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7 best raspberry pi picture frames

Raspberry Pi has a lot to do with building a media center to control the robot. One of the most popular projects is displaying photos in a slideshow format. And because it’s so flexible, there are many ways to do it.

To illustrate the versatility of raspberry butter, here are seven awesome digital picture frame projects you can try.

Build an inspiring Raspberry Pi frame

/ R / earthporn sub-reddit is a great place to see some of the most amazing things the planet has to offer. Meanwhile / R / showerthoughts contains pearls of wisdom.

Reddit user tvm78 combined the two to produce a frame that looks like a beautiful scene alongside (possibly) great ideas. The result is a random inspirational poster.

Head to Reddit to find information on how to create your own Python scripts. If you find the instructions somewhat broken, we have arranged them in our guide create an inspiring Raspberry Pi photo frame

ShowerThoughts and EarthPorn: Make an inspiring Raspberry Pi photo frame

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We think you will agree that the result is quite magical – but you can no doubt think of better pairs.

Want to see great photos of your family, friends, and places you’ve been, along with the latest weather?

Designed for Raspberry Pi 2 or later, this project will transform the display into a weather station using the Weather Underground API. While it’s not a regular photo frame project, you can choose your own images for the background.

This is a useful project that allows you to check the weather before you leave.

Exchange photos remotely with your Pi frame

This Raspberry Pi frame is average in most respects, but has the advantage that it can be updated remotely. It pulls photos from the Google Drive folder, so you may invite multiple people to select photos.

created Hackaday reader Greg, the project also includes a wireless remote that switches from photos to weather. This structure uses an old computer monitor instead of a Raspberry Pi monitor, but you can use any suitable monitor.

Just make sure you have a compatible video adapter!

Make a low-power motion-sensitive digital photo frame with the Raspberry Pi

A digital picture frame looks great, but an ever-visible screen can hit your electric bill. If you want to reduce the energy consumption of your Pi frame, why not add a motion sensor?

This Pi frame by Samuel Clay draws images from Instagram and Flickr. It uses a motion detection program to turn on the screen only when someone is nearby. It detects an inexpensive PIR sensor for motion detection – it’s easy enough to connect to other frame models.

It is true that the model presented here is quite original. A project that hides raspberry butter would probably be best for your taste. Something to think about if you want the idea of ​​a motion-recognizable Raspberry Pi photo frame.

5. View theaters on your Raspberry Pi with DynaFrame

Plotographics are ideal for display in a digital photo frame. These are still photos with slight, repetitive motion – like moving photos in Harry Potter movies. Cinemas are similar, but there is a slightly more significant movement in the loop.

DynaFrame is an open source digital photo platform for the Raspberry Pi. It uses Python to display movies and cartoons on the screen of your choice.

In the demo video above, you can see how the project is being implemented, where the software is sticking, and how the images are displayed. Check the video for the download link.

This is not a simple project, so getting it right takes a lot of time. If you want your structure to look as impressive as it does in video, you need a decent-sized screen. Don’t you have anything big enough to surrender? Rotate the screen from the old laptop

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, or get a used LCD TV or monitor from eBay.

6. Raspberry Pi E-Ink frame

Most of these projects rely on a typical LCD screen. The advantage of Raspberry Pi in such buildings is that it can easily change the image. But what if you want a digital image on a screen that isn’t easy to change?

The answer is on the e-Ink screen. YouTuber Hamed Taha shows how this is done with Raspberry Pi Zero WH and e-paper from HAT Waveshare.

e-paper from HAT Waveshare

e-paper from HAT Waveshare

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$ 64.99

The result is a pleasant black and white image. More importantly, you disconnect the Pi from the monitor, resulting in even lower power consumption.

Surprised by e-ink? You’ve probably seen it run on the Amazon Kindle – if you want to know more, here it is how e-Ink works

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7. Application-controlled Raspberry Pi photo frame

Adding images to a Raspberry Pi digital frame usually means preloading photos on an SD card. Alternatively, the photos would be available through a cloud service or network drive. But if that doesn’t suit you, there’s an option.

When the Framen application and the website are running in the Pi browser, you can configure the images to be displayed remotely. Just sync them with your phone’s free Frame account, select photos, and they’ll appear. Because it uses a browser, Pi is easy to program to start displaying Framen images directly.

Of all the solutions on this list, Framen is probably the simplest, ideal if you plan to use Pi for two purposes.

Raspberry Pi frame projects

These projects are great to start with your own Raspberry-Pi-powered DIY frame. At least you can get rid of the $ 10 Pi Zero app, the old laptop screen and the card frame.

Even if you have to spend money on a more polished Pi picture frame, the basics will give you a start. Use them to prototype your project and fix bugs before upgrading your building with new components.

We’ve shown you seven Raspberry Pi projects that show you:

  1. Inspirational offers and photos
  2. Photos and weather
  3. Remotely updated photos
  4. Motion activated images
  5. Displays movies and cartoons
  6. e-Ink photos
  7. Images controlled by the application

Find what you want, read the details and most importantly, learn about your next Raspberry Pi project. The beauty of these projects is that they work on almost any model – the original model Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 4.

If you want to go further, check out our list great use for the Raspberry Pi

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