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15 Checklist, schedule, and planning templates for students

Templates are very useful in business documents, but for students they can be saviors.

You have enough thinking during the school year, so using the model can save you a lot of time. Take your mind to your classes and use these helpful checklists and design templates in the end.

homework checklist teacher vision

In terms of a clear and simple homework checklist, this TeacherVision Template is great for younger students, but can work for all age groups. Each topic is in its place on weekdays and check boxes to mark when completing tasks.

printable homework planner

With this next TidyForm homework planner, you can easily plan tasks for each day of the week and even for the weekend. Instead of listing topics, you can write them for the day itself and include detailed information with each date.

Note: You need a PDF editor to change the model of your computer.

homework schedule

Another designer from TidyForm break up your day

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into blocks of time. Each hour is on the left side of the sheet, seven days a week at the top. This is great for assignments, but you can use it for class programs or shifts to plan your entire week in advance.

It’s a basic model, but useful.

class schedule model neat designs

If you need a more detailed planner, this schedule is for classes. However, it can also be used more. It uses time slots like the TidyForm designer, but breaks them with increments of your choice. Adjust the start time and minute minutes, and the sheet will update automatically. You can add your classes, move during your homework, and add shifts in one place.

task schedule vertex42

This Vertex42 model is another with time slots every 30 minutes. And here is even more detail. On the other side of the template, you can list categories with tasks, dates, and times.

On the other hand, you can add a class schedule or plan your homework and project. The workbook also includes a Homeschooling tab for parents studying their children. Overall, it is a good dual-use option.

several task designers onenotegem

If you’re a OneNote user, check out this option in OneNoteGem. You can quickly complete topics and tasks in five days a week. This is ideal for classes that have many assignments on the same day.

For example, you may need to work on a group project, study a paper, and complete a task in one day. The model has a good amount of space for those tasks.

student notebook onenotegem

In addition, you can download the entire student notebook template to OneNote. Just scroll down OneNoteGem model page for this option.

The great thing about this model is that the notebook includes sections for the designer, five classes, and research and note-taking tips.

class schedule vertex42

A sleek and flexible classroom template is available for Excel, OpenOffice and Google Sheets. It is basic information when splitting time slots into 15-minute increments on one tab and 30-minute increments on another tab. In addition, it includes seven days of the week, unlike many others. For students, this is a great classroom model.

student designer vertex42

With a student planner who lists your topics weekly, you can stay on track every day. The Vertex42 has two templates from which you can choose different layouts.

In one option, the items are on the left side down and the days of the week are up. The second model is the opposite. Everyone has places for tasks and notes and it is available in either Excel or PDF format.

all-in-one schedule and budget office

This all-in-one workbook for colleges in this Excel template includes sheets for classes per year, credits, university budget, and textbooks. You can keep everything in one place. You can also track your overall progress and current GPA level.

student office calendar

Another Microsoft Office designer is this 12-month student calendar. Each month has a tab, places for a weekly schedule, and a section for tasks. The leak cell is customizable, so it can be reused throughout the university career.

This model does study time planning

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and homework breeze.

Dorm room checklist

If you’re going to a dorm room in college, there’s no better way to make sure you have everything than with this checklist template. You can add box numbers for packing and checking when you pack items.

The model gives you sections like kitchen utensils, electronics, computer hardware, security items and more.

Back to school checklist

For parents with elementary or middle school students, this checklist is complete during school hours. In one column, there are tasks to perform such as checking immunizations and obtaining a list of school supplies. The second column contains items that can be purchased from clothes and a backpack for school supplies.

If you have a young person preparing for the new school year, this is the model for you.

student budget vertex42

When you have to keep track of your university’s budget, this model is for that only. The top is for your finances and income and the bottom is for expenses. It includes the most common college-related products, making it a convenient model for college students.

monthly university budget office

This Microsoft Office Monthly Budget Tracker provides you with a simple way to view your cash flow. You can look at the pie charts above to get an overview of your income and expenses on a monthly basis. Change the values ​​below to add items, and the charts will change automatically.

It’s one simple sheet of everything you need to budget for each month.

Time for class!

Classes, assignments, budgeting, supplies, credits, and all of these things follow, make sure you’re done when the clock rings or the classroom door closes. Now that you have these 15 awesome model options, you’re on your way to starting the school year right.

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help school.


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