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5 Reasons Why Vinyl Is Better Than Digital Music Lovers

Music streaming services are so popular. Apps like Spotify and Apple Music let you access more music than you could ever listen to, all in one app. They are by far the most convenient way to listen to music. However, that doesn’t make them the best option.

In most cases, vinyl is the best way to listen to music. The experience of putting a physical disc on your vinyl record, dropping a needle, and listening to music is second to none. Don’t you believe us? Here are the reasons why you should listen to vinyl…

1. The taste of music improves

blank LP and cover

Music is subjective. The artists and songs I enjoy are probably different from your favorite music. However, you will probably remember the band or singer that first made you interested in music. For the most part, it wouldn’t have been among the top 40 actors. The charts are great for an enjoyable sound – one you put on at a party or go to watch an evening with friends.

Overall, the music map doesn’t make its way to vinyl. Some DJs use it, but contemporary pop music isn’t usually found in the physical collection of music fans. When you start your search for vinyl, you’ll reveal something that goes deeper than singles and chart success. The disc is not a separate collection of songs.

Instead, the order of the songs has been carefully considered to make the album flow well. This is especially true of old records where the only way to listen to them was in order from page A to page B. The album, like a novel, makes sense as a whole. There will be standout songs, and some will become your favorites, but the album itself will leave its mark.

You get to experience the album the way the artist designed it. Playlists serve an important function, but they usually jump between groups, songs, and even genres. Listening to the album is a unified statement of the musicians involved, and you will find that you appreciate not only the writing of the songs but also their music.

2. Buying records is an experience

Browse the record store

We are not pretending that online shopping has no benefits. Digital retail has offered us a wider range of products at a lower cost, from the comfort of your home. However, shopping on a smartphone or computer does not provide the same experience as shopping.

While you’ll find vinyl available from Amazon and other major physical retailers, independent record stores have kept the shape alive. Fans of these establishments are passionate and loyal to them. You can spend hours exploring collections, holding vinyl records in your hand, and exploring art and stripes.

Services like Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music all use algorithms to recommend you new artists and songs. The background to this version of music research is data from these companies. If Artist A fans tend to listen to Artist C, you’ll get recommendations for those albums. There is even sites that find new music on Spotify

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also. If you buy music from your local record store, they are handled by knowledgeable staff who can recommend albums more naturally and in a variety of ways.

Buying a record is a way of gambling. Right now, when you give away your money, you don’t know if it’s going to be a favorite album or something you’ll never listen to again. However, it makes you more ranked in music, and you’re more likely to spend a special amount of time listening to it. When you go into record shopping, you get to know people, their opinions, and eventually form friendships.

3. Vinyl sounds better


As formats have changed over the years, so has technology. In the early days of MP3, storage was top notch. So in order to compress so many songs into your 256MB MP3 player, the music had to be compressed.

The original recordings or masters are of very high quality. They are used in the mixing process to find as much detail as needed. This is comparable to photography, where it’s better to shoot at a higher resolution than you really need, because then you have the most freedom to edit.

However, the files created are much larger than you can easily store on your computer, phone, or portable music player. So the sound has to be compressed. During this process, some details are lost. However, this is considered a reasonable compromise between quality and practicality.

Vinyl is a lossless form. The buttons are made directly from the master and contain all the details designed by the artist. For this reason, vinyl sounds better than digital. By comparison, listening to vinyl instead of digital is like watching Mona Linen with your own eyes instead of looking at a picture of it on a smartphone.

You’ll also hear vinyl enthusiasts discuss the warm sound their turntables get. It’s true that many people prefer the sound of a physical disk, but your experiences can vary.

Why this is so, there are several theories. For some, turntables are a source of nostalgia that reminds them of an earlier time in life. For others, it may be that the overall experience just feels better, especially when it comes to a lossless form.

4. You can sell your collection

second hand vinyl records

When you buy an MP3 file or subscribe to a music streaming service, resale is not possible. In fact, you buy the right to use that content, but not the product itself. MP3 files are indeed more versatile, but some Online Stores encode them with copyright protection, so transferring them between computers and libraries is a challenge.

On the other hand, vinyl records have proven to be a profitable investment. The technology has been available for several decades, but you can still buy vinyl produced in the 1940s or 1950s, put it on your record player, and enjoy it. As long as they are taken care of, the experience is the same as it is now when it was released.

Other physical materials, such as cassettes or VHS tapes, deteriorate over time as the tape wears out, but the same is not true for vinyl. Sites like Depop and eBay make it easy to sell your old or unwanted items. You can also use Sites like Craigslist can buy and sell used products online

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. So because records tend to keep their value, you can sell your collection if you have to free up space at home or open up extra cash.

Many CDs released after the introduction of CDs were also considered collector’s editions. These versions of the disc are often released alongside CD and digital copies and have limited stock. The vinyl itself could be colored or contain a record work. Because supply is limited, you may even find that they value value.

5. You own your music


When Spotify users opened their apps in early November 2014, they found that Taylor Swift’s back catalog had disappeared from the music streaming service. Swift and his leadership cleared their songs of the royal dispute with Spotify. His record returned three years later.

In a similar note, the steaming service removed R. Kelly’s music from all of their playlists afterwards Spotify stopped advertising harmful or hostile artists

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This highlights one of the problems with streaming services. If you use Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, you don’t really own your music collection. The songs and artists you love may suddenly be down when you still pay the same fixed price per month. If you’re a casual listener, this may not cause you too much concern. However, music fans enjoy renewing their collections and playing their favorite songs.

As long as you own a turntable, your vinyl collection is yours, and alone. No streaming service can suddenly delete a physical record from your home. Vinyl is not subject to deformation or software upgrades. Most modern turntables also allow you to store your collection in digital format to get the most out of both worlds.

Vinyl vs. Digital Music: Which is Better?

Vinyl is one of the best ways to listen to music. For many, a high quality sound quality and physical collection are enough to justify an investment. However, that doesn’t mean digital music has no benefits. Disks are not known exactly about portability, for example.

Since then, the benefits of the vinyl record collection have made you beat. If so, you need a good turntable to listen to them. Start by looking at this the best turntables for all discs

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