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5 journal applications and a printable version for creating daily journal activities

Keeping a daily diary is one of the best ways for mental health and reflection. But building is a difficult way, so these apps and websites adjust the experience to make writing a diary easier every day.

The basics of leaf construction are the same for all methods. You should be honest and write freely, do it at least once at the end of the day, and don’t be hard on yourself. Along the way you can monitor the mood and progress in the magazines, but the main purpose is to reflect.

1. Swipe the diary (Android, iOS): The fastest magazine for urgent people

Swipe Journal transforms the traditional diary experience into a multiple-choice exam. You will not write or save journal entries with this application. Instead, you choose options. It’s a question and answer round that is much faster than writing.

When you first set up Swipe Journal, choose from several categories and cards to follow. Classes include work, school, relationships, well-being, finance, and self-development. Each category has multiple cards to follow, and you can also add custom cards or categories.

Once selected, Swipe Journal acts as a tinder journal. You see the card as a question, and the answers are thumbs up, thumbs down, or the next / previous card. Record and track your experiences daily through the series. You can go to the statistics at any time to see how much you have been in the mood for these individual topics for a long time.

Charge: Swipe the diary Android | iOS (Free)

2. journalistic (Web): Micro magazine with Twitter-like features

Journalistic has a Twitter-like approach to keeping a daily digital diary called a microform

If you use Twitter, Medium, or Instagram, you will feel at home with Journalist for all your daily journal needs. The purpose of your own style of micro-background application is to record small thoughts whenever they come to you, instead of using a separate daily diary session.

Journalistic is an advanced web application that works perfectly on all mobile and desktop browsers. Even if there is no number of characters or words, the idea is to write short sentences quickly in your diary and move on.

You can use Twitter syntax for easier searching and browsing. For example, use @ before a person’s name to quickly find all of their entries later, or add searchable tags to hashtags.

The app separates gems and ideas into separate categories, encouraging you to check your diary regularly. Take these soul-seeking shower thoughts or inspired ideas and put them into your part. There’s also a dream diary for paid customers, but the premium version only offers this and Dark mode, which you don’t necessarily have to pay for.

3. Journify (Android, iOS): An audio diary to record diaries as audio clips

You talk to Sir, Alexa and OK with Google, why can’t you talk to your diary? Journify believes in recording audio journal entries. It looks like you’re more likely to sign in because speaking requires less effort than typing.

Click the play button and start recording. You can pause the recording and resume later, allowing you to save diary entries at different points throughout the day. Of course, you are free to stop recording and save it and then start a new audio record. And you can also delete an entire entry by tapping “Start” to get a fresh sound.

Add a title, up to five tags, and notes for each journal entry. You can then search or filter entries with these tags and titles. Journify also has a daily check-in to record energy levels, sleep patterns and motivation. The free version allows up to five registrations, after which tiered options are paid. Give it a shot because the first month is free.

Charge: Fly Android | iOS (Free)

4. perspectiva (Web): A new daily call to start a magazine process

Perspectiva publishes new guidelines every day to help you set up a journal style and avoid author blocking

If you try to start a journaling practice without doing it earlier, you may encounter a problem figuring out what to write each day. The simple instructions in most diary applications are not good enough. Perspectiva starts the habit by giving fresh, thought-provoking prompts to choose from, giving you something to write about.

The app provides four different body categories: general, parental, stoicism, and COVID-19. Click on anything to create a question that you can answer in your diary. Even if you don’t want to use Perspectiva for your diary, it’s free Perspectiva Covid urges mini-application and newsletter for prompts. You can then use these prompts to write in your own diary application.

Perspectiva is a simple diary application with a clean interface. When you start writing a new note, it also shows the previous notes as an inspiration or starting point. You can also activate it in Telegram to send Perspectiva updates via Messenger.

5. Mood Diary Pocketmod (Printable): A small sheet of paper that fits in your wallets

Mood Diary is a free, printable pocket that allows you to carry a diary in your wallet

Not everyone wants a digital diary app. If you prefer a good old pen and paper, but want something to travel with you, Pocketmods are a great choice.

Anyone can build a Pocketmod printer from plain A4 or Letter size paper. It turns into an eight-sided mini booklet, small enough to fit in your wallet. And you can do as many of these as you want in an instant. By default, you can even use an empty Pocketmod as a diary, allowing you to use the space however you want.

The Pocketmod version of Mood Diary is a diary that allows you to keep track of up to four days in a single booklet. Add your thoughts to the main part, while you can monitor your mood, weather, sleep hours, exercise, medications, and food intake in the places designed for them. In addition, those diagnosed with depression or anxiety may also monitor their mood.

If you do not have a medical diagnosis, try another Pocketmod from the same manufacturer. This is a more detailed mood and emotion diary where you can keep track of time, feel and its source, and keep track.

Print the PDF file that works best for you, and then fold it PocketMod instructions. The DIY Planner website also has other magazine prints that are worth checking out.

Other magazine applications to improve productivity and mental health

Don’t start thinking that these are the only digital diary apps. There are so many diary apps on the internet that you lose a number of them. The thing is to find the right application for you, just like a good productivity system or a good Therapist.

If the above five don’t suit you, try these others digital diary applications to improve productivity and mental health

6 Digital Journal to improve your mental health with a daily diary
Do you want to start a diary to improve your day or just your mental health. Start your daily diary with these free apps today.
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. One of the eye-catchers for beginners is Cactus, which guides you through the diary process and habit.

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