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5 best gardening websites and apps for beginners to garden anywhere

Whether you have a house or an apartment, these are some of the best gardening websites, e-books, and apps for growing your own little green patch.

When you have extra time at home, seize the opportunity to add a little greenery. If you have a garden, you can use it to grow vegetables and herbs or beautify it with flowers. Plant cultivation in homes has been shown to improve mood and mental stability.

These gardening websites and apps have something for both beginners and experienced gardeners to get their sowing.

1. Road to the garden (Web): One of the best gardening blogs for all stages

Margaret Roach’s Way to the Garden is one of the best gardening websites and blogs on the Internet, with plenty of free tools and a podcast

Margaret Roach, former CEO of the Martha Stewart Empire, founded a blog and wrote a book to share gardening secrets. The Road to the Garden is one of the most recommended gardening materials on the Internet.

The garden planting calculator is a special favorite online. It tells you when to lay eggs for different vegetables, herbs and flowers. If you first have to be indoors with them for a few weeks, you’ll also get a calculation.

The habit of gardening “chores monthly” is also a popular guide to key activities based on the season. The roach tips are for the Northeastern U.S., so check out the included calendar and adjust accordingly. You’ll also want to take a look at the Garden FAQ, where he answers beginner’s questionnaires on a variety of topics.

In addition to these three resources, The Road to the Garden is a treasure trove for gardeners, both new and experienced. There’s also a podcast that you can listen to while you’re interested in your little patch.

2. Garden Beast (E-books): 7 free gardening books

GardenBeast offers seven free e-books on gardening that cover a variety of topics and share tips

Beginners can download seven e-books for free from GardenBeast in PDF format. You can download one or all, it’s your job. And you can print these, download them for your ignition, or use them for offline reading whenever you want. All you need to do is subscribe to the newsletter, but you can use a one-time email address.

The seven books are:

  1. The ultimate in organic gardening for beginners
  2. 51 Tips for Green House Gardening
  3. 100 tips for your gardening level
  4. Herbs 101: The Highest Guide to Herbs for Beginners
  5. Vegetable gardening for beginners
  6. How to attract butterflies to the garden
  7. Living greener for a greener world

The range of e-books is 16 to 52 pages, and each covers a different topic than you can see. 100 Tips is especially useful for anyone, so download it no matter what. GardenBeast is also a full-featured online magazine where you can check out gardening news, resources, and guides.

3. Candide (Android, iOS): The only gardening app you need

Candide on useful gardening application

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find inspiration and knowledge. In the app, you’ll find places to visit, information for planting your garden, and pictures from the community that shares what’s happening in their gardens.

The app is like a social network for gardening enthusiasts. The main options are share, ask a question, identify the plant, follow, trend, weather and discover. Ask and identify the big winners here. Take a photo of a plant in your garden and the app will respond to it. Similarly, ask a question and the community will stick to its ideas.

By feeding the feed you will find inspiration for various gardening projects as well as tips and tricks. Check out the various articles and guides on Candide’s content, and make friends on the go with your green thumb.

Candide is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa. You can download the APK and use it anywhere else in the world, but the information is localized to the four areas above.

Charge: Candidate Android | iOS (Free)

4. Apartment gardening (E-book): A practical guide to gardening in small spaces

Apartment Gardening offers practical advice on growing a vegetable garden in an apartment or small space

Jami Leigh,, wrote a starting book for beginners who want to garden in an apartment or small space. An e-book titled “Apartment Gardening: A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables on Small Farms” is widely mentioned and recommended on the Internet.

The guide is for beginners, so it stays important: stay on budget, keep it simple and practical for newcomers, and be aware of space. You will learn how to choose the right area, soil and seeds for your home, sowing and harvesting methods, and taking care of your plants.

The guide is all about growing vegetables that you can eat. Once you’ve learned this, look on the Internet for other plants around you that can grow in your apartment.

The 94-page book is available as a free PDF on his website, which you can download via the link below. You can also pay a small fee to purchase a book and additional spreadsheets.

Charge: Apartment Gardening from YoungWifesGuide (PDF)

5. Charles Dowding (Web, YouTube): Learn a gardening method that is not needed

Charles Dowding has been writing about gardening since the 1980s. He was a pioneer in the No Dig method, which aims to disturb the soil as little as possible. Dowding’s philosophy is that organisms in the soil allow for a natural climate and drainage if you let them do what they do best. So by disturbing the soil less and feeding organisms, you can adopt more sustainable and ecological gardening methods.

Dowding YouTube Channel is full of fantastic videos of the concept and other gardening tips. Watch the short video above for a 3-minute explanation of the technique from the man. If the No Dig method sounds interesting and you have questions, he probably answered it FAQ.

Start with Dowding a beginner’s guide to the no dig method. Although she lives in the UK, she offers advice on how practices can be adapted to any circumstances. Dowding has a relaxing style in its YouTube videos, making gardening feel like better access.

The best landscape and garden design tools

The best gardening sites and apps will give you all the information you need, but when it’s time to implement it, you still have to do a lot of calculations. When planning a garden repair, calculating sow patterns and other estimates, turn to technology.

Try these the best free online landscape and garden design tools

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to start.

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