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3 Better ways to save files than on the desktop

You should not save files to your desktop. It may seem like a quick and straightforward task, but a messy desktop goes to your productivity. Soon you won’t find what you’re looking for or value in your desktop wallpaper.

There are many better ways to store files on your computer and keep your desktop clean. We are going to show you where files can be saved in Windows 10.

Disadvantages of desktop storage

The need to save files to the desktop is understandable. It provides instant access with a single click, which means there’s a temptation to turn your desktop into an actual headquarters for storage.

While using a desktop for temporary storage is good, it is likely to rotate quickly and become a mess.

Unless you are strict about maintenance, you will eventually have to indulge in the following problems:

  • No file backups: Many file backup programs override desktop files by default. Of course, a good backup program will allow you to include desktop files, but if you forget, you risk losing important desktop files.
  • Messy appearance: A clear and uninterrupted workspace leads to better productivity and the same sounds on your computer desktop. If the first thing you see when you sign in is a messy desktop full of files, it probably won’t give a positive feeling. In addition, you cannot properly evaluate the desktop wallpapers you set.
  • Difficult to navigate: Files often end up on your desktop for easy access. Maybe it’s a document you’ll be working on for several days and you want to find it right away. However, this will install quickly and you will have a desktop full of files. Then it’s hard to find the exact problem you need that you were originally trying to solve.
  • Slow login: This issue mainly affects online accounts, but because there’s a lot of stuff on your desktop, signing in to a Windows user account takes longer. This is because it needs to sync everything on the desktop before it can move to anything else.

1. Use Windows libraries

Windows 10 libraries

Windows 10 includes things called libraries. Basically, these libraries group folders together so you can see all your files in one place.

By default, your computer has libraries camera roll, documentation, music, pictures, Saved imagesand Video.

These are not the same as the default folders, even though they have the same names.

You can access them by opening File Explorer, input libraries and press Come in.

Browse inside the library and click features. Here you can specify which folders the library should be dragged from.

click on Add… to select a folder and use Optimize this library drop-down if the library contains different types of files.

Libraries are excellent because they do not require extra work. Instead of saving to the desktop, save the file only to the folder of your choice. It is much more flexible and organized.

You can go further by using this step application for automatic file organization

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2. Use Windows folders

3 better ways to save files than to the 670x435 folders in the User Profile folders on the desktop

Similar to Windows libraries, but more common, there are folders. There are several reasons for the existence of folders, and one of them is the organization.

Simply put, the desktop is a folder in itself. You can open File Explorer and go to the page table- to see everything you have stored there. You can then browse it like any other folder – sort, search, create and so on.

But what’s the point? If you do, you can also use a real folder that doesn’t interfere with your desktop.

Windows comes with default folders, such as documentation and pictures which are perfect for storing data. You can quickly create a new folder for these by clicking New folder from the top menu or with the right button and click New> Folder.

You can create multiple subfolders, even though they have a limit because the total path cannot be longer than 260 characters. Nevertheless, it is sufficient even for the most obsessive organizers.

3. Use the Cloud Storage application

If you are saving to your desktop for ease of use, you may want to consider a cloud storage provider

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All good cloud services also appear as folders on your computer and sync everything in it automatically. This means that not only can your files be accessed from multiple devices, but there are also multiple copies of them.

Many service providers also provide version history that keeps track of changes made to a file. If you want to revert to the old version, you can do so with a few clicks. It is not possible if you save to the desktop.

Need quick access to files?

Of course, the desktop is meant to be. It’s not great to store a lot of folders and files, but it’s good to maintain shortcuts.

Shortcuts mean you don’t have to browse File Explorer to find files. Instead, you double-click the shortcut and you are immediately taken there.

Windows 10 new desktop shortcut

With the right button click on New> Shortcut to activate the wizard. Alternatively Left click and drag a folder or file on the desktop to turn it into a shortcut.

Even if you delete the shortcut, the actual file is still safe.

Instead of setting shortcuts on the desktop, you can go one step further. Right-click any shortcut and select either Pin to the taskbar or Attach to the top.

Of course, you also don’t want to overload the taskbar or Start menu, but you can use this to pinpoint the most important files and programs you need to access regularly.

Clean the desk

While the Windows desktop is meant to be, it is not a repository for all your files. We hope we have shown you better options.

If your desktop is still a bit cluttered and full of junk and shortcuts, see our guide clean up your windows desktop

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