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5 powerful options for Windows Task Manager

Windows 10 occasionally encounters difficulties: unresponsive windows, high CPU usage, high disk usage, suspicious applications, etc. When this happens, Windows Task Manager is the first line of attack.

Although Windows 10 brought some updates to Task Manager, it is still missing.

Therefore, you should try alternative task management. The Windows Task Manager options below are more advanced, more powerful, and best of all, available for free. Why not let these advanced task managers replace what works best for you?

Task management option in Windows Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a highly downloaded version of Windows Task Manager. SysInternals originally developed Process Explorer until Microsoft acquired the company. The Task Manager option lives on when the company was renamed Windows Sysinternals.

After booting, you will see an overview of all the running processes in the system, organized in a hierarchy. There is also a lower pane (disabled by default) that shows which DLLs or handles are used by the processes. Both features make system troubleshooting much easier.

Notable features include:

  • Color-coded process list for easy navigation.
  • See which processes are locking open files.
  • Set affinity and priority functions for processes.
  • Restart, abort, kill the process, and kill the process trees.
  • Real-time CPU, GPU, RAM, and I / O diagnostic information and graphs.

process hacker task management option

Process Hacker is an open source Windows Task Manager option that you can use to manage your system.

It is available in both installed and portable versions and is virtually identical to the Process Explorer mentioned above. The System Process Overview shows a hierarchical, color-coded tree that is full of information. There is no lower box, but you can learn everything you need to know about the process by right-clicking on it.

So why is Process Hacker ranked lower than Process Explorer? Because the development of Process Hacker is slower. While Processed by the hacker GitHub is active, the last stable release after this writing is from 2016.

Notable features include:

  • Color-coded process list for easy navigation.
  • Set affinity, priority, and I / O priority actions for processes.
  • Find processes by windows and windows by processes.
  • Start, pause, stop, and stop tree operations.
  • Manage services, network connections and disks.
  • Real-time CPU, GPU, RAM, and I / O diagnostic information and graphs.

5 powerful options for Windows Task Manager Windows 10 Task Manager system explorer 2

Despite its common name, System Explorer is not far from a complete replacement for Task Manager. In addition to helping with process management, it also includes a handful of features that can improve system security and protect against disasters. There is even a portable version.

My favorite feature is the process-specific CPU usage history, which can be viewed during the previous minute, last hour, and last day. You can also view the overall performance of the system in real time, which shows some complex details such as the number of page errors or percentage of system outages

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Another distinctive feature is Snapshots. With System Explorer, you can create snapshots of a file, registry, or file + registry that you can compare to improve troubleshooting. Security checks are also available if you detect a suspicious process.

Notable features include:

  • Scans running processes based on the network security database.
  • Detailed processor usage histories by process.
  • Save and compare snapshots of files, registers, and file + registers.
  • Set affinity and priority functions for processes.
  • Restart, abort, end the process, and end the process trees.
  • Manage modules, automated installations, drivers, users and more.

Task Manager Deluxe Task Manager option

The task manager DeLuxe (TMX) advertises itself as a direct Task Manager replacement not only better. TMX has a slightly messy interface. As you learn to use it (which doesn’t take time at all), you’ll find that every bit is useful. It is only available as a portable application.

In addition to real-time monitoring of system processes, services, and network connections, TMX enables startup application and task management. You’ll find the diagrams and charts on the various screens informative, and I like that TMX can instantly raise permissions for any process.

Notable features include:

  • Desktop Explorer displays the details of the process when you move over windows.
  • Detailed real-time monitoring of individual processes.
  • Browse, search and filter all open or locked files.
  • Find processes by windows and windows by processes.
  • Start, pause, and stop actions.
  • Manage services, network connections and disks.
  • Real-time CPU, GPU, RAM, and I / O diagnostic information and graphs.

Note that some network filters, such as K-9 Web Protection, mark the MiTeC group site as Spyware / Malware. I didn’t find any problems there, but if you want to be careful, you can download Task Manager DeLuxen from MajorGeeks instead, as this is we rely on software downloads

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Daphne task manager alternative windows

Daphne may not look like much, but this lightweight, open source Task Manager option compresses quite a bit. Yes, the text wall and bare skeleton interface may confuse you at first, but you love it because it can do a few unique things. Unfortunately, a portable version is not available.

First, Daphne has four ways to kill the process: immediate, immediate polite (not forced), planned, and schedule polite. Do you want to wait for a specific day and time to complete the task? Daphne makes it possible and easy. It also has the option to run processes on specific days and times.

In addition to being able to find processes in windows or windows by process, Daphne can move processes forward or backward, place alpha transparencies, or even resize windows. It is not just a mission killer, but a real mission manager.

Notable features include:

  • Ability to kill processes politely and / or on schedule.
  • Kill all processes that match the name filter.
  • Separate hierarchical process tree view.
  • Find processes by windows and windows by processes.
  • Set affinity and priority functions for processes.
  • Copy all real-time processes to the clipboard for troubleshooting.

The best option for Windows Task Manager is…

For ease of use and extensive functionality, Process Explorer is a solid choice for the Windows Task Manager. It integrates perfectly with Windows 10 and is now a launchable Microsoft product.

In other words, if you want to go beyond what Windows has to offer, try one of the other options. Because every Task Manager replacement is completely free, you will see that it meets your needs.

Sometimes all you need for Task Manager is to kill an unresponsive task. What if I told you there is a way kill unresponsive applications without Task Manager?

Or maybe you have a problem that Task Manager or some other option can’t solve. In this case, you should check these Windows diagnostic tools and these Windows troubleshooting tools

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