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6 fun comedy blogs that will make you laugh without pictures or videos

While being online around the clock isn’t always great, the list of ways you can entertain yourself online is virtually limitless. In addition to social media sites, there are also tons of fun blogs that you can read when you get bored.

More specifically: anyone who has read this article has probably heard of Oatmeal, Fail Blog, or Onion at least once.

However, one thing all these websites have in common is that they are very popular and need little presentation. Many of them also rely on laughing instead of text instead of text.

So to show you the “absolutely hilarious” other side, here are six more blogs, forums, or social media accounts that make you laugh with text only – no pictures or videos.

Fun blogs are not always romantic

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, you may have heard of it Not always right. It’s a blog that documents how employees try to satisfy a customer’s unreasonable demands from an employee’s perspective.

Not Always Right also has a sister site Not always romantic. Once again, it is in line with the same concept. Not always through romance can readers post their stories of strange, disturbing, strange, or downright strange conversations with each other.

This fun blog covers everything from vague quotes to stories from the couples ’first meeting. At least – even if you don’t laugh – it makes you feel a little amused. Not Always Romantic is definitely one of the most interesting blogs you can read when you get bored.

If you’re looking for other things that make a “weird ball” that might be romantically inclined, you can also check out our list happy valentines day

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. Reasonable warning: however: be careful who you try these sticks with.

Fun blogs for reading when bored are not always related

In keeping with the tradition of our previous recommendation, we also wanted to give an exclamation Not always in a context that once again relates Not always right.

These funny blog posts contain stories about family members and tell about strange events, strange happenings, and strange conversations between readers and their relatives.

There’s even a section of the famous hall that guides you through the most voted posts. Usually those posts are a distinct combination of very tricky but fun.

Fun blogs that don’t even respond

Looking for fun blogs to read about classified ads, right? Don’t even match – the perfect troll of the old school sport – the creator has set up a website with this premise.

While some of these messages may be shocking, we think there’s a good chance they’ll find you entertaining.

Basically – for every blog post – the website author finds a classified ad and responds to the person who posted it. When the original poster responds, the blogger sends back an even more absurd response until the recipient becomes understandably angry. You can’t help but feel bad for some of these ad owners.

This blog has not been updated very for a long time (since 2013), its magic lies in how it is a window to the earlier Internet period. Because these conversations often involve ridiculous trolling, the messages often contain outrage rather than not. So decide the language.

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The most fun blogs r / iamverysmart

While this subcategory actually embeds in screenshots – and screenshots are technically images – most of the screens on the r / iamverysmart screen are usually text. As such, we think it should make a list.

As a forum for having fun with online messages from people who think they are “very smart,” r / iamverysmart is one of many massive sub-critiques that cover a huge ego level that you can find online.

These posts range from people who consider their IQ scores in an ironic way, to “not-so-humble-brags”. It seems like everyone wants to shout through the roofs that they are better than everyone else in the room, and often it comes back to bite them.

With over a million members, this subcategory is definitely updated frequently. While it’s not a blog in a technical sense, it can definitely be part of reading fun blogs when you get bored.

Fun blog customers from hell

Clients From Hell is text-based website, which I have personally followed the on and off to get a university student since. It’s also one of the funniest blogs.

The “Customers from Hell” concept is very simple. As is not always the case, a blog documents customer interactions from an employee perspective, except this time the employees are particular designers.

From people trying to get rid of service fees, to direct illegal requests, the stories on this site are many, interesting and absurd. The levels of difficult behavior that designers have to put up with are amazing, and there are actually so many stories that each post is archived to a specific type of story. These types range from deadbeat clients to adults.

We definitely recommend checking clients out of hell if you want to work in the design industry.

Fun Twitter account so sad today

Last on the list, we want to recommend the So Sad Today: Twitter account, which is dedicated to sad but funny one-line tweets.

This millennial humor, part of self-destruct and gloom, this Twitter account always describes the mindset of the next generation (or more). Still, it tries to find a little laughter.

So Sad Today has almost a million followers. In fact, the account even comes with a book. The book is called So sad today: Personal essays by Melissa Broder. It’s a must check if you’re a regular Twitter user.

Laugh out loud with more fun sites

This boring type of lists allows you to settle down, start reading and smile.

If you’re looking for other fun sites that focus less on text-based, you can also read about them hilarious random sites to help you procrastinate

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