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Adobe Illustrator keyboard shortcuts

Adobe Illustrator is an incredibly powerful application, but it can be difficult to navigate. Because so many menus and toolbars are hard to find around. Fortunately, it provides a huge number of keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

In this cheat code, we’ve put together some of the best Illustrator shortcuts, for both Windows and Mac. They help you quickly find key tools and panels, work more efficiently with complex documents, and use some hidden features that let you design faster than ever.

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Adobe Illustrator keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut (Win)Shortcut (Mac)Activities
basic Options
Ctrl + NCmd + NCreate a new document
Alt + Ctrl + NOption + Cmd + NSkip New Document dialog box
Shift + Ctrl + NShift + Cmd + NCreate a document from a template
Ctrl + SCmd + SSave the document
Alt + Ctrl + EOption + Cmd + EExport the document to the screens
Alt + Shift + Ctrl + POption + Shift + Cmd + Ppackaging Documents
Ctrl + PCmd + PPrint
Ctrl + ZCmd + ZRepeal
Shift + Ctrl + ZShift + Cmd + ZRepeat
Ctrl + XCmd + XCut
Ctrl + CCmd + CCopy
Ctrl + VCmd + Vpaste
Shift + Ctrl + BShift + Cmd + BPaste in place
Ctrl + FCmd + FPaste in front of the selected product
Ctrl + BCmd + BPaste behind the selected item
Shift + Ctrl + PShift + Cmd + PPlace an existing file in the document
Ctrl + LCmd + LAdd a new layer
Alt + Ctrl + LOption + Cmd + LAdd a new layer in the New Layer dialog box
Alt + Click the level nameOption + Click the level nameSelect all objects in the layer
Alt + Click the eye iconOption + Click the Eye iconShow or hide all other levels
Alt + Click the Lock iconOption + Click the Lock iconLock or unlock all other levels
Show shortcuts
FFSwitch between Display Modes (Normal, Full Screen, etc.)
exitexitExit full screen mode
Shift + Ctrl + HShift + Cmd + HShow or hide whiteboards
Ctrl + RCmd + RShow or hide rulers
Ctrl + UCmd + UShow or hide smart guides
Ctrl + ‘Cmd + ‘Show or hide the grid
Shift + Ctrl + ‘Shift + Cmd + ‘Enable or disable Snap to Grid
Alt + Ctrl + ‘Option + Cmd + ‘Enable or disable Snap to Point
Ctrl + =Cmd + =Zoom in
Ctrl + –Cmd + –Distance
Ctrl + 0Cmd + 0Fit to window
Ctrl + 1Cmd + 1Show actual size
Tool shortcuts
Double clicking onDouble clicking onShow settings for the selected tool
BBhand tool
spacebarspacebarUse the hand tool when you are not typing
Ctrl + spaceCmd + spaceUse the hand tool when writing text
VVSelection tool
Direct selection tool
YYMagic Wand tool
QQLasso tool
PPPen tool
++Add an anchor point
Remove the attachment point
Shift + CShift + CAnchor Point tool
Exchange + ~Exchange + ~Curvature tool
TTWrite the tool
Shift + TShift + TClick the Write tool
Line Segment tool
MMRectangle Tool
LLOval tool
BBPainting Brush Tool
Shift + BShift + BBlob Brush tool
OFOFPencil Tool
Shift + NShift + NShaper tool
Shift + EShift + Etowel Tool
CCScissors tool
RRTurn the tool
OOReflect the tool
SSScale tool
Shift + WShift + WWidth tool
Shift + RShift + RWarp tool
EEFree conversion tool
Shift + MShift + MShape Builder tool
KKLive Paint Bucket
Shift + LShift + LLive Paint Bucket Selection tool
Shift + PShift + PPerspective Grid tool
Shift + VShift + VPerspective Selection Tool
UUMesh tool
GGGradient tool
IISpike removal tool
WWStir the tool
Shift + SShift + SSymbol sumutintyökalu
JJA bar chart tool
Shift + OShift + OWater tool
exitexitExit the Artboard tool mode
Shift + KShift + KSlice
ZZZoom tool
Ctrl + 1Cmd + 1Magnify 100 percent
Exchange XExchange XChange the fill and stroke style
Selection shortcuts
Shift + clickShift + clickSelect multiple objects
Ctrl + ACmd + Achoose all
Shift + Ctrl + AShift + Cmd + ADeselect all
Ctrl + 6Cmd + 6Please select again
Ctrl + GCmd + GGroup objects
Alt + Ctrl +]Option + Cmd +]Select an item above the current selection
Alt + Ctrl +[[[[Option + Cmd +[[[[Select an item below the current selection
Ctrl + double clickCmd + Double-clickSelect the object behind
Use the arrow keysUse the arrow keysMove selection
Shift + arrow keysShift + arrow keysMove the selection by 10 points
Alt + dragOption + dragCopy the selection
Shift + Ctrl + BShift + Cmd + BHide the border box for the selected item
Alt + Shift + Ctrl + 3Option + Shift + Cmd + 3Hide selected items
Shift + Ctrl + OShift + Cmd + OCreate an outline of the type
Editing tool shortcuts
Shift + Pull the handlebarShift + Pull the handlebarExpand or collapse the item proportionally
Spacebar + DragSpacebar + DragMove and set the shape as you draw it
]]Enlarge brush, text, etc. Resize
[[[[[[[[Reduce the size of the brush, text, etc.
altOptionDraw a shape starting from its center
Replacement (when drawing or rotating)Replacement (when drawing or rotating)Click a line or object vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
Ctrl + 7Cmd + 7Create a clipping mask
Alt + Ctrl + 7Option + Cmd + 7Remove the surgical mask
XXSwitch between blow and fill
DDReset the shock and fill in the default settings
//Do not stroke or fill
Ctrl + /Cmd + /Add a new fill
Alt + Ctrl + /Option + Cmd + /Add a new stroke
Shift + Beep toolShift + Beep toolThe color of the sample from the image
Ctrl + ICmd + ICheck your spelling
Panel shortcuts
tabtabShow or hide all panels
Shift + F7Shift + F7Align the panel
Shift + F6Shift + F6Looks
Ctrl + F11Cmd + F11In the Attributes panel
F5F5Brushes panel
F6F6color Panel
Shift + F3Shift + F3Color Guide panel
Ctrl + F9Cmd + F9inclination Panel
Shift + F5Shift + F5Graphic Styles panel
Ctrl + F8Cmd + F8The information panel
F7F7Layers panel
Shift + Ctrl + F9Shift + Cmd + F9Pathfinder panel
Ctrl + F10Cmd + F10stroke Panel
Shift + Ctrl + F11Shift + Cmd + F11Symbols panel
Shift + F8Shift + F8Convert panel
Shift + Ctrl + F10Shift + Cmd + F10The film panel

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