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24 ways to volunteer online at home

Make the world a better place for the comfort of your own home with these online volunteer opportunities. Each website offers a different way to use your time, information, or skills to improve other people’s lives.

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And you can do them all without putting your foot outside the door.

Create audiobooks and read

Headphones lying on a book

If you’re a fan of books, take advantage of these online volunteer opportunities to create audiobooks or corrected publicly available texts.

1. LibriVox

LibriVox is a source for public audiobooks that anyone can download and listen to for free. If you have a microphone and some free recording software

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, volunteer your voice and record the chapter yourself.

2. Learning Ally

Ally learning helps struggling learners reach their full potential. Volunteer to record audiobooks from your home to help voice learners in their studies. Alternatively, you can provide quality assurance and feedback for existing audiobooks.

3. Bookshare

Bookshare makes eBooks more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. Readers can listen to audio descriptions, read braille, or enlarge and emphasize the font. And you can use the optional remote function to scan books, read proofreadings, or take pictures.

4. Distributed proofreaders

If you have ever read a free book at Project Gutenberg, then you have benefited from the work of online volunteers at Distributed Proofreaders. As a volunteer, you can read public e-books, proofread projects, and provide new content.

Participate in important research projects

Pile of books and notepad for research

Some of the most enjoyable opportunities for virtual volunteering include participating in research projects. These projects cover everything from cartography to zoology.

5. zooniverse

Zooniverse is a popular platform for human research. You do not need previous expertise or scientific knowledge. Just go to the Projects page and give time to everything that takes your imagination: from identifying animals to solar storms.

6. Smithsonian Digital Volunteer

Join the Smithsonian Digital Volunteer Program to preserve historical records and keep them widely available. This can include writing field entries, diaries, lists, logbooks, manuscripts, and more.

7. Amnesty decoders

Register with Amnesty Decoder to investigate and uncover human rights violations. You may need to analyze tweets, acquire satellite images, or pores through countless documents. Participate as much or as little as possible to make companies accountable for their abuses.

8. Missing maps

Some of the most vulnerable communities in the world are not even on the maps. This makes it difficult for crisis teams and first aiders to access in an emergency. Volunteer to track satellite imagery in your home’s OpenStreetMap and fill in the last blanks on Earth.

Help others study and learn

The sum of mathematics on a blackboard

Volunteer online to act as a mentor for those in need. It may mean helping students study for their next exam. Or train isolated retirees on interesting new topics.

9. Learn to be

Learn to Be is a non-profit organization that provides free or low-cost guidance for children from kindergarten to 12th grade. You do not have to be a teacher to volunteer as a mentor. Anyone can sign up and start helping students with private virtual training.

10. School in the cloud

Start your own self-organized learning environment (SOLE) that arouses creativity, curiosity and wonders around the world. School in the Cloud provides all the resources you need to get started and find a modern way to teach people around the world.

11. UPchieve

As a volunteer coach through UPchieve to help low-income high school students in math tutoring, homework, and preparatory presentations. Using a one-to-one virtual classroom, you can tailor lessons to your own schedule.

12. Self-employed VSC

The self-employed VSC provides home-based seniors with communication, learning and playing together online. As a virtual volunteer, you can lead a one-hour class or activity. Choose a topic of your choice and use your passion to share information with the older generation.

Offer your abilities to those who don’t have them

Hand with glasses on the street

Technology is constantly advancing to improve the lives of people of all abilities around the world. The options below allow you to volunteer your own abilities to help people without them.

13. Be my eyes

Be My Eyes is one several volunteer applications

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you can help blind and visually impaired users. You can help by checking the expiration dates, separating the colors, or reading the instructions.

14. BeSpecular

With BeSpecular, the visually impaired send you photos and voice messages asking you to act in their eyes. As an attentive volunteer, you may have to do everything from identifying vials to appropriate outfits.

15. VocaliD

VocaliD specializes in creating unique virtual voices for brands and individuals without the ability to speak. You can record and volunteer your own voice for this project so they can be mixed and used with other people. Although you should know that VocaliD may make use of your voice when you use it to help other people.

16. Translators without borders

If you are fluent in another language, volunteer online to translate important documents for those who need them. This may include translating medical reports or crisis management documents. All you have to do is sign up to start helping people.

Mentor people through difficult career changes

Two people looking at a computer screen

There are a lot of people looking for a new career who need advice or guidance. Offer your own wisdom by mentoring with these online volunteer opportunities.

17. change Skills

Skills for Change is a Canadian organization that provides educational opportunities for immigrants and refugees looking for work. You can work in a variety of roles as a volunteer. As a mentor, you can offer advice on a career in your field.

18. CareerVillage

With CareerVillage, students can learn more about their potential careers by asking real-world professionals. Register as a professional to answer your questions around your work. By doing this, you may inspire young students to follow in your footsteps.

19. Hire heroes from the USA

Hiring Heroes USA will help military personnel transition into civilian careers. This is a challenging view for most. But you can make the journey easier by volunteering, conducting mock interviews, offering counseling advice, or providing help with complex application forms.

20. American business partners

American Business Partners (ACP) help both military veterans and their loved ones find a career. Volunteer as a mentor to volunteer for your time and career skills. By doing this, you can help veterans find a new job.

Reach people who need you

Young woman and old woman looking at the phone on a bench

Networking does not have to be complicated. Sometimes the best way to help someone is to reach out to them and talk to them. Here are some online volunteer opportunities to help you do it.

21. Accept the nursing home

This site allows you to adopt a Texas nursing home and send letters of support to residents and staff there. These little signs of humanity are incredibly valuable to nursing home people who may be struggling to connect with the outside world in other ways.

22. CHD Living

In CHD life, you can adopt a grandparent to help them fight loneliness. As an online volunteer, you make video calls, share pictures, or exchange stories. I hope you can build a wonderful new friendship over time.

23. StoriiTime

Support isolated seniors while improving your child’s literary and social skills at StoriiTime. This service makes a free StoriiTime video call between your child and the elderly so he can read to each other for the benefit of all.

24. USO

Send a message of support to members of the armed forces through the universal service obligation website. Sending a message only takes a moment – whether you write it yourself or use one of the preset options – but it can change for someone on the other side of the world.

Find more volunteer opportunities online

You can take advantage of any of these online volunteering opportunities without setting foot outside the home. But there are plenty of real-world volunteer opportunities you can sign up for online.

Look the best volunteering websites

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and filter the results to find opportunities near you.

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