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12 Discord tips that all users should know

Discord has become one of the leading chat platforms online. What started life as a service to players has built an impressive list of features that have helped it grow into other areas. Today, all companies use the app for cryptographic investors.

Using Discord is simple, but if you know where to look, Discord has more than eyeballs. With that in mind, here are some Discord tips and tricks that all users should know.

1. Special discount integrations


Some other common applications are integrated into Discord. You just have to allow connections to benefit.

A total of nine different applications are supported. They are Twitch, YouTube, Blizzard Entertainment, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Xbox Live. The features of each integration vary from application to application. However, they all provide a way to sync data from a linked application directly to a Discord server.

Go to install Discord integrations from your desktop application User settings> Connections and click the application icons.

2. Manage Disord notifications

contradictory announcements

If you belong to many Discord servers, your ads can quickly get out of control. Opening an app to find thousands of unread messages is not helpful; you may not be able to parse this amount of information.

Fortunately, Discord lets you manage your ads in detail. You can edit settings at the server, channel, and user levels.

To edit general notification settings (such as unread notifications and desktop messages) User Settings> Notifications. To turn off whole server notifications, right-click the server icon and select Server mute. Finally, if you only want to turn off alerts for a specific channel, right-click the channel name and select silent [Channel Name].

3. Use the server folder in conflict

In July 2019 Diskord added support for server folders

Discord adds server folders to organize conversations
Discord users have been requesting server folders for years, and the chat app has finally been delivered.
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; it was a feature that users had been asking for for years. Server folders allow you to organize the list of servers on the left side of the screen into manageable groups. For members of dozens of different groups, folders make using the app much easier.

To create a new server folder, drag one server icon over another server icon. And if you right-click a newly created folder, you can rename it, change its color, and change other settings.

4. Use a label in conflict

One of the great Discord tricks that many don’t know is the app’s support for annotations. For the uninitiated, Markdown is a lightweight markup language created in 2004. It has many applications, but it is most commonly used to create texts using a standard text editor. This means that you can use the tag to format the messages the way you want.

Here are some of the most common note writing tips you should know:

  • Bold: **[TEXT]**
  • in italics: *[TEXT]* or _[TEXT]_
  • Underscore: __[TEXT]__
  • Struck out: ~~ Strikethrough ~~
  • Code: `[TEXT]`
  • hyperlink: [Hyperlink!]([URL])
  • Remove embeddings: <[URL]>

Use these codes in general, and you can distinguish your message from the public.

5. Install the Discord hotkeys

Discord keyboard shortcuts – called Keybinds – let you specify which keys activate certain in-app functions. You can either set a single key or a key combination.

They are available for the following activities:

  • Activate overlay chat
  • Push to Talk (normal)
  • Push to Talk (priority)
  • Change the mute
  • Replace the deaf
  • Replace the VAD
  • Change the Streamer mode
  • Change the overlay
  • Replace the cover lock

Go to to install the keybinds User settings> Keys. Click to Record Keybind to enter the combinations you want.

6. Use the Discord hotkeys

As you expected, Discord offers a set of keyboard shortcuts. Expert users trust them a lot; If you are involved in many simultaneous conversations, you need to be able to bounce between them quickly.

Some Discord shortcuts worth knowing are:

  • Switch servers: Ctrl + Alt + Up / Down
  • Switch channels: Alt + up / down
  • Browse unread messages: Alt + Shift + Up / Down
  • Mark channel read: Escape
  • Mark server read: Shift + Escape
  • Jump to the oldest unread message: Shift + Page Up
  • Change emoticon window: Ctrl + E
  • Replace the deaf: Ctrl + Shift + D
  • Answer the call: Ctrl + Enter
  • Edit your last post: up

Keyboard shortcuts differ from keyboard shortcuts in that you cannot edit or delete them; they are encoded in Discord.

7. Install Discord Bots

Disord bot example

Bots are playing an increasingly important role in many communications applications. You can find them on everything from Facebook Messenger to Telegram.

Disagreement is no different. There are hundreds of community-developed robots available – each designed to perform a specific task on a server. For example, GAwesome Bot can be used for inquiries and gifts, GameStats you can place game stats and profiles against your friends, and there’s even a quiz-themed bot called TriviaBot.

Robots are almost all free to install and use. You can only add new robots to the server if you are an administrator, but you can add as many to your own rooms as you want.

8. Buy Discord Nitro

unequal nitro

If you find that the basic version of Discord does not meet your needs, you may want to consider upgrading to the paid pro version, called Discord Nitro.

Discord Nitro introduces great additional features. For example, you can set a custom Discord tag (for the duration of the subscription), split the screen to either 720p (60 FPS) or 1080p (30 FPS), increase the maximum file size (8MB to 50MB or 100MB). ), upload your own GIFs and enjoy support for global custom emoticons.

Discord Nitro costs $ 50 / year or $ 5 / month. There is also a more expensive plan that introduces server efficiency. The increases are mostly tricks and do not guarantee a price of $ 10 per month or $ 100 per year.

9. Type Discord Chat commands

Discord provides several in-app chat commands. They are only available in the desktop app and iOS; unfortunately Android users are not lucky.

Check out some of these popular commands:

  • / alias: You can change the server-specific nickname (assuming the license is enabled). Enter your new nickname after the command.
  • /tenor and / giphy: Allow you to search the web for animated GIFs.
  • /spoiler: Hides your message so that other users can’t see spoilers for TV shows and games.
  • / shrug: Gives a common ¯ _ (?) _ / ¯ output in the chat window.
  • [emoji]: By typing a before the emoticon enters the Unicode emoticon image instead of the Discord version.
  • s /[text]/[new text]: This command is a simple way to edit typos in a previous message. For example, s / banana / banana would replace the misspelled word (banana) with the correct version.

10. Edit the audio processing settings

clutter sound settings

One of the unused Discord tricks is to enhance the audio output of your own microphone by using the powerful audio processing features of the app. Settings you can turn on / off include echo cancellation, noise reduction, and auto gain control. You can also use the Beta Noise Canceling Tool on your microphone.

If the person you are talking to is trying to hear you, you should have a violin with these settings. They are all enabled by default, but if you have a decent microphone, they can prove to be more of an obstacle than a help.

11. Enable 2FA disord

discord 2fa settings

If you’re one of us, you’re a member of dozens of different Discord servers among many topics. You don’t want someone to get unauthorized access to all of this information – it’s a window for your life, your hobbies, and your friends, and it has to be held in the wrong hands.

One of the best ways to ensure the security of your Discord account is to turn on 2FA. When this is enabled, you will need to add an extra numeric code generated by the phone app or dongle each time you log in. You can enable 2FA Discord by enabling the title Settings> My Account> Enable 2-Factor Authentication.

For more information on 2FA, see the article that explains Advantages and disadvantages of different 2FA methods

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12. Enable Discord Developer mode

Disord dev mode setting

Discord Developer Mode is primarily intended for well, Discord Developers.

However, if you maintain your own server, it’s a good idea to start it for one reason: the tool allows you to easily grab a unique multi-digit ID for users, individual messages, and servers. You can use them to further customize the Discord experience for your server members.

Go to to enable developer mode Settings> Appearance> Advanced> Developer Mode.

More tips and tricks worth knowing

In this article, we’ve discussed the best Discord tip and tip that everyone should use to squeeze more out of the app.

However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on using Discord, here’s how how to find the best discord servers

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