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A new Windows update removes Adobe Flash Player … Kind of

Microsoft doesn’t remove Flash completely yet, but that’s good news, whether you love or hate the program.

As we said earlier, Microsoft is slowly pulling the Flash plug From Windows 10 via Windows Update. You can now download this update manually, but if you expect it to clean all Flash tracks on your computer, you may be disappointed.

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What does the new Windows update do for Flash?

News of how the new Windows 10 update works will come to us through Lawrence Abrams Sleeping computer. Abrams downloaded and installed an optional Windows update that will soon become a mandatory part of Windows 10 in the future.

Once Abrams had installed the update, it was confusing as to what the update actually removed. As you can see, all copies of Flash Player installed through Windows 10 will be removed. The update cannot be restored, so this version of Flash was killed forever.

However, the update did not remove all Flash stocks. First, if the Flash component is installed on Microsoft Edge, it will remain after the upgrade. Also, if you have manually downloaded and installed Flash as a separate program, it will also remain in place.

To find out what was happening, BleepingComputer contacted Microsoft:

Microsoft announced that it will make this update available through WSUS and Windows Update to perform a large-scale removal of Flash Player in early 2021 after Flash reaches its lifecycle.

As such, it is clear that Microsoft is aware of the limitations of the latest Windows update and will work to release a larger removal tool later.

Good news for both haters and Flash lovers?

So far, Flash has not reached the end of its life cycle. As such, this update can be a good middle ground between those who need Flash and those who need it.

If you hate Flash and like it installed on your operating system, this update will clean it for free. Anything that catches can be uninstalled manually (if you haven’t already done so). You can then continue using your computer knowing that Flash will no longer haunt you.

However, if you’ve previously downloaded and installed Flash manually, there’s still a good chance you’ll continue to use it. This update will allow you to stay in Flash for months to come by downloading and installing a separate version.

However, if you use Flash, you’ll have to jump out of it when Flash reaches its life cycle by the end of 2021. After that, it’s a bad idea to stay in Flash because it no longer gets security updates and they become more risky over time.

Preparing for the post-Flash world

Although the new Windows Update removes Flash to some extent, it is not a complete cleanup. If you hate Flash, the update should be enough to completely clean it from your computer; However, if you need it, you can work around it and keep using it for now.

If you already feel sad about all the time-wasting Flash games, you might want to learn how to download Flash games offline. This way, your fave block-pushher online game is safe on your hard drive forever.

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