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5 desperate apps to find the best TV series you like to watch

What TV show should you watch next? These websites and apps help you quickly find the best TV shows to stream or binge-watch based on your interests.

Because events force us to spend an unreasonable amount of time at home, we are all looking for comfort on TV. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney + and other streaming services offer so many great TV shows that it’s hard to choose what you’re watching.

So we rounded up differently to find the best TV series for you. A few apps recommend new programs, but some recommend old ones, and even make watching your favorites more fun.

Prepare for completely unproductive but entertaining lists for random and ranked episodes.

1. Flixi (Android, iOS): AI that predicts what you rate the program

Flixi is a great recommended app for movies and TV series on mobile phones. As with many such applications, you must first determine what you like and dislike. Add a TV program rating to the Tinder-type interface, swipe right to save or bookmark for later use, and swipe left to delete it for three weeks.

After evaluating 25 different sets on a scale of one to ten, Flix’s AI is kicked in. Instead of simple “recommendations,” it predicts what you would evaluate for other programs. So when your friend tells you you need to watch something, you can search for it on Flix and find out what you’re likely to appreciate. The great thing about?

Go to the “find” section of Flix for random recommendations and lists. In one box, you’ll see what’s spreading this week, the trend, recently ended shows, and new and popular series in popular genres. You can also follow performances on Flix and get reminders when new episodes become available.

Flix also allows you to select the streaming services you subscribe to. It works with lists around the world, not just in the United States. The whole package is put together in a great interface that makes this a must-have app for lovers of their TV shows.

Charge: For Flixi Android | iOS (Free)

2. period generator (Web) and TV Randshow (Android): Watch a random episode of your favorite apps

The episode generator selects a random episode from the TV program to watch, and also gives you a quick summary

In these stressful times, when you encounter something new every day, you want to feel comfortable. Watch an episode or two of your favorite TV series, it’s a great stressor. And these two apps will help you choose an episode to share.

period generator is a list of several popular TV shows, procedural TV shows, and award-winning series. Check where you can stream series and click it in the list. The site immediately produces a random episode with a short description.

TV Randshow asks you to add all sets to your favorites. Tap a set to get a random summary with a short summary in the same way. TV Randshow is a broader list because it allows you to add any program from a massive TMDB database. In both tools, you can create another random episode by clicking or tapping.

It’s a bit like getting the old TV experience when you switch to a channel to find that one of your favorite series is live. And for just a moment, you can relax and forget about your worries while having fun with the series you know.

Charge: For TV Randshow Android (Free)

3. Show Skimmer (Web): Find the best episodes of all the programs

Show Skimmer lists the top five or ten episodes of any television show

“Give it a few episodes, it’ll get better later.” How many times have you heard it? Not all programs or series are good from the first episode. But it can be great later. When a friend or app recommends a kit, do your research in Show Skimmer.

This website has a list of the top five or top ten episodes of any series (with at least 35 episodes). The episodes are listed in chronological order because it is the best way to watch it. Of course, you can also sort the list by rating. Show Skimmer does not specify what sources it uses, but it is probably some of the most commonly used sources such as TVDB, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, etc.

So you can use Show Skimmer from a program you already like to find the best episodes of it and watch them again. Or you can move on to the best sections in the procedure series. Or you can figure out how many episodes you need to give a friend a recommendation before you stick with it or quit.

4. No-Brainer-watchlist (Web): Trello-Like Board for your chosen genre, years and reviews

No Brainer Watchlist gives you a Trello-like kanban to filter and sort your TV shows

The No-Brainer Watch List sports an interface that organized minds love. The web application has three columns: Suggested, Picked, and Viewed. Move your selection between the three, like Trello or any other Kanban disc.

Next to the suggested one, you need to open an arrow to filter your selection. Select a TV series (or movies, or both) when it was shown, if it’s streaming and want to group suggestions by year.

You must also select a minimum value for IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. But the biggest filter is by genre, where several of your choices define what you want and what you don’t want.

The ability to exclude certain genres is unique and amazing, and it will help you get the recommendations you want.

When the No-Brainer Watch List brings you a list, drag and drop all the interesting selections into the other columns. If you move your mouse over any title, you will get its summary and ratings. Each TV series also indicates how many seasons it has with a small number next to the title in the list.

5. Ranker observable (Web): what to watch if you love …

Ranker's Watchworthy includes the series

Ranker is famous for his collection “Best of” lists and challenges

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, which in itself gives you several recommendations. But its new Watchable part is especially good if you’re looking for TV series recommendations based on a program you love.

This is how it works. Browse or search for the series Observable and you will probably find the article What to watch if you love. The article gives a few voting practices and a short script. This is followed by a list from which readers will vote. There you will find some recommendations and suggestions.

You will get a great proclamation on the screen, a brief summary and how people voted for it. If the series is part of other Ranker lists, you will also see links to them. The Where to Watch section has Quick Links if it can be streamed or rented.

The look is full of such articles for new and old series, so you definitely need to find something that is on your mind.

More ways to find TV series to binge watch

Oh, did you think we were ready? We are not even close. The internet is full of sound from people, applications and websites recommending TV series to watch. It is about finding the best solution for you.

For example, I want to go back to Goodviews.TV, which provides charts and analytics for TV shows. You can find trends on Twitter or Reddit, web searches, or even torrents. It’s like a Billboard chart of TV series. And that’s just one of the great ways look for the next to watch TV series

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