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10 tutorials to get started

If you are an anime fan, you may dream of creating your own series. Or maybe you just want to learn how to draw your favorite characters. Either way, you have to learn to draw anime and manga.

This article lists written resources and video guides to help you get on your journey to drawing anime and manga.

Written sources

While there are plenty of videos for drawing and manga, the resources written are scarce. So be sure to keep these in your hands before diving into YouTube guides.

/ ic / Fundamental Art Advice support page

4chan drawing guide

If you have never visited 4chan, the site consists of several sub-communities. One of these sub-communities is / ic / for art and critique. But even for access to the community, the support page links you to information about guides, YouTube channels, references, drawing pictures, and more.

/ Ic / community is also excellent 61-page guide for beginners and first-timers. It covers all sorts of basics and guides you through common beginner topics: mindset, techniques, tools, software, etc. It’s not manga-specific, but helps sharpen your skills.

The perfect guide to drawing manga

Corel Painter manga drawing

The people behind Corel Painter, the drawing software used by many artists, provide collection of art guides intended to start from scratch. Tutorials cover traditional art, photography and drawing.

The tutorial collection provides an overview of drawing manga that covers the eyes, face, ink, and colors / shadows.

Clip Studio Paint Manga Tutorials

clip-studio painting instructions for manga

Like Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint also provides guides for the program. Unlike the competitor, however, it offers many manga-specific guides that go through the entire script process. Whether I plan to use the software or not, you should check out the professional Manga guides.

For those who want to learn how to draw anime, animation guides are also worth researching. After a little research, see how the professionals do it. Visit the best websites where you can watch anime online for free

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to see the results.

Video Guides

YouTube’s popularity and a wealth of free content make Manga guides much easier to find. However, before diving directly into Manga creation, it’s important to explore the basics in video format as well. The playlists below provide a solid mix of basics and manga-specific content.


Proko isn’t specifically a Manga, but it’s a must-watch YouTube channel for all aspiring artists. If you get through all of his videos from start to finish, you’ve experienced masterful advice.

He addresses two very important topics that are rarely taught in detail in YouTube videos: gesture and anatomy. Get started Figure Drawing playlist (gives your drawings life and movement), then explore Anatomy of the human body playlist (gives your drawings the appropriate scale and details).

Once you know these basics, you will learn to bring manga and anime drawing closer together. There are no shortcuts in drawing learning, but the large amount of channel resources will help you move forward.

Wein art

The Art of Wei YouTube channel is a good first stop for beginners. Although he has several videos dedicated to manga art, you will indeed learn more about the basics of drawing in his series.

Get started Basic tools for drawing and sketching and Best practices for pencil drawings playlists. Then go through Drawing lessons for beginners the playlist. Lastly, check How to draw Manga and How to draw hair playlists.

Whyt Manga

Whyt Manga is the best channel for manga-specific tutorials. Because you have a lot of thematic content that touches on all sorts of ignored topics, you will learn for a long time.

Get started Manga-tools, Drawing anatomyand Manga / Webtoon Guides playlists. After that, you will learn a lot How to draw a Manga series playlist (battle scenes, storyboards, character design, etc.) and Manga-Camera Angle playlist (panels and other tips for visual storytelling).

The frequency of his downloads allows you to check his channel often to check almost any questions you ever have about creation. Once you’ve reviewed his content, you might want to review what you’ve learned.

use these sites that can read manga online for free legally

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Mark Crilley

Mark Crilley works well for Manga beginners. Plus, he has a lot of content to keep you busy. The works in his previous videos aren’t as good, but the techniques make sense, so just keep this in mind and don’t let it turn you off.

How to draw and How to draw cartoons / manga playlists are good starting points. See also his How to draw hair and How to draw eyes playlists. And don’t forget speed Drawings a playlist that teaches you a lot about the practical application of drawing theory.


Koizu’s YouTube channel focuses on manga drawing and related techniques. You’ll learn genre-specific tips and tricks like How to draw Manga body sections, Varjostustekniikatand Drawing Poses.

The only downside is that the channel is not updated frequently. Fortunately, the channel offers a lot of content in the meantime.

Alphonso Dunn

Alphonso Dunn’s YouTube channel isn’t about manga or anime at all, but he printed all of his artwork. And if you’re going to draw manga, ink is one of the most valuable skills you’ll learn.

You should go through all of his videos so you can pick up as many techniques and tricks as you can. But if in a hurry, the main videos are included Shading the playlist.


Skip the game side of the Mikeymegamega YouTube channel and focus on the drawing side.

Draw, simple, easy the playlist includes Medium Videos that show you how to draw certain characters from manga and cartoons. Draw with Mikey the playlist includes longer videos of him free drawing and conversation with his viewers.

While this channel doesn’t offer much direct control, it’s a great way to learn by watching. In addition, you can choose from a variety of tips and tricks along the way.

Learn to be a better digital artist with Manga tutorials

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help get started.

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