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7 rules to keep in mind when uploading videos to Twitter

While Twitter is a great way to share videos with your followers, you need to keep in mind the rules for uploading.

Twitter is a powerful online tool, but it has limitations. With regard to video uploading, the task involves a set of technical rules based on the platform’s principle of sharing short-form content.


You can’t just store endless material and share it as is. So look at the rules below and keep them in mind the next time you design a visually rich tweet.

1. Twitter video file size limits

The maximum size of Twitter videos is 512 MB. If the file you uploaded is larger, Twitter will prompt you to adjust it. You can either cut it in the app or make changes to the original video file.

If cutting is really not enough, there are several video compression methods for computers and mobile devices equipment. This is the most practical solution to your download problem.

2. Twitter video length limit

On Twitter, the maximum length of a video is two minutes and 20 seconds. Once again, the app allows you to cut a longer file as part of the download process.

If you have a lot of material to share with your followers, the best solution is to upload it in small snippets. Maybe, pick up 2 minute highlights and make them weekly fun episodes.

3. Twitter supported video formats

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The mobile application supports MP4 and MOV video files. However, the web-based download must be in MP4 H264 format with AAC audio. This is the most common form of recording and distributing video content online.

If your file is the wrong type, search the Internet for useful and free online file converters for all your needs. The best options for video formatting are Online-Convert or FileZigZag.

4. Video resolution, frame rate and bit rate on Twitter

The lowest resolution you need when uploading videos to Twitter is 32×32. The maximum resolution is 1920×1200.

The frame rate should be up to 40 frames per second and the bit rate 25 Mbps. Although the features of the application are hardly delayed, they are still evolving alongside digital technology.

Twitter video download with text

Unfortunately, unlike photos, you can’t tag people or add descriptions to videos on Twitter. But don’t underestimate other options with one tweet.

Just describe the content of the video in your post and include all the important names. Even if it takes characters, you can still take advantage of platform videos this way.

6. Conditional autoplay for Twitter videos

Videos play automatically on Twitter, but only if they last 60 seconds or less. However, another factor that affects this is the settings of someone’s profile.

An interesting thing to keep in mind is that videos usually don’t play automatically if you turn on Twitter’s data-saving mode on your mobile device. To change this option, go to Settings and privacy tab before clicking Use of data.

If you enable the Data Saver setting, longer videos will not play or will play automatically if someone does not click on them. This is not a problem unless you are serious about building a strong presence on Twitter. And not noticing the media is not ideal.

Basically, striking videos in a loop can enhance the visual appeal of a profile. If you just want to download small snippets, your account will look much more vibrant and well worth a look.

7. Twitter videos do not count as characters

Lastly, you don’t have to worry about the video itself taking up too many characters. Despite the fact that Twitter is typically larger than the image, it also excludes it from the total number of tweet characters. Just choose your words carefully when including tags and descriptions, as described above.

Learn more about using videos on Twitter for maximum impact Twitter Online Help Center.

Plan your video upload wisely

Given the size of Twitter, it’s no surprise that some boundaries are in place. However, this does not mean that you cannot get a job. You just have to be creative with all the tools you have access to.

Keep these rules in mind when creating, editing, and uploading videos to Twitter, either on your smartphone or computer. They are important for a smooth user experience and the success of your profile.

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