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7 best music streaming services for audiophiles

Music streaming services have not traditionally targeted audio files by focusing on sound quality. Spotify and Google Play Music have both exceeded the maximum speed of 320 kbps, while Apple Music is only 256 kbps.

This may sound like a lot, and for most users it will suffice. However, when comparing the quality of most streaming services to CDs – which typically offer 1,411 kbps – there is no competition.

If you are an audiophile, this is causing the problem. You demand the clearest and most sophisticated music available, and you don’t want to put up with low-quality sound. As such, your options are quite limited. Here, however, are the best audiophile streaming services.

tidal logo

Tidal is currently the best known high definition music streaming service. The entire reputation of the service is built on the high-quality audio offering maintained by global rap star Jay-Z.

Tidal offers users two different plans. reward The plan costs $ 9.99 / month and offers a music bit rate of 320 Kbps. If you are an audiophile, you need to focus Hi-Fi package. It offers lossless, CD-quality 1,411 kbps music for $ 19.99 a month. Family plans are available in both packages.

And just because Tidal isn’t as attractive as the three big ones –Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music

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“I’m not worried we won’t find something to listen to.” At the time of writing, Tidal has over 60 million copies.

qobuz playlist

Another of the leading audiophile streaming services is Qobuz. French entrepreneur Yves Riesel founded the company in 2007. In addition to streaming services, it also offers music downloads.

Unfortunately, the app does not have the international dimension of some competitors. Although Tidal is currently available in 54 countries around the world, Qobuz operates in only 12 countries: the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Today, Qobuz has the largest list of lossless CD and hi-res albums in the world. The library, with 50 million copies, has both new publications and chapel styles.

Two subscription plans are available, Studio Premier ($ 15 / month) and Sublime + ($ 250 / year). The sound quality is the same in both plans, but Sublime + allows you to buy cheaper music.

Deezer hifi

If you live outside the countries supported by Qobuz, but don’t want to order tides, Deezer may be just what you’re looking for.

$ 20 a month, though not known as an HD music streaming app Deezer Hi-Fi provides 16-bit, 1,411 kbps FLAC audio. By comparison, a standard premium plan offers only 320 kbps and a free level of only 128 kbps.

The loss-making plan was initially introduced in 2014 thanks to a partnership between the company and Sonos. At the time, it was only available on Sonos speakers. Today, however, Hi-Fi subscription works on most smartphones such as Bang and Olufsen, Harman / Kardon, Sony and Google Home.

primephonic playback

Primephonic launched its streaming service for fans of classical music in 2014. It was immediately popular when users praised the app for its re-mapped approach to song cataloging, impressive artist biographies, and ease of use.

Audiophiles who love classical music will be happy to know that Primephonic broadcasts all content on 16-bit, 1411 kbps CD quality if you’re happy to pay $ 15 / month for the Platinum plan. A cheaper $ 10 a month plan is available with 320 kbps MP3 streaming. With Primephonic you can also buy music. Again, all your purchases will be downloaded in high definition.

Using FLAC sound for classical music makes sense. High-definition audio is most useful in music genres. After all, you don’t want your Mozart masterpieces to sound like a school orchestra throwing together.

Amazon music hd details

Amazon Music HD is one of the latest audiophile music streaming services on the market since its release in 2019.

More than 60 million HD songs are available on the platform. Of these, about 50 million are at 850 Kbps and 16-bit / 44.1 kHz, and another 10 million are available at 3730 Kbps and 24-bit / 192 kHz. It’s more than 10 times the quality found in most competing music streaming apps.

Before logging in, make sure that the device supports 24-bit songs. If you own a pre-2015 Android or iOS gadget, you’re probably in luck. All Amazon Fire devices are supported.

An Amazon Music HD subscription costs $ 15 / month (or $ 13 / month if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber).

youtube music videos

YouTube Music originally started at a maximum bit rate of 128 kbps, although it has since grown to 256 kbps. But it’s still clearly lagging behind some of the other apps on this list, so why have we included it as one of the audio streaming services?

Well, for music videos. Music in the form of art is more than sound. Ever since Video Killed the Radio Star, released by The Buggles, became the first music video to air on MTV in 1981, artists have fallen over themselves to produce more and more extravagant video content. As you can see a brief history of music videos

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If this side of the music world appeals to you, YouTube music is king. Not only a wide selection of music, but you can watch videos, concerts and recording sessions related to your favorite tracks.

Spotify playlists

Spotify offers its users a maximum sound quality of 320 kbps. However, despite the lower quality, Spotify is worth considering if you are an audiophile for a purely large library. More than 50 million copies are already available, and 40,000 are added daily.

The service’s music discovery tools are also second to none. Even if you have a narrow taste, Spotify can still find new music that you almost certainly love. For music lovers who want to embark on a sound journey, there are a few better ways to broaden your horizons.

And remember, Spotify is one of the most device diagnostic services. The Spotify app is available for almost every operating system and smart speaker on the market. Some of the lesser known services do not offer such extensive support.

Interestingly, in 2017, Spotify announced plans to move into the world of high-definition audio streaming. Trademark Spotify Hi-Fi, the company began testing it around the world. Since then, the path has gone cold and Spotify has not offered any new updates.

It is still an eye to keep an eye on; Spotify is already one of the world’s most popular music streaming services. If it got into the HD music arena, its extensive library and powerful music discovery tools would make Tidal vs. Spotify a more interesting battle.

Keeping even the most selected audiophiles happy

The music streaming services of these audiophiles should be more than necessary to make everyone happy. Yes, even the most chosen audiophile. And if you don’t own it yet, here they are the best digital music players without a phone

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