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Collect contacts using Google forms on mobile devices

If you want to easily collect and analyze large amounts of user data, you can do so for free with Google Forms. Google Forms lets you quickly create a data collection form for an online survey or survey. And you can create one on both your computer and your mobile device.

Explore how to create a Google Form and share it with others.

How to create a Google form for mobile and PC

The steps for creating a Google form on PC and mobile devices are very similar. For the purposes of this article, we will use PC screenshots for added clarity; however, they look almost identical on a cell phone.

Go to the Google Forms page to create the form. You can find it at, which takes you to a form editor on a mobile device or to form management on a PC.

If you’re on a computer, see the templates at the top of the page. Google already offers a few models designed to fit the general public. As such, if someone pays attention, be sure to pick it up and save yourself some work.

For example, if you want Make a free website contact form using Google Forms

How to create a free website contact form with Google Forms
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, you want to select Contact template.

We make a template from scratch to show all the features of the Google form. Click to get started Blank on the left side of the models.

Create a new blank form in Google Forms

Edit and add questions in Google Forms

You have one question template waiting for you. By default, it’s a multiple-choice question where you can write a selection of answers for users to choose from.

If you don’t want a multiple-choice question, click that drop-down menu Multiple Choice.

When you’re done, you’ll see a variety of questions to choose from. Each survey style has its advantages, so choosing the right one for your form is key.

Select the question type in Google Forms

The top five scripts are the most commonly used question formats.

Short answer it is a good idea to collect names or short comments Paragraph is better for the long-term.

Multiple Choice it is best if you want the user to choose as many options as they want.

check boxes is better if you want the user to select a limited number of options (e.g., “choose two from the following list” questions).

Drop down it is best to limit the user to one answer from the answer list.

To customize the question, click three points in the lower right corner of the section. This will give you additional options depending on the type of question. For example, the check box question shows the option to limit the number of boxes the user scans.

Three points for customizing your Google Forms question

To the right of each question are customization buttons. This includes setting a title and description for your questions, and adding an image or video to give the question more context. You can also add a new question here or add a new section to better differentiate the form.

Google Forms question sidebar

If you need a user to answer a specific question, don’t forget to click is required switch at the bottom. When enabled, users will not be able to submit a form unless the question is answered.

Edit the theme of a Google form

The colors of the default form are a bit dull, but you can change the look of the form to your liking. Just search Palette icon at the top of the screen. Click on it to open the theme menu.

Theme icon in Google Forms

Here you can change the background color and font used by the form. You can also add a caption image to your organization or business to make it look professional.

Google Form Preview

Once you have set up the form, you should give it a test run. This way, you can spot any flaws before sending them to people.

Preview icon in Google Forms

You can do this by clicking eye icon at the top of the page. Now you can take the form as if you were the recipient and test the questions. If you’re on a mobile device, you may need to tap the three-dot icon to expand the list of options first.

Please note that if you submit a form via the preview feature, Google Forms will save it as a legitimate response. As such, if you do not wish to provide your test information, please do not submit the form.

Publish a Google form to others

When the shape is ready to go, press purple Send button in the upper right corner. Here you can send emails to people, get a link to share, or embed a form on your website to facilitate data collection.

Submit button on Google Forms

Once you’ve submitted your form, don’t worry about collecting data. Google Forms collects all the information you enter and compiles it into a response page. As such, when the shape is out, the hard part is done.

Checking people’s responses to the Google Form

There is a good chance that you have already noticed Replies tab at the top of the form. When people fill out the form and submit their responses, a number appears next to the tab name.

A number that shows new answers in Google Forms

You can click the tab to see all your answers to the survey. The answer page is divided into different categories for better display of information.

Different answer categories in Google Forms

Summary shows the results at a glance, which is good for the overall presentation of the results. Question lets you analyze how a particular question has been answered so you can hone a specific set of data. individual lets you see how a particular person reacts to better understand how that user responded.

When you have a lot of answers coming, you can transfer the answer data to Google Sheets for processing. However, don’t worry about copying and pasting all the data; just click Google Sheets icon in the upper right corner of the answer window.

Google Sheets button on forms

This allows you to either create a new info page or import the data into an existing Google Sheets document.

Make the most of Google Forms

Google Forms are very easy to use, whether you’re making a form on your computer or using your phone for a form on the go. Now you know how to make a form, preview it and finally send it to others for use.

If you want to take your form creation skills even further, try these great Google Forms add-ons

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