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5 free reminder to pause screens

You know that watching the screen for too long is not good for your health or eyesight, but it’s easy to absorb. Use these apps to take a reminder to pause apps and screen time and take care of your health.

Continuous use of the display may result in severe eye strain, neck pain in telephones, and sitting for too long causes health problems

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too. All of these problems are also surprisingly easy to avoid by simply turning it off every time. Usually, a pause reminder app is all you need.

1. Stretchly (Windows, macOS, Linux): A simple reminder for short and long breaks

flexibly reminds you to take a break and stretch

For most people, Stretchly is a break reminder that changes the way you use your computer. The app allows for both micro-breaks and planned long breaks to keep you focused.

A small pop-up window lets you know before it’s time to take a break, and reminds you when it’s time. One of the more comfortable features of Stretchly is that you can go to the next break or micro break at any time if you feel like stopping right away and not later. There is a micro break every 10 minutes for 20 seconds, at which point the app recommends a few sections to keep your body healthy. Every 30 minutes, it suggests a longer 5-minute break.

You can, of course, adjust the duration of micro-breaks and long breaks, as well as how long the break should last. In fact, Stretchly can become even more productive with a simple Pomodoro timer.

If you don’t want to take a break, you can skip the prompt and continue working. But if you do this too often, you are endangering your own health. You may want to enable “tight mode” to make sure you stay on breaks.

Charge: Flexibly Windows | Mac operating system | Linux (Free)

2. Flexible reminder (Android, iOS): Reminders and GIF formats stretch regularly

Stretchly is not available for smartphones, but Stretch Reminder may be an even better app for taking a break. It sends unobtrusive periodic reminders to look off your computer screen and do a few parts.

The application is simple and stunning. First, set how often you want to receive notifications. You can select a time interval from one to six hours and set the start and end time during the working day. When you receive the reminder, go to another screen in the app, Stretches.

Stretch Reminder offers 17 different stretches that lick different parts of the body. All of these stretches are done with the office worker in mind. They can be done while sitting in a chair or require minimal space to stand. And they don’t look silly either, so you don’t cause a scene in front of others.

I recommend starting with a break every hour and trying different stretches each time to loosen different parts of your body. If you work in front of the screen for long periods of time, also use this break reminder app to take care of your shoulders and neck.

Charge: Flexible reminder Android | iOS (Free)

3. Eye Care 20 20 20 (Android, iOS): Put your cell phone down

The screens of computers and phones are backlit and throw light into the eyes. Over time, this can take tolls. In fact, you should check if you have a detector symptoms of computer eye strain

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Eye Care 20 20 20 is a mobile application that alleviates this eye strain using ancient technology. The idea is to use the screen every 20 minutes to watch something at a distance of 20 meters for at least 20 seconds. Obviously, this is the relief your eyes need to stay healthy and be dry.

The Eye Care 20 20 20 app simply gives you simple reminders when the time comes and no more confusing. By this we mean that a reminder is coming that it does not depend on whether the display has been on for all these 20 minutes or not.

You can dive into the app’s settings to further customize it so that you can either launch it manually or set it to launch automatically at a specific time each day.

Charge: Eye care for 20 20 20 Android | iOS (Free)

4. Thread (Android): Set screen time limits and walk for more time

Unhook is the most different app on this list. It has no reminders of breaks, it forces the breaks on you.

This is how it works. You set a daily time limit for different types of screen uses, such as social apps, video streaming, and games. When you exceed the limit you set, Unhook will make you walk to open more time. For every 100 steps you walk, you get 10 minutes of extra time on your phone. Data is collected through Android’s built-in Google Fit app, which you can also sync with any of your favorite fitness apps.

Don’t worry, it’s not a distracting and rigid application. When you really have to browse your phone, but you can’t bother with these extra steps, you can turn off Unhook and continue using your phone as usual. But use this sparingly, it’s about self-discipline.

Charge: Loosen Android (Free)

5. The micro openings (Chrome): Customizable reminder for multiple pauses

Micro Breaks is a customizable Chrome extension that provides regular reminders of breaks

If you use Google Chrome, don’t look for this smaller extension for all break reminders. Micro Breaks is the simplest and best tool for the job.

By default, there are a few reminders of healthy habits. This includes:

  • respiratory: Breathe in and out to manage stress for 2 minutes every other hour.
  • 20/20/20: Prevents digital eye strain by looking at something 20 meters away every 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
  • Break: A simple break for 6 minutes every 80 minutes.
  • Train: Get up and stretch your muscles to relax for 2 minutes every hour.

With Micro Breaks, you can also set any custom reminders you want, and it’s free. This reduces the simple introduction of a timer reminder in Chrome. Nevertheless, you should check others great Chrome extensions keep you healthy on your desktop

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Charge: The micro openings Chrome (Free)

Correct the position quickly

These applications solve an important problem by getting a reminder to take a regular break from your computer or phone screen. You can also help you with other reminder apps. But they don’t always tell you what to do when you take those breaks.

One of the best options for table workers is to try this 3 minutes of training to correct the posture. You can do it anywhere, and it doesn’t look so weird that the whole office is staring at you.

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