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5 lesser-known free online image editing tools to replace Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the king of image editing software, and it costs quite a penny. But don’t worry, there are other online photo editors like Photoshop that work in a browser in any environment and are also free.

No, we’re not talking about the usual popular online Photoshop options like PicMonkey, Pixlr, SumoPaint and others. Instead, we focus on relatively little-known image editing programs that make it easy for everyone to apply basic effects to their photos.

Naturally, none of these applications will be as powerful and versatile as Photoshop itself. Adobe has hundreds of engineers working on a single product, while these online applications tend to love work.

But each of these does a great job of becoming a free Photoshop option online.

1. Photopat (Web): The best free Photoshop option online

Photopea is the best free free Photoshop option

There is no discussion about this. Forget Pixlr, forget SumoPaint, forget everything else you’ve tried. When you use Photopea, you cannot go back. It’s the best free online editor, like Photoshop, to even give you a similar look.

Detailed instructions are available for it so you can learn how to use any feature. All the popular Photoshop features are available, such as clone stamp, layers, filters, and so on. You can even open the PSD file

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or save the image in PSD format.

The best part about Photopeava is that it counts all the calculations offline, so your photos are never sent to the cloud. Open the website and that’s it, the rest of the work is done on your computer. It not only makes working faster than working online, but also protects your data.

Photopea has been around for some time, but never made it available. With regular updates to add new features, it has gained more popularity. Now jump on this sled. Chromebook users in particular should give this a whirl.

2. Mara.Photos (Web): Swiss Army tools and effects knife

Mara Photos has a number of free online photo editing tools

Mara slipped under most of the radar when it launched, but it’s a great and simple image processing app. If you’re looking for a free Photoshop web option, it mimics many of the features of bigger software with a whole host of effects, filters, and tools.

You must first select the effect you want to apply. You will find all the options listed on the home page. There are common image processing options such as Resize, Crop, Rotate, Type, Pop, Vintage, Art, etc.

You will also find many other features such as Bulge / Pinch, Wave, Splitter, Color Tint, Bump, Palette Extractor, Optimize Palette, GIF Editor, APNG / AWebP Editor, Mirror, Kaleidoscope, ASCII Art, 3D Anaglyph, Glitcher, RAW, EXIF, PNG metadata, steganography, ANSI Art and even a vector graphics editor.

You can then upload the image from your desktop, cloud drive, or share the URL. Each enhancement has several fine adjustments that you can make by choosing how deeply the effect is applied. And yes, once you’ve done the effect, you can move the image to another tool or effect.

The simple interface is great for beginners, making Mara one of the easiest online Photoshop options for editing basic photos.

3. Delete BG (Web): Remove photo backgrounds automatically

Delete.BG lets you automatically remove photo backgrounds with a single click

Remove BG is one of the best single-use online image processing applications at hand. It’s almost magical. In Adobe Photoshop, you can use the Magic Wand tool to select the main subject of an image and then Delete the image from the image

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. Well, Remove BG is a free online Photoshop option that makes it possible in any browser.

You have to try it to see how well it works. Download the image from your computer or paste the URL. Remove BG will work on it for a few minutes to get the result of the image from the previous and post version. You can download and save it to your computer for free, without a watermark. That’s great.

Remove BG is by far the best free Photoshop option online we have seen for this feature. Others do not offer the same accuracy or make you pay to remove watermarks. Bookmark this web app, you need it.

4. Image toolkit (Web): Easy batch image resizing and conversion

Image Toolbox allows you to resize images and convert them

Photoshop scripts make it easy change batch images

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quickly. If you want a free online Photoshop option, Image Toolbox has your back.

You can use a web application to change a set of images at the same time. You can resize them based on specific width or height resolutions or the percentage of the original image.

At the same time, Image Toolbox can also convert all images to JPEG or PNG files as desired. As always, you can choose the quality of the JPEG or PNG file, which also determines the file size.

One nice feature is that you don’t have to reload the images if you don’t get it right the first time. There is an option to edit and retry, which saves time and energy by uploading a huge number of images a second time to get it right. It is a smart online image editing program that provides a key feature of Photoshop.

Social image change on Slidely's Promo website

Photoshop scripts make it easy to convert a single image to multiple sizes for social media with a single click. Promo created a handy online photo editor like Photoshop to make it free and simple.

It is surprisingly easy to use. First, upload an image or add it from the URL. Then scroll down to select the image sizes you want. Promo has templates for everything you need on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, email and blog, and the Google Display Network. These include all types of profile pictures, cover art, story, and other space from which you can upload an image.

The downloaded zip package has an image type in the file name, so it’s easy to know where you want to download. It’s a great tool that makes life a lot easier.

More modern online image editing software

The numerous options and features of Photoshop are not for everyone. Many people need something simpler. For them, these free online Photoshop options are a much better option because it does not require in-depth knowledge of image processing.

In fact, a new trend seems to be to make online image editing programs like Photoshop, but without the confusing interface. You get all the features and tools, but a simpler way to use them.

The new Pixlr X and Pixlr E and the very simple Doka are just two examples free and modern online image editing software

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that you should check.

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