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10 Netflix programs are viewed on a virtual day

If you’re going on a virtual date, watching Netflix together is a good option. However, it can be difficult to decide what to watch when Netflix offers so many licensed and original programs.

So to help you out, we’ve put together this list of Netflix presentations for viewing on Virtual Day. These presentations are all lightweight and easy to watch, making them perfect for a virtual date.

Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz are a couple of American comedians – you may know the former from Silicon Valley and the latter from parks and recreation. Together with this Netflix original, they jump on stage and improvise for hours of entertainment based on an audience interview.

It’s perfect to watch on a virtual date because it makes you laugh in an instant. Afterwards, you can even try to do improvisation together. Note, however, that it is more difficult than it looks.

Chef Show is a spin-off of director Jon Favreau’s 2014 film, Chef. In this show, he takes on chef Roy Cho and together they cook and chat.

The atmosphere is relaxed and the show is more interested in letting you spend time with these pleasant personalities and their friends (like Robert Downey Jr. and Seth Rogen) than the fact that it is about teaching cooking.

You can watch The Chef Show on your virtual day and get inspired to cook something together when you can next meet in person.

Too hot a deal may be fun entertainment, but it’s weird to watch. In this show, a group of attractive singles spend time together in a sunny resort. The turn is that you have to oppose each other to win a huge amount of money. As you might expect, they’re not great at following the rules.

This is a fluffy, breezy clock that you can easily comment on while watching your virtual date.

The world we live in is an amazing natural wonder, full of amazing ecosystems from desert to jungles. Our Planet is a stunning documentary series presented by David Attenborough that aims to not only highlight the beauty of the earth, but the effects of climate change.

Our planet would go well on a virtual date for nature lovers. You can both enjoy jaw-dropping visuals, learn interesting facts, and discuss pets, nature, and travel.

If this goes well, there are others places to watch free documentaries online

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The concept of making coffee for tough comedians should be clear from the title. The comedians range from Zach Galifianakis to Jamie Foxx, who all jump in the car with host Jerry Seinfeld. They grab a drink and wander the streets while chatting and trying to make each other laugh.

It is very relaxed and easy to watch, which makes it great to watch on a virtual date. It’s fun to watch when two witty people just shoot the wind.

You vs. Wild is hosted by Bear Grylls, a man who thrives trying to survive in the wilderness. This is an interactive Netflix presentation that asks you to guide Bear through the hard terrain. Are you scaling the rock or heading down to the cliffs? Every decision you make has implications for Gryls.

This is fun to watch on a virtual date because you can both decide how to control Bear. You can see your decision making and discuss whether you have made the right choice.

You may have never seen an entire episode of Bob Ross’s show. However, due to the cult situation, it is likely that you have seen clips of it or stumbled upon images shared online.

In this 1991 exhibition, gentle and soft-spoken artist Bob Ross slowly guides you through how to create some seemingly complex but always stunning works.

This is a relaxing show that can be watched on a virtual date, but you can take it one step further and try to follow. You can then share your painting with your date and talk about how you found the process.

Grand Designs is a British exhibition with Kevin McCloud in front. He follows people as they planned to build their dream home, often with unique features or in a remote country.

This isn’t a drama-thriving performance, although of course things can go wrong during construction. Instead, it is a spectacle of homes that people design and build.

Viewing Grand Designs can spark a conversation between your day and day about what would be an ideal home.

The big British bakery show shouldn’t really work, but it offers excellent viewing. It follows a group of competitors in the tent baking against the clock to try to impress the judge.

The program is very gentle and twee, with very low stakes, but somehow it manages to get you in. Root your favorites quickly.

When you watch a big British Baking Show on your virtual day, there are plenty of moments where you can discuss baking or cooking. If you’re brave, you can both try watching a cake or bread bake. See who produces the best creation!

Glee ran for six seasons and ended back in 2015, but it still holds up well (if you like cheesy musicals). It tells the high school group about the groups associated with the readers ’club and explores all the things young people do.

While there are deeper moments in the program, there are a lot of comedy and of course a lot of songs in the program.

This can be viewed on your virtual day if you are both in performing art. You can even sing along to the show and / or beat your own dance moves.

The best movies that can be watched by night

These are some of the best TV shows that can be watched on a virtual date. We have chosen them because they are really easy to watch. However, they are also quality shows that are well worth your time.

And if your virtual day goes well enough for you to end up in a relationship, keep our list the best day night movies for couples

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handy when you want Netflix and chill.

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