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5 unique ways to celebrate birthdays online

No birthday disappears on the Internet. Before you blow out the candles and cut that cake, check out these websites and guides for a happy birthday.

Why not have a birthday party in a world where everything goes digital? The Internet has everything you need from video calls to virtual birthday parties to apps that spend a special day. You can get a free Happy Birthday song, create a fake newspaper with your information, or explore intergalactic events during your birthday.

1. How to host virtual birthday parties in video chat programs like Zoom

Check out these guides for tips and tricks for organizing a virtual birthday party in a zoom or video call

The first idea that raises your head online about a birthday party is to have a birthday in a video call. How do you do that though? And is it fun? Well, a few people tried it, and they share tips and tricks to get an entertaining remote day-friendly video call.

  1. How to celebrate a birthday during the Coronavirus Showdown The New York Times
  2. How to celebrate a birthday when social distance Refinery29
  3. I threw a virtual birthday party and 46 people came here I have learned Inc.

All three posts are worth reading and offer a range of advice, hacking and tips. They have a few common words of wisdom for virtual birthday parties.

First, allow participants some kind of advance planning. Make sure most people know each other. Have a common activity like a drink or food that you can all eat at the same time, or a fun dress code like party hats. And everyone who hosts a party should have a few topics where they can involve all the people or ask them to prepare in advance.

Naturally, a virtual birthday party isn’t going to be as much fun as a real one. But if circumstances dictate such restrictions, you can still celebrate a good old birthday. Then all you need is Zoom or whatever great Zoom alternative video chat apps

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2. 1 Happy birthday (Web): Free birthday songs, movie clips, trivia and more

1 Happy Birthday is a free custom birthday song with your name has a custom birthday song maker. Find your name on the website and download a free song that wishes a happy birthday if it’s listed. It’s not an ordinary Happy Birthday song, but a different Peppy and lively number.

The collection of names is surprisingly large, including weird ones you may not find easily. In our search, we found most of the names of the MakeUseOf staff.

On this site, in addition to the song, you will find every sound associated with birthdays. In the movie’s birthday wishes, you’ll find famous movie quotes as audio clips that you can play or download. It collects pop-rock birthday songs, Spanish and Mexican birthday songs and lyrics for everyone.

1Happy Birthday also hosts a number of small birthday games. Enter any birthday to get exactly how many days, weeks, months or years the person is. Get random information and trivia about your birthday events. Or play the “Younger or Older” game if you like pop culture.

3. birthday (Web, Spotify): Playlist of the most popular song every birthday

My Birthday Hits creates a playlist of songs from the chart songs on your birthday every year

Want to know which song topped the charts on your birthday or every birthday since? My birthday is the answer. And it quickly creates a playlist of all those songs through Spotify.

Enter your birthday and the website will generate a grid number one for the song in the US that day yet. Click on any song to open it with an embedded YouTube video and a little more information on how long it stayed at the top. My birthdays also hit that year’s best movie and best book if you’re interested.

At the bottom of the results page, where you enter your birthday, you’ll find playlist options. You can copy and paste a text file of all songs, find and add them to a playlist in your favorite music streaming application. Or tap the Spotify track list and add it to your playlist. It’s a little time consuming, but the end result is fun.

My Birthday Hits has a list of hit songs from the 1940s. So if you’re under 80, you’ll get a list of every hit (or other special date) on your birthday.

What did the Hubble Telescope see during your birthday? Check out NASA's mini-site for a galactic birthday party

We are just a small spike in our galaxy, not to mention the entire universe. But as we explore the earth, the Hubble Telescope studies the Milky Way and continuously captures events for more than 30 years. What if something great happened on your birthday?

With this official NASA mini-site, you can find the highlights of the universe during your birthday. You can only filter by month and day, not by year, which is a bit explosive. But you quickly forget this limitation when a site highlights a galactic event with colored light.

The picture has a brief description that will guide you through its meaning. You can also visit the Hubble website link to learn more about it and related trivia. On a day when many consider their own mortality and significance, it’s great to have this big picture perspective.

5. Birthdays (Web): Create a fake newspaper as a birthday present

Create fake newspapers about your birthday at The Birthday Times

Newspapers are a great way to remember birthdays. Birthday Times lets you create a fake newspaper from your birthday, but tries to look genuine a lot. It’s full of little things that bring the era to life by adapting it for you. First, add your name and birthday, as well as the year.

The Birthday Times has 10 elements, starting with a large headline announcing your arrival. Then during that time, the President of the United States will visit you, after which the news of that year will be collected.

Other elements of that year include a sporting event, Academy awards, music hits, and even an advertisement for that era. Surprisingly, more than all the words, the ad provides a unique and cool atmosphere for an era that is hard to repeat.

You can purchase a PDF version from the front page of this newspaper for $ 3.99 or print and send it to you for $ 5.99. You can’t change the text, but if you want to customize your newspaper, you can try making your own free templates, like Make your own newspaper.

What about Birthday Gifts?

Birthday parties online are awesome, but gifts become a little difficult. Sure, if you order them well in advance to deliver on time, it will work.

But if it’s last minute or not available, you can post cash gift online in a creative way

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. It’s a great compromise that still looks and feels like a gift, not the digital equivalent of cash filled in an envelope.

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