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5 ways to watch Netflix and still learn a new language

Have you ever considered learning a language with Netflix? Netflix streaming to more than 190 countries around the world. While most of the content is in English, the streaming platform also supports 22 languages, including Arabic, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

Excessive observation could be a great way to pick up a second or third language and learn how to speak it with language skills. Or you can also improve your English.

The language learning Chrome extensions below will help you put your self-improvement way on top of your Netflix attachment. Just note that not all content has the same number of languages ​​supported by subtitles.

LLN (or language learning with Netflix) is one of the most complete tools for this purpose. The Chrome extension shows two subtitles at the same time. The first is the native language of the presentation and the second is the language you are trying to learn. This visual pairing allows you to compare and absorb new words and the way they are spoken.

You can control the playback speed with the Chrome extension. Slow them down (or take a break) to study at your own pace. But the best feature is vocabulary highlights which grays less common words for later examination.

The pop-up dictionary is an additional help. Use it to better understand the meaning and also hear its correct pronunciation.

The Chrome Language Extension comes with this list of movies and TV shows with high quality subtitles.

Charge: Language learning with Netflix Chrome (Free)

The guy translates: Learn with Netflix subtitles

Learn 103 languages ​​with Mate Translate

Mate Translate once again shows how valuable Netflix subtitles can be for learning any language. The main app is a text and speech translator that is available on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS. Netflix-specific browser extensions are there for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Edge.

A friend translator can translate 103 languages. When watching a streaming program, just click on a word or phrase. The translation is displayed on the player. You can also use any synonyms, phonetic transcripts, and speech function to learn pronunciation.

Save words to categorized lists to practice later. You can also export word lists to a temporary playback application, such as Reji check them at regular intervals.

Charge: Guy Translate iOS ($ 14.99)

Charge: Guy Translate Chrome | Opera | Firefox | Edge (Free in-app purchases)

Charge: Guy Translate Mac + Safari ($ 29.99)

Subtly: Get fluent with translations

It also works subtly like the Netflix plug-ins above. Like them, you can translate words or phrases and learn a new language with the scene. Watch the program and then edit it with a glossary list to help you build.

Use subtly and translate English subtitles into 11 languages: Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish.

Subtly improved gradually to add languages. You can also look forward to its future as it tries to bring other streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu and Showtime to market.

Charge: Subtly Chrome (Free)

eJOY: Improve your English

English translations

The Urban Dictionary is always a great help in slangs. After all, Street-speak is part of many Hollywood movies (Pulp Fiction, anyone?), And it could just help you grab the little nuances that make all languages ​​colorful.

An extension called SUFLI is a bit flawed. So my search took me to rejoice in what is a complete English translator for your browser. Use it to get word definitions, English words, common phrases, slangs, and interactions.

It also works with YouTube, Udemy, Coursera, and a few other streaming platforms that support closed captions.

eJOY also has its own keyboard shortcuts to help speed up translations. You can use it to translate into other languages ​​with an advanced translator, but eJOY is more to improve your comprehension of your English vocabulary.

Charge: for eJOY Chrome (Free)

Lingvo TV: Learn in your browser and on your phone

Lingvo is a Chrome extension that works with your phone. It can be any phone with a mobile phone. Start Netflix in your browser and then open the Lingvo page in your phone’s browser.

Enter the code from the Lingvo Chrome extension on your computer and you can view the subtitle translations on your phone. Source and Target languages ​​can be specified settings a mobile app.

Now you can learn language on the go

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watching Netflix. Lingvo TV also supports Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Your computer or TV and mobile phone must be on the same network. When the code is connected, the same subtitles that you see on your computer or TV scroll on the screen of your mobile device.

You can select a word and get its meaning in the language of your choice by tapping. Taped subtitles are saved in the application history.

Lingvo frees you up a bit more to enjoy the movie on the screen when you tap the scrolling subtitles with moving subtitles.

Charge: Lingvo TV Chrome (Free)

Netflix makes it easy to learn a new language

Should you use Netflix to learn a new language? Probably not if you’re choosing a second language for the first time, because these language learning extensions don’t teach you grammar and basics.

It is, however a fun way to learn a language through immersion. If you already know a language, go ahead and use Netflix for more exposure. It may also help in developing listening skills.

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