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9 tips for better security

Since PayPal is a popular online payment platform, it makes sense that malicious individuals want to hack into PayPal accounts. And while part of security is only in the hands of PayPal, you can do a lot to protect your own PayPal account.

PayPal security

Let’s see how to keep your PayPal account secure and avoid common methods that endanger PayPal users.

1. Use a strong password

This is a general online security tip that you should use for all your accounts. Short or easy-to-guess passwords don’t provide much protection for your PayPal account. You should also avoid reusing your password from another site, so the person who hacked into your first account couldn’t use the same password on PayPal.

To change your PayPal password, sign in first PayPal. Click Gear icon in the upper right corner and after Safety title at the top. Select from the list Update next to Password.

PayPal upgrade password

Here you need to enter your current password with the new one. If you can’t come up with a strong memorable password yourself, we will recommend using password management who follows it for you.

2. Enable 2-factor authentication

Like most reputable sites, PayPal allows you to secure your account with 2-step verification (2FA). This requires that you enter a one-time code in addition to your password when you log in to PayPal.

You will find an option to enable it in the same way Safety a page that allows you to change your password. Click Update that 2-step confirmation section to configure or configure it.

With PayPal, you can sign in with a code sent to you via text message or authentication app. Look advantages and disadvantages of two-factor authentication methods to see what is best for your needs.

PayPal two-factor authentication

Also on this page, if you have decided to bypass 2FA on a particular device or browser, you can choose Revoke require it everywhere the next time you log in.

3. Check the account permissions

PayPal allows you to link your account to several other sites and services, such as eBay or your credit card. While these are handy, it’s wise to check them every now and then to make sure you don’t provide unnecessary access to your PayPal account.

You will find this in the same Safety page as above. Click Update next to The permissions you granted to see where you are logged in with PayPal and what special permissions you have granted. You can delete any services that you no longer use or trust.

PayPal access rights

4. Set strong security questions

Surprisingly, PayPal still offers security issues as a method of account security. These are uncertain compared to other tools because they are often easy to guess or figure out through social planning.

Therefore, you should click Update next to Security issues is Safety page and make sure you don’t have any obvious answers. If you do, you’ll need to change them to ones that better protect your account.

PayPal security issues

For best results, type a random word string and save it to your password manager as a backup password.

5. Disable automatic login

PayPal has a convenience feature often referred to as one touch. which allows you to check with PayPal in your current browser without having to sign in to your account. While this is convenient, you should not use this on shared computers or portable devices such as a laptop.

Click to disable it Update that Automatic login PayPal section Safety page. This will tell you if you have One Touch enabled, and allow you to turn it off.

6. Keep your mobile device safe

If you use PayPal on your phone, it is important that you keep your device secure so that no one retrieving it can access your PayPal account. Make sure your lock screen is protected with biometric security and / or a strong PIN.

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With PayPal, you can also add an extra level of security by requiring a fingerprint, face, or PIN to sign in. Settings> Login and Security enable these options and change your PIN.

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7. Add the return email address and phone number

Like most accounts, restoring your PayPal login is much easier if the backup information is added in advance. Click on your PayPal profile Gear icon and you will see options for adding a new email or phone number to the main window Account page.

PayPal Change email phone numbers

You should have at least one in each here. If you forget your password or the 2FA method, access to them is vital.

8. Don’t fall for phishing scams

The tips above are all active changes you can make to your PayPal account to make it more secure. However, another huge security aspect is not making mistakes that could lead to your account being compromised.

Avoiding dangerous emails is part of this. Due to PayPal’s popularity, phishing messages that claim to come from a company but are really thieves are common. You should know how to find phishing emails so you don’t lose your account information to one.

Never enter your PayPal account information unless you are sure you are on the correct PayPal site. Do not click on links in emails. always go to the website directly or by searching for it on Google.

9. Pay attention to PayPal alerts

While there are a lot of fake messages that appear as PayPal, the company also sends genuine notifications. In particular, you will receive an email confirmation every time you make a purchase or send money through PayPal. If you are notified that an activity you have not done, you must notify PayPal immediately.

Head PayPal Solution Center (again, do not click on any email links) to report the event as fraudulent or unauthorized. This will help you go through the steps to fix it.

Keep your PayPal account secure

We’ve looked at the main ways to prevent people from accessing your PayPal account. Taking advantage of the security capabilities of all available financial services, such as PayPal, is smart, so you should put all of the above into practice as soon as possible.

If you don’t care about it or have a problem with the service, don’t forget that PayPal isn’t the only option in this area.

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