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10 tips for managing shared files in Google Drive

Sharing documents in Google Drive is no longer new. And it’s only improved when telecommuting touches all corners of the globe. That’s good news for us, because a simple shared Google Drive folder opens up so many collaboration ideas across different domains.

Do you still want to hang it? With these ten tips, you can manage shared files a little better than you do today.

Google Drive sharing basics

You can share any file or folder. But you need to pay attention to the people you share with and how many permissions you allow on Google Drive.

A two-minute video sums up the process.

As the owner, you can give others full ownership of the file or some viewing and editing rights.

  • Can edit: Collaboration table you work with your group.
  • Can comment: The draft book you are writing. Others can view and add comments to the file, but cannot edit it. Folders have no comments.
  • Can watch: The weekend party invitation you just made with the presentation.

Here is a chart comparing viewer, commentator, editor, or owner permissions:

Google Drive Sharing and Usage Comparison Form

Source: Google Support

1. How do I prevent shared files from being copied, downloaded, or printed?

You can prevent shared files from being downloaded, printed, and copied. An advanced data access control feature removes these options from the viewer menu. This is the second level of managing your documents.

Open Google Drive. Select the shared file and click Ice icon in the upper right corner.

On Share with people and groups In the dialog, add the name of the partners. Set the permission level for your partners from the drop-down menu next to the name field. Google Drive sharing rights are supplier, viewer, commenter.

Google Drive Rights Dialog

Sending a notification and a personal message is optional. Now you may want to disable downloading, printing, or copying a shared file. Click the Gear icon to see two more permissions that you can remove to confirm the privacy of your document.

Click the arrow to return to the previous dialog box, and then send the file to your partner.

Google Drive Disable print copy

Viewers see Export options disabled message at the top of the File and Edit menus. The Copy, Print, and Load settings are also grayed out for specific documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google Drive export settings disabled

Note that people with “editing” rights can still download, print, and copy your files, even if this setting is enabled.

2. Share the folder with non-Google users

Your friends and colleagues don’t need a Google Account to view a Google Drive folder or document. You can send an invitation to their email address. Or use a shared link.

Non-Google Account users and partners can only view the file, regardless of the permission you specify.

Sharing a Google Document with a non-Google user

Sharing over a public link is a security risk for sensitive documents because anyone with the link can access the file. So use it in a public discussion, email, or social media only if anyone can view the document.

3. Download the shared Google Drive folder

Google Drive lets you download the entire contents of a shared folder as a ZIP archive. This is useful for sharing local copies of shared documents. The folder structure and any subfolders are stored in the archive.

go to Shared with me On Google Drive. Right-click the folder and select charge.

Upload the shared folder to Google Drive

You can also use three point icon toolbar and download the folder.

If you download a Google Document, Spreadsheet, or Dion, it will be downloaded as an Office document. All other files are downloaded in their original format.

4. Transfer ownership of the files to someone else

There are many reasons for transferring ownership of documents to someone. Maybe someone else will take over the project. Maybe someone separated you. What’s better, you’re going on vacation and just want to give responsibility for shared documents. Digital “sharing” of Google Drive documents and folders is easy.

Shared folder in Google Drive

Open Google Drive. Under Docs, Sheets, or Slides, select the shared folder or file and click Ice icon in the upper right corner. When the presumed owner does not have distribution rights,… invite by entering an email address in the Share to people and group field. Then Save.

Click the drop-down menu next to the name of the person you want to own the file or folder. care about Make an owner.

Your role will change from owner to supplier after the transfer of ownership. A pop-up window states that “the new owner will be notified and can delete you. You may also lose the ability to change sharing settings. “

Make a note: You cannot transfer ownership of a synced or downloaded file (such as a PDF or image file).

5. How do I request access to shared files?

When you try to access a file through a shared link, you may see a message titled “You need access”.

Google Drive Access

Sometimes owners share a link before setting rights. You can also open the file with an alternate Google ID. Access is easy with one click.

On the desktop:

  • Open the link to the file.
  • Click Request Access.

