also means that she has to leave her family and life as an ordinary girl behind her.

10. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)

Styles: Adventure, family, fantasy Review: G

It wouldn’t be true if we didn’t include at least one classic movie that mom or grandma enjoys. And Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is definitely a timeless music comedy. Watch a strange inventor and his family travel to a realm that has no children in their flying car.

Since 1968 and starring Dick Van Dyke, this old-time favorite is certainly one that the matriarchal head of the family fondly remembers.

Choose a movie and get ready for Mother’s Day

Hopefully one or more of these Netflix movies will end up in your plans for Mother’s Day. Or if you find the most suitable movie to watch, be sure to report it in the comments below.

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