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As good as the real kindle?

Forget carrying books in your bag. Don’t worry about your readers. You don’t have to turn on when your smartphone is in your pocket. Because the Kindle app works very well.

With that in mind, you can read books on the Kindle app for Android and iOS as follows.

How can you use your Kindle?

The Kindle e-book reading service has been in existence since 2007. Initially, the introduction of dedicated e-book readers access to the platform was then opened to computers and smartphones. While Amazon is releasing a new one Kindle ereader Every year, you can read Kindle books on other devices as well.

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Where can you get the Kindle app for your phone?

You can find the Kindle app for Android in the Play Store and the Kindle for iOS App Store.

Charge: Kindle for Android | iOS

Before opening the Kindle app, make sure you have an Amazon account. Note that if you’re already signed in to Amazon on your phone, the credentials should be available on your Kindle.

Finding books for the Kindle app for Android and iOS

Once the Kindle app is downloaded to your phone, you should be able to access your existing contacts library.

Launch the app and sign in when prompted. You can buy the book either by opening store or check the list of recommendations. Usually, you can see things based on your previous physical book purchases if you’re new to Kindle.

Before you buy the book, you can read the first chapter as a free sample to see if you like it. To do this, open the Store, scroll through the book and tap Download a sample to see if it suits you.

These screenshots of the iPhone version of the Kindle app look slightly different on the screens that show the book recommendation and library screens.

Free content is also available through the Kindle Store. This consists mainly of public works, such as classics, which were published several years ago and are now out of copyright. You may also register BookBub, a daily newsletter recommending free books and great discounts that are currently listed on the Kindle Store.

Read magazines, newspapers and cartoons on your phone

The Kindle app for Android and iOS isn’t just books. You can also use it to read magazines and newspapers.

This makes it an app that allows you to read material on your smartphone.

You can find the search feature in the Kindle Store. Use this to search for magazines and newspapers. Note that in most cases, you will need to purchase a subscription to read them on the Kindle page.

You can also read cartoons from the Kindle app. faucet store then scroll to the bottom of the category list. faucet More Categories> Comics & Graphic Roma. Here you will find an extensive library of thousands of comics, graphic novels and books about the industry.

Manga titles as well as books from DC, Marvel and many other big publishers are available. You can either own the cartoons or “borrow” them with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading.

Kindle benefits for Amazon Prime subscribers

Using your Kindle or reading the app as an Amazon Prime subscriber gives you a downloadable ereading experience. Please note that various Amazon Prime orders

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Are available.

In 2020, Amazon launched Prime Reading, which is similar to the Kindle Unlimited (see below). Both services allow you to borrow books; in other words, download and can use titles for a short time.

The titles in the Prime Reading list include the most prestigious books that you can read for free. Some of these can be found on Amazon’s Top 20 list. To read the book Prime Reading, scroll to the Prime Reading section of the Kindle app (Home).

Tap the book and then Read $ 0.00 with Prime Reading. You will be notified that the book will appear in your library after you download it.

Get books with Kindle Unlimited

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime subscription, don’t worry. Amazon also offers Kindle Unlimited.

Offering a huge number of books and magazines for $ 9.99 / month, the Kindle Unlimited lets you read almost anything you want. The range of products available in the Kindle Unlimited series makes this good value for money. Even better, if available, audio products for the books of your choice can be downloaded.

Imagine you have an entire book library in your pocket! Once you’ve added your Kindle account, you’ll find your phone’s Kindle Unlimited titles ready to read.

Useful features to improve reading in Kindle

The Kindle app for Android and iPhone isn’t just about buying and downloading books. Once you’ve really started reading, the app offers a range of features to enhance your experience.

With the Android Kindle app, you can set the screen brightness, screen priority (landscape or portrait), font size, and background color. Line spacing, alignment, and page color can also be set.

With these options, you can set the reading environment to make sure it’s right for you. Just tap the center of the screen for the current book to see these options.

With the Kindle app, it is possible to use the built-in dictionary to search for words while reading. You can also use Google or Wikipedia to explore the topic further. All you have to do is tap and hold the word to see the available options. Other options include taking notes or even reporting an error.

Other settings allow you to change animated page turns, allow you to turn pages with your phone’s volume buttons, and more.

If you have a Kindle or use the Kindle app on another device, you can sync reading between devices. This means you can read on your phone on the go and continue from the same page the next time you go to your Kindle.

The Kindle app syncs bookmarks, longest readable points, highlights, and notes.

Forget the Kindle and use the app instead

Most smartphones have screens that are smaller than the Kindle eReaders. So, while the Kindle fits in your bag easily, it may not fit in your pocket. Unlike your phone.

The argument for reading books with the Kindle app on Android or iPhone is clearly strong. It’s true that the backlight may not be as kind to the eyes as the adjustable light on the dedicated Kindle speaker. Nevertheless, reading an e-book on your phone is a great alternative to using your Kindle.

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