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13 fun ways to use a video projector at home

Projectors provide the ultimate home theater experience, allowing you to enjoy movies on the big screen without putting your foot outdoors.

Today’s projectors are smaller and more portable than previous generations. Because the projectors can be connected to any device that can be played through the HDMI port, their use has increased significantly.

Here are some great things that make a home projector.

1. Get a spirit

Nothing gives a holiday spirit other than seeing a home with outdoor lights and beautiful wreaths. Whether it’s a winter vacation or some other annual celebration, projecting images into your home can lift the mood. The video above is a good place to start.

Prefer Halloween? Create a bloody scene with your projector that does not require actual cleaning. Or on Independence Day, enjoy the awesome digital fireworks display in places that deny real fireworks.

Don’t forget to plug in your sound system to enjoy the banged!

2. Bring an Ocean Home

The pool party is a great way to make your friends and family relax in the summer. However, the celebration does not have to end when the sun goes down. The projector allows you to turn your pool into an ocean! Use it to photograph tropical fish, coral reefs, and maybe a dolphin or two. Add a relaxing soundtrack from your portable speaker and it’s a great way to end a fantastic day.

You can also mount the projector above the hot tub and provide a similar experience either inside or outside. Just remember that fish are not real!

3. Musical light show

MusicBeam is open source software that allows you to use your home projector to create a laser screen for parties. Because the sounds trigger MusicBeam, you can adjust almost every detail of the presentation. MusicBeam’s free show downloads include Moonflower, Snowstorm and more.

MusicBeam is Java-based, which means it runs on all major operating systems. All you need is a laptop and a projector. The results can be great, but be sure to try it plenty of time before your next party!

4. The time of the story

Hundreds of cream books are available for desktops, cell phones and tablets. With the projector, you can take the time of the story with your children to a new level.

For example, you can project a story on a bedroom wall while reading activities for your children. Teenagers may want to do the same thing with digital graphic novels. With a digital projector that shows books from Kindle or Comixology books, the story can really come to life.

5. Let Zoomin fill the room

If you work from home and use video conferencing software such as Zoom, it can be difficult to distinguish faces. Even with a high-resolution display and a high-speed data connection, things can be unclear.

The solution to this is to blow up a video conference on the big screen. Projecting the projector onto a screen or wall will help you see who is who.

6. Sleep better with the projector

Need help sleeping? Install the projector on the ceiling of the bedroom and project ocean waves or a beautiful rain view on your bed lying down. Or place it on the side of the bed, pointing up so that it protrudes from the ceiling.

Do you want to hug before bed? Design a romantic movie to share with your better spouses.

7. Collect in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where families gather for food and conversation. It is also a great place to use a projector.

Install a projector in the morning that points down to the kitchen bar, perhaps showing the morning news with breakfast. If you have children, age-specific content may be better.

Or point the video projector at the refrigerator door and cook together with celebrity chefs. It doesn’t end there. Don’t want to go to the kitchen to watch your favorite team? Project the game to the same refrigerator door.

8. Projector games for parties

Like a book club, quiz and trivia clubs offer friends the opportunity to get together and have fun. Many of these games are now digital.

Instead of sitting around a laptop or iPad to play a game, it’s fun to use a projector. Better yet, create an outdoor tournament and invite even more people to play. You can even use the projector to play video clips as your groups answer questions.

9. Art projects

One of the great summer hobbies for kids is drawing on the sidewalks or sidewalk with chalk. With a projector, you can take this experience to a new level and even get adults involved. Project a black and white image on a removable surface, such as a garage. Trace the lines of an image using chalk to create an impressive work of art.

Want something more permanent and a project for adults only? Project a mural on your home wall and follow with a pen. Fill the masterpiece later with paint.

10. Maximize homeschooling

The projector can be helpful whether you are in home school as part of your family routine or forced to do so. Forget the whiteboard or chalkboard – use the projector to display project ideas, videos and more.

Getting homeschooling is difficult; a flexible approach to communication is key. While one day it may be helpful to get your child to use Scratch on a PC or tablet, the next can be the projection of a large screen projection program.

So don’t trust the projector – just add it to your homeschooling arsenal.

11. Shadow puppetry

Aren’t you chalking? Projectors are also a great way to experience the shadow puppet show.

Then use your hands or real dolls, just reflect the white light on the wall or table top. Your puppet show might tell a story, or maybe just teach your family how to shape their hands. Maybe go further and create cardboard cut silhouettes.

12. Video games on the big screen

Game night is a good choice, but for high octane gaming, why not connect a projector to a console? All you need is a game console connected to the HDMI port (or VGA if necessary for older consoles). Remember – the projector is basically a display system, so you can connect any video device to enjoy the monitor or screen display.

Projector gaming is perfect for viewers ’video games and online sports, although you may prefer to be surrounded by single-player games.

Standard projectors are great for gaming, but for quality results, try something from our list the best game projectors

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13. And yes, movie night

The best reason to buy a home projector is, of course, to watch your favorite movie in a big way.

Projectors work well on a blank wall in a living room or home theater space. But if you take it outside, you can use a wall or even string a white sheet with a clothesline. Whatever you choose, the projector can change anything special any night of the week.

If you’re watching a movie, don’t spoil it with a bad sound. Take the time to turn on the sound bar or surround sound for the best experience.

Try these great projector ideas

We’ve given you 13 things to do with your projector. If you are lying around collecting dust, it’s time to start using it.

Home projectors are available with different features and at different price points. Each of them is relatively easy to install depending on the location.

As you can see, these devices are suitable for non-movies and PowerPoint. Whatever you decide to do, all you need is a projector, an HDMI-connected device and a little imagination.

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