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5 great iPad apps to highlight PDFs, books, and more

There is a difference between reading and gathering data to really understand. If you’re trying to cross the surface, annotations are a great way to develop a deeper understanding of reading.

As you make remarks, your mind begins to develop a contextual relationship to the material. Comments, links to websites and related documents make it yours. Later, you start merging the missing points and develop a better idea framework.

As it turns out, your iPad is the perfect device for reading and tagging documents. We’ll show you some of the best iPad apps that highlight and review PDFs, ebooks, and web pages.

1. GoodReader

GoodReader for reading PDF files on iPad

GoodReader is a comprehensive file manager that allows you to access, manage, organize and read documents. If you frequently process PDF files, this app is a must-have for your toolkit. It gives you many reading options, makes your PDF beautifully, and has built-in editing and annotation tools.

Comment on PDF files with GoodReader

Use this application to highlight PDFs by long pressing text to select the end of a sentence or paragraph. Choose from the pop-up menu that appears Highlight. Tap again to change the highlighted color, copy the text, or delete it completely. To add a note, select the text again, and select Comment.

You’ll also find many other text options: add notes to the edge of the page with the typewriter tool, underline, cropped text, and call sections with lines, arrows, shapes, and freehand drawings in Apple Pencil. Follow us a guide to using the Apple Pencil app with iPad

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if you are new here.

Location feature gives you a pop-up window for document bookmarks, outlines, and annotations. Tap E-mail button to export the entry summary to your notes application. settings button to edit what you want to include / exclude in the summary.

What GoodReader offers

  • Page management features for reading and reviewing PDF files. In Edit mode, you can extract, add a blank page for notes, and rearrange pages.
  • Different gestures by tagging PDF files. The Page Menu option activates special markup mode so that PDF files can be tagged quickly.
  • View the same or different documents side by side in split screen mode. This will help you mark and review notes in conjunction with other chapters.
  • Sync the annotated files with your Mac to further review them in Skim and organize them by tags.

Charge: Good Reader ($ 5.99, order available)

2. LiquidText

LiquidText tags and checks documents for iPad

Traditional workflows include the use of several tools: a reader and a file manager to organize documents. as well as a note-taking app to help you present your thoughts. It has a lot to follow.

LiquidText is a PDF viewer for non-linear reading. It streamlines the entire process of active reading from making notes, unchecking highlights, taking notes, merging notes into documents, and connecting.

How LiquidText works

Start by importing documents from either the Files app or the internal browser. When you open a document, you see the document’s navigation panel, the center of the viewer, and the workspace on the right. This workspace is an area where you can keep snippets, notes, and pictures.

Highlight a sentence and tap AutoExcerpt, then LiquidText drags the snippet to the workspace. Tap the grip and select Comment Add a note from the pop-up menu. When you start building a collection, you can move notes to any area of ​​the workspace or drag to group them.

You can compress or shrink the material to compare different parts. And if you repeat the above procedure for multiple documents, you can start making connections. Finally, tap Ice button splits the entries into a DOCX file.

Unique features of LiquidText

  • Compare and visualize excerpts and notes on the board. Gestures and Apple Pencil allow you to quickly create mind maps.
  • Hold three documents for active reading at the same time. They can be replaced with other materials.
  • HighlightView feature allows you to bother with highlighted text while keeping the rest folded. It is useful to see all the entries at a glance.

Charge: LiquidText (Free, premium version available)

3. MarginNote

Read, organize and learn about MarginNote for iPad

MarginNote is both a PDF and EPUB viewer that helps you learn and digest your books better. You can organize and combine information about different aspects into a mind map. And with a built-in memory card system, you can store content more efficiently.

Using MarginNote

MarginNote is a hierarchical document management system. The left panel consists of three tabs: Document (place to organize e-books), research (place for collecting notes) and Review (Convert your notes to flash cards). The right panel is the corresponding view of these tabs.

The contents of the book and the notes are in the same window. For each selection, MarginNote opens an edit menu where you can select a color, create a note, assign a tag, send to the Mindmap panel, and so on. You can add comments with voice, photos, and tags to a note card.

research mode has both an outline and mind map views. The former becomes useful when you want to refine important concepts. The latter panel allows you to make connections between different ideas. Tap to try Share> Add to slot create a memory card based on notes to explore different concepts.

MarginNote-unique features

  • You can combine MarginNote with Evernote to access all your notes, imagery, and drawings, even on the go.
  • Mind Map is compatible with OmniOutliner, Mindmanager and iThoughts. You can even sync your flash card with Ank if it’s your primary app.
  • Built-in embedded browser for keyword research. Supports Wikipedia, Google Scholar, Translator and more.
  • The application is rich in developing logical relationships between different ideas. It is convenient to build a data frame.

Charge: MarginNote ($ 13, free trial available)

4. Amazon Kindle

Tag books with Kindle

The Kindle app is a multi-platform e-book marketplace that includes reader, annotation tools, and library management features. The reading environment can be customized to suit your needs. You can adjust screen brightness, font type and size, text parameters, and more.

Notes and comments

Touch and hold a word, then drag the cursor to the end of a sentence or paragraph. Then select a color from the highlight tool. To add a note, tap the highlighted text and then Entry. When the note window appears, enter the notes and tap Save.

Head Kindle Notebook to see all highlights with their location (or right page) number. The Kindle app limits the ability to export highlights and notes. In most cases, the limit is 10 percent. Try to skip this Bookcision or Clippings.io pick up entries.

Unique features of the Kindle

  • Various background themes and customizable text parameters for comfortable reading.
  • Integrated Oxford dictionary, Wikipedia and translation features.
  • The notebook feature combines all entries in one location.

Charge: Amazon Kindle (Free)

5. Diigo

The Diigo application connects entries from the web

We spend a lot of time reading content online. But combining reading, marking, arranging, and remembering to combine the missing bits into a piece of information is still largely inefficient.

Diigo is a data management tool that provides you with a system to improve data transfer. It is an essential tool for knowledge workers, writers and students.

Notes and comments

The Diigo app is a spin-off from the Chrome browser. To create a highlight, drag the character to the end of a sentence or paragraph. In the pop-up window that appears, tap Highlight. Tap the text again to change the highlight color or select Entry add an anchored comment.

After tagging, go to your bookmark My library, tap More button and select Send an email to someone. If you have set up a custom email address for Evernote or OneNote, you can send notes with notes directly to these notes applications.

What makes Diigo unique

  • Later, the read-it feature is already built into the application. Diigo-order you can save an offline copy from the website to your library.
  • You can organize, search, or add tags to your bookmarks. It even lets you edit tags in a set, create reports, and export your links in CSV format.
  • Create an outline by adding text or Convert existing annotations to bullet points. When you attach an image or link, it is formatted automatically.

Charge: Diigo (Free, subscription available)

A simple way to understand comments

Your iPad is the perfect device for reading and tagging a variety of documents – whether they’re PDFs, ebooks, or webpages. You just need the right type of system to use these tools to develop the in-depth data framework we started here.

The note is easy to make but tricky to get right. Read more here for more information a guide to the effective use of digital markings

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