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5 free homeschooling websites for teaching and raising children at home

With the help of the Internet, education comes to your home because you can teach children through online courses. Where do you start? Try these best free websites and apps for homeschooling for kids.

If homeschooling is a permanent plan for you, you’ll probably want to spend money on premium apps and websites that offer strong packages. But if you’re temporarily in homeschooling or trying it for the first time, the Internet makes it easy to do for free.

1. TED-Ed @ Home (Web): TED-Ed’s free homeschooling newsletter and activities

TedEd @ Home issues a daily newsletter to facilitate home education and hosts a new speaker daily on Instagram

TED negotiators launched a new program to encourage students to learn without attending school. The TED-Ed @ Home initiative is a daily newsletter with free lessons, activities and challenges to support students of all ages, as well as parents and teachers.

The newsletter contains daily new lessons for elementary, middle school, middle school and university. With one click, you can access TED-Ed’s archive of educational videos suitable for that age group. Lessons cover art, literature, language, math, science, technology and more.

You can also browse all TED-Ed tutorials, which you can filter by topic, student level, content type, upload date, and popularity.

Also explore the new TED challenges @TEDEducation Instagram page. Every weekday, a new TED speaker takes into account a short educational speech and a family-centered challenge that students can do at home.

Remember that TED is not the only type of platform. You should check the best TED Talks options

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and see if their lessons are better suited for your children.

2. Things to do indoors (Web): Free resources from Roald Dahl’s official website

Roald Dahl’s work Indoors features a variety of free learning materials for children

Roald Dahl’s books are constantly popular with children. The official website now has a mini-page called Things to Do Indoors that gathers free resources to entertain and educate children at home.

It’s a mix of fun activities and training pieces. For example, teachers can browse “Lickswishy lesson plans” to find interactive ways to teach language skills. Or take drawing courses to learn how to draw some of Dahl’s most famous characters, like Matilda.

Quizzes, riddles, arts and crafts and much more are available for children to browse them directly, as well as adults to teach their children.

Dahl’s website tries to be as inclusive as possible. For example, the video storytelling department tells some of his classics in sign language. Also download the giant activity pack Create and learn to a page with quizzes, activities, dress-up ideas, and more.

3. Mother of a techie homeschool (Web): Beginner’s homeschooling advice and curriculum directory

Techie Homeschool Mom Easily Browse Homeschooling Course Directory and Curriculum

Beth decided to educate her child in school and share all the tips and tricks she learns along the way. Regardless of the name of his blog, you don’t have to be proficient in your technique to use it. Beth’s articles can be used on all levels of technology.

The first thing to check out on Techie HomeSchool Mom (THSM) is an online school curriculum directory. Beth has acquired the best free homeschooling courses to make them easy to browse.

Filter by topic, grade, or type, and you’ll find a brief description of each course, class format, grade levels, and categories to which it applies.

Throughout the website, Beth distributes articles on what you need to succeed for school-age children. It’s a lot of thoughtful things you wouldn’t have thought about, like the equipment you need or special homeschooling advice for kids struggling with certain topics.

Scholastic teaches children at home through free four-week courses

Textbook giant Scholastic published part of its library for four-week training courses. You have to log in to use it as a teacher, parent or student, and then it’s completely free, no languages ​​connected to it.

First select a class group: PreK and Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th or 6th – 9th. Each course has four weeks divided by a normal 5-day week. There are four activities or educational elements each day.

Scholastic leverages its extensive repository of teaching materials to blend lessons with varied learning.

Usually, children have to read an article or watch a video and do follow-up, such as writing an essay based on what they have learned. By completing daily activities, children deserve “daily reading” for fun comprehension.

Scholastic has also given BookFlix free until the end of the school year. BookFlix is ​​an interactive storytelling app that teaches kids to learn to read. Look Resources for families In the section, you’ll learn how to use BookFlix for free and get other free downloads.

GoNoodle's Home Good Energy service includes free weekly exercise and exercise activities for children

Homeschooling needs to be as well rounded as the right school would provide. Your child needs physical activity, and the answer is GoNoodle’s good energy at home. Get free movement, yoga and mental health videos for kids in a variety of activities.

The website has new activities every week where children learn different exercises to have fun with them. For example, an NFL player taught children coordination and agility practice. Dance teachers teach children to shake their feet while holding their heart. And there are other print information, videos and activities to find something new every day of the week. Plus, you can always go back through the archives for more information.

GoNoodle also works on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TVs, and Roku for a big-screen activity experience. Several parents reviewing the app say it’s a big compromise. Children are happy to get a little extra “display time,” and parents are happy that the child is active and mobile. In addition, it recommends a few activities outside the screen to give these eyes a rest.

Download free home school printing

Scholastic doesn’t do what GoNoodle does, and GoNoodle has no activity on Roald Dahl’s free site. Ideally, you should mix the above recommendations and create them accordingly so that you can create your own schedule. And you have to print it for the child to stay in it.

Just like in school, homeschooling often requires good old paper and pen. But the good news is that you don’t have to draw up these charts, report cards, and schedules. We have your back in the collection the best free homeschool prints and templates

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you can download.

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