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5 effortless websites to find your next book

What book should you read next? These sites will find the best book for your taste and recommend titles from experts and famous people.

No matter how jumped or stuck you feel, books can be an escape. You can dive into a world that takes you away from the harsh reality. And if fiction isn’t what you’re looking for, you can learn more through interested reading than any other media.

After all, successful and smart people don’t talk about the TV series they watch, but talk about the books they read.

These websites go through different routes to read books. Some work like multiple choice apps, while others try to ask experts what they should read. Whichever path you choose, there is a new book at the end for you to enjoy.

1. The next book to read (Web): A 3-step app for finding book recommendations

The next book to read is a simple three-step app that lets you find books based on your taste

Don’t love it when an app does exactly what it says without making you jump through a million laps? The next book to read will help you find a book you like based on your taste. It’s a simple three-step process that helps you get 15 recommendations every time.

First, choose the genres you are interested in. Next, choose a few books you’ve already read and liked. At this point, you will also see four sliders to emphasize. You can search for something from the same author or series. Or, you can find books with similar themes by dragging the Category or Description sliders.

The app then delivers 15 book recommendations in a neat grid of covers. Hover your mouse over the title to read its brief description. You can email the list to yourself, and you can delete the headers before sending the mail. It’s a convenient way to find new books to read and follow.

The Quarantine Book Club is like a virtual book tour where the authors interact with readers and answer questions about the book

The Quarantine Book Club is an online space where authors are interacted in a Zoom meeting to create their creations. It is hosted by the American design studio Mule Designs, and it is an opportunity to have a book trip from the comfort of your home.

The site has a list of all future authors and books they talk about. Each meeting has a $ 5 admission ticket, just like some real-life book entries and readings where you have to purchase a book for admission.

And if the financial situation is not good, don’t worry. The Quarantine Book Club has a free access coupon code for every conversation. Likewise, if you are unhappy with the experience, you can ask for your money back.

Zoom interactions are similar to what a book tour has. The author talks about their journey with the book, answers questions from the audience, and has free fluent interaction. The renowned list of authors includes Cory Doctrow, Arjun Basu, Ariel Waldman and many more. Check the website for a weekly updated list.

3. Good books (Web): Books recommended by successes

Good Books rounds out the recommendations of successful and famous people

Successful people read a lot. You will often find interviews or blog posts where they talk about a few books that helped them achieve success or changed their approach to life. Good Books rounds out the authors ’recommendations.

The renowned list of people includes Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Ariana Huffington, Emma Watson, Noam Chomsky and many others. Find the person you admire and you will find books that they think you should read. You can also browse people by the industry they are known for.

If you browse books, you’ll find how many successful people say it needs to be read. The top 100 book lists are a great way to find new titles that many performers find worth reading. You can also browse by category and check for new featured titles.

4. Five books (Web): Expert recommendations on the subject

Experts on the subject recommend five books on the subject in detailed interviews with Five Books

For more information about viruses, find out what the expert recommends. Instead of relying on friends ’suggestions, five books are looking for experts and writers to get five book recommendations in their chosen field.

This cool website is a different approach than just making recommendations based on various interviews and blog posts. Instead, Five Books conducts an interview with an expert.

Once the expert has named their five suggestions, journalists ask for a series of books about the books and why the expert considers them important. The interview is as enlightening as any criticism or review of a book you read online.

You can browse five books in different ways. Choose a genre, region of the world, catalogs and combinations, popular book awards, and new releases. “Popular Expert Interviews” is a good place to start.

And don’t forget to check the list of the most recommended books, where many experts in different fields agree on the classic. It is a a unique way to find readable book recommendations

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5. Book series in order (Web): Read the adventures of a great fictional character

Book Series in Order (BSIO) organizes and recommends books in the order in which the famous character appears

The books have given us some of the biggest imaginary characters that have spread into the series. James Bond, Miss Marple, Jack Reacher, Katniss Everdeen and so many other characters are the ones we fall in love with. Book Series on Order (BSIO) lets you find all the books that have one of your favorites.

For example, if you like Jack Reacher, you’ll find all of Lee Child’s books in which he appears. The website provides both publication order and chronology. So you could go in the right order of Reacher’s life instead of jumping back and forth on his timeline. You’ll also find other books and short stories starring Jack Reacher, as well as a short biography of the character.

The web browsing experience is conducive to finding new books. It proposes a new book of the month, introductory authors, featured series, catalogs and best articles, as well as a newsletter with two to eight headlines each week. Each book title has Quick Links for retrieving it from Amazon.

Heavyweight Book sites

The websites on this list are some of the newer ways to find the best book to read. There are, of course, several book recommendation engines and forums on the Internet that are much more popular.

From Goodreads and Gnook to Riffle and Whichbook, you also have to try the suggestion engines for these heavy books. They are the best sites to find what book to read next

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