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5 free zoom options for video conferencing and online meetings

Everyone wants to know, “What’s the best free video chat app?” The answer is the one that best suits your needs. Here is an overview of some of the new and free video conferencing applications you should use.

When you work remotely and hold video conferences, you need to make them easy to set up, secure, and fast for everyone. You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to free video calling apps on both desktop and mobile devices.

Zoom and Skype are always popular options. But it is not without flaws. This guide will help you choose alternative video chat software for your needs.

1. Skype Meet now (Web, Android, iOS): Free Skype calls for everyone

Microsoft Skype Meet Now is a new free, unlimited version of the popular video calling app

Microsoft Skype has been the gold standard for video calling for the longest time. But there have always been obstacles involved, such as paid accounts, registration, and installing apps. The new Skype Meet Now is free and makes it easy for anyone to join a Skype call without an account.

The site is best accessed through a desktop browser, but you can also join calls through Skype’s mobile apps. Skype Meet Now is packed with features for group meetings, including file and contact sharing, call scheduling, polling, video recording, and screen sharing.

Room participants can also chat in the text and search for the text later, as well as record and send voice messages to each other. In fact, Skype is a fully capable chat messaging app that can be used for office conversations.

Skype Meet Now is easy to set up and has no major restrictions on meeting time and attendees. In addition, it has been around for so long and has been used by so many large companies that you can be sure that Microsoft is taking care of security issues.

Charge: Skype Meet now Android | iOS (Free)

2. Zipcall (Web): No login with picture-in-picture and live captions

Zipcall is a free, fast and secure way to make a video call without downloads or registrations

Zipcall is one of them fantastic calling apps without login

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or installations. It works perfectly on all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile devices. As long as you have a working webcam, microphone, and speakers, you can start a video call in seconds.

Go to the website and create a video conference room with automatic links or enter your own phrase. You can mute the microphone, pause the webcam, share the screen, or chat in the app’s internal pop-up.

Zipcall has a neat picture-in-picture mode, which is especially useful when sharing a screen or when you have a large grid of participants. The application is WebRTC-based and does not require servers, so the application is more secure and private than many others.

The Live Caption feature requires Google Chrome, but it didn’t work as well in our test. Nevertheless, when it worked, it was great to see the spoken words immediately translated into the text. It can be a useful feature in poor contexts where the sound is interrupted.

3. Touchbase (Web): 15-minute meetings where you can stay up to date and make connections

Touchbase forces group members to hold video call conversations on the topic and sets a 15-minute limit

Teleworking has benefits, but it lacks the relationships built in the office. It also seems that a “quick video call” can take longer than talking to a colleague for a few minutes to update projects. Touchbase wants to solve both problems with its approach.

Touchbase is a video calling application that only works on desktop browsers, which is the first step in adding this “feel”. You cannot make this video call on your phone while doing other things.

It also adds a 15-minute time limit for video calls (with a five-minute extension if necessary, but the idea is to wrap it up to 15).

Before you start a video call, you also need to select a topic. Write custom or choose from suggested topics like quick grab, coffee, daily group stand-up meeting, etc.

The makers say that by adding purpose, subject and time limit, you don’t have those endless calling calls. In addition, other members of the group can decide whether or not they want to join the topic, which is especially useful in occasional discussions.

Touchbase allows up to 10 participants at a time. You can share a meeting link or send a Google Calendar invitation. The video call itself is a grid of participants. The only few features are that you can mute the call or share the screen.

Charge: touch the ground Chrome (Free)

4. Team.Video (Web): Agenda, non-verbal reactions and games

Team.Video is one of the best online meeting tools because it adds agendas, notes and other useful work topics to a video call with a single click

Team.Video is still in beta, but is already emerging as one of the best video conferencing applications for office meetings. It has a lot of features designed to keep meetings up to date and resolve common video call distractions.

For example, each meeting has a sidebar with an agenda to keep you up to date. You can also use this sidebar to share files or add links. The panel doubles as a shared sticky note for participants to add minutes or put important conversations into text.

Team.Video adds a great way to be quiet and give reactions. Instead of someone adding “hmm” to indicate they’re listening or accepting, you can send emoticons.

Use keyboard shortcuts for thumbs, thumbs, contradictions, respect, and raising our hands to speak. Other reactions include “I can’t hear you,” which is a simple solution to one of the most annoying things about video calling.

While you wait for people to join, you can play a quick game on Team.Video. The anagram word game gives you six letters and makes you guess all the words you can do with it.

In addition, you get all the standard features of a powerful video calling application. You can share the screen, chat in text, mute audio, or turn off video, and more.

Usually, the free version allows you to set up meetings of up to 60 minutes with up to seven people. But currently the app has made it unlimited minutes for up to 15 people. Team.Video is one the best free online meeting tools to collaborate with your team

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5. Videoconferencing Help (Web): Compare video chat properties in a table

The video conferencing guide is a mega list of video calling applications to compare their features

While this list talks about several new or little-known free video chat apps, you’ll still want to consider some of the most popular. After all, they’re probably full of the features you want. But what is the difference between the best video chat apps? Check out the video conferencing guide.

This website describes the main features of all the popular video calling applications in the table. You can easily compare many big names like Zoom, Webex, Hangouts, WhatsApp and more.

The table shows the difference between free and paid video chat applications, attendee and time limits, and on which platforms it is available. At a glance, you’ll also find features like screen sharing, recording, grid view, and encryption.

Developer Paul Schriber quickly created a website to find out which video chat app best suits your needs. Unfortunately, there is no simple filter to sort lists by properties. To do so, copy and paste it into a standard spreadsheet program.

Have you tried meeting Jitsi?

Zoom is growing in popularity, but there are concerns about its safety. When discussing sensitive work tasks, you want to know that the information is secure.

One the best free and secure options for Zoom is Jitsi Meet

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. This open source, non-downloading, unregistered, video conferencing application encrypts all calls and does not store them on its server.

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