Mobile device:

With Drive for Android or iOS, you can request one-touch access when the “Unable to access document” message opens. Requesting permission will send the owner an email from within the app. File owners will be notified immediately on Android and iOS operating systems.

Charge: Google Drive Android | iOS (Free)

6. Find a partner

Sharing a document with 10 members is easy. By dividing it by 50, more planning is needed. Managing shared files also means tracking which partner is working with which document.

go to details (Click the “I” icon on the toolbar). Browse Activities tab so you can quickly see the files you’ve recently shared.

Check your activities in Google Drive

Click to Shared with me Google Drive in the left sidebar. You will get a list of all the documents you share access to.

Use Google Drive Search and its advanced filters. The productivity gains will come as no surprise to those familiar with Gmail filters.

Google Drive search and filters

Use the search box at the top of Google Drive. Google Drive Search also searches the body of the document for the words you want it to search.

You can search for the first 100 pages of text documents or text-based PDFs that you download. You can also search for text found on the first ten pages of any image PDF file. Use this powerful feature to quickly retrieve a file instead of browsing folders.

Press the button in Google Drive forward line key to place the cursor directly in the search field. Click the small drop-down arrow in the search box to reveal the basic search filters. Learning a few manual parameters can save you time.

For example: To find documents you have shared with someone, use to:[email protected].

Google Help is a complete list in the “Advanced Google Drive Search” section.

7. Simplify sharing by creating contact groups

With email contacts, you don’t have to set personal permissions for staff. You can create tags that are a collection of contacts in specific email groups.

log in Google Contacts. Click in the left sidebar Create a tag.

Creating a tag for Google Contacts

Give it a descriptive name according to the group project. Or something else that makes them easy to remember. You can name the labels according to the rights to make them easy to remember. Any contact can be part of multiple tags.

For example: Project.view or Project.edit

Write labels in the file sharing or folder sharing settings of Google Drive.

Tag Google contacts in Google Drive sharing settings

8. View the number of views of the shared document

Google maintains version history, but there is no way to see how many times a shared document has been viewed. I got the answer to this question from the old Stack Exchange discussion.

Submit your document link URL shortening service and share only that URL. This service provides information on how many times this link has been clicked, which is approximately as close as you can currently find out how many times your document has been used.

Google has discontinued support for its own URL. You can use bitly instead. This is useful in cases where you may want to share a document publicly and review the response. Note that public documents and files appear in search results.

Great dashboard

Some ideas for public sharing:

  • Download and share the ebook.
  • Test the original answer to the creative product.
  • Release Slideshow for public viewing (like SlideShare).
  • Find open educational content.

Tip: You can search for public documents with a simple Google site search. For example. keyword site:

9. Share with Slack

If you’re not yet working with Slack, it’s time to introduce it to your team. There are many ways to make your favorite service work with Slack. Google Drive integration is popular.

Slack lets you import and share Google Drive files through Slack. Slack also indexes all imported Google Drive files for easy retrieval and reference. Files will not be saved loosely – they will remain in your Google Drive folders. Loose acts as a channel.

Loose and Google Drive

A small example: Paste a link to a Google document in a Slack chat room. Slack displays a snippet of the file below the link when it is integrated. This is more useful than just sharing blind links.

Loose help center shows you how to easily connect your Google Drives to Slack with two.

10. Share Google Docs from Microsoft Office

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there may be a daily match between the two office suites, but the two powerhouses are finally playing comfortably. You can upload Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files to Google Drive and process them in the cloud just like any other Google Drive shared file.

All updates are saved to files in their original format. Office documents stored on Drive are also version-controlled. You can keep track of earlier versions of an Office file or revert to an older version.

To use specific Google Drive tools, such as add-ons or translations, please convert a Microsoft file to a Google document only. Otherwise, you don’t have to bother changing the shape to another.

Sharing files in Google Drive is easy

It has also become simpler. There are a few more Google Drive settings that you can change to make the workflow run smoothly. Spend time with the collaborative features of Google Drive, because the harmony of teamwork depends on it.

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or elsewhere in the world.

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