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20 private and hidden Roku channels that you need to install now

Roku devices are available in a variety of models and technologies, but at their core they work the same way: you add channels and watch the content you want.

There are two sources of Roku channels. One is the Roku Channel Store; it offers more than enough free Roku channels keep you entertained. However, Roku really becomes your own when you start adding private or hidden channels.

Continue reading to learn how to add private Roku channels and find the best hidden Roku channels that you can install now.

How do you add private or hidden channels to Roku?

Before you can add a private channel to the Roku box, you need two things:

  • Channel code (we’ve included the codes in our list below)
  • Roku account (set it up for free on the Roku website)

Once you’ve created an account and know the channel code, it’s easy to start adding channels.

To get started, go to the Accounts Portal and click Add a channel with a code. Set the code, accept the screen confirmation and you’re done.

The channel should appear immediately at the bottom of the channel list on the Roku Home screen. If not, you can force the upgrade by going to Settings> System> System Update> Check Now device.

(NB: Some private Roku channels are restricted to certain countries or regions.)

1. RokuCast (CL9D5D)

RokuCast lets you send HTML5 content from your computer’s Chrome browser to your Roku device. You need the Chrome extension and this private Roku channel to make it work.

2. El Cartel TV (chibchombiatv)

El Cartel TV offers dozens of live TV channels from South America, with a particular focus on Colombian channels.

Popular channels such as TeleSUR, Canal Capital and Canal Uno are all available.

3. AOL on (aol)

On the AOL Roku channel

AOL On provides content from 17 television networks, including BBC News, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, ET Online, Food Network and HGTV.

Previously, it was in the regular channel store, but now it is only available as a private channel.

4. EuroRoku (296XJKP)

EuroRoku is a paid private Roku channel that provides access to 24/7 streams from European TV stations.

The service costs $ 15 / month and offers more than 300 channels, including networks from France, Germany, Bulgaria, Moldova, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

5. Armchair Tourist (ArmchairTourist)

Brand “Free HD wallpaper for your TV”. Armchair Tourist is a direct stream of tourist destinations around the world. Each Stream has a four-digit code that you can enter on the Armchair Tourist website to learn more about that location.

6. The FOX business (FOXBIZ)

FOX Business Roku channel

Together with Bloomberg and CNBC, FOX Business is one of three major American news networks covering finance, business and global markets.

7. RokuMovies (zb34ac)

Not to be confused with an official Roku channel, RokuMovies focuses on bringing you the world’s weirdest and weirdest low-budget movies.

Try it if you like giant monsters and forgotten kung fu movies with ridiculous plot.

8. Video Games (T6PH2V)

If you love video game demos, try this channel. It features the complete playback stages of nine classic video games from 1988-2004.

Available games include The Legend of Zelda; A link to the past, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Metroid.

9. DISHWorld

DISHWorld Roku channel

DISHWorld, owned by Sling, is an international TV service that allows you to watch live TV in more than 15 languages. In addition to the private Roku channel, the app is also available as an APK for Android.

10. Pro Guitar Lessons TV (ProGuitar)

Do you feel like creativity? It may be time to learn the player. Of course, there is no shortage of online free resources for beginners

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, but Pro Guitar Lessons TV is worth adding to your list.

11. Food TV (foodmatterstv)

Foodies must be installed on Food Matters TV. It has a selection of videos covering cooking presentations, recipes, diets, healthy eating and more.

12. Good children (HappyKids)

Happy Kids Roku channel

Happy Kids TV offers a wide range of children’s programs, including music, rhymes, activity guides and some popular children’s TV shows and movies.

13. Relaxation channel (relax)

Soothing sounds along with stunning images, the Relaxation Channel is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a quiet few hours for themselves.

14. Kinda Classics (GK9NH5Z)

Kinda Classics is one of the secret Roku channels that every device must have. It offers a wide range of classic performances and movies from around the world.

15. Emby


Emby is an open source alternative to media center applications such as Plex and Home.

To learn more about how the app grabs its two competitors, check it out our comparison of Emby, Plex and Kodi

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16. Silent Night (SilentNight)

Silent Night is the first of two hidden Roku channels on our list to serve fans of silent movies. Both offer a different selection of movies, so they complement each other well.

17. Eating the crop (harvest)

Another private channel for restaurants, Harvest focuses on providing recipes that use fruits and vegetables that are in season during a particular time of year.

18. 5ik.TV (5ikTV)

5ikTV Roku channel

5ik.TV allows you to watch live TV channels from the Far East, including China, Japan and South Korea. The channel interface is not in English, but if you recognize the logos of the TV networks in the area, it is relatively easy to browse the content you are watching.

19. Spanish time (spanishtime)

If you speak Spanish and would like to stay up to date with the latest happenings in Latin America, you can subscribe to Spanish time for $ 9.99 / month.

It offers more than 150 streaming channels from across the region, including the largest networks in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. There is also a wide range of miscellaneous Spanish-language sports and entertainment channels.

20. Silent Movies (RLQXKG)

The French film The Artist might have cleaned up at the 2012 Oscars, but the real heyday of the silent film was in the 1920s.

With Silent Movies, you can relive the glory days of Harold Lloyd, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

How to install even more Roku channels

Private Roku channels have something for everyone. If you don’t use them, you’re going to limit your enjoyment and limit the potential of your Roku device. But they are just one puzzle.

Here’s more information on how to get the most out of your Roku how to watch local channels on Roku for free

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