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Home Security Compared to the 7 most secure browsers in 2020

Compared to the 7 most secure browsers in 2020

As of 2020, the Internet is ALIVE, and you want to browse its worldly goodness. But you also know that by 2020, there will be phishing attacks, malware, false news, misinformation and more.

So how do you stay safe online? The first thing to consider is the Internet browser. There are many browser options, but what will be the most secure Internet browser in 2020?

Here are the most secure browsers of 2020.

Security vs. privacy in Internet browsers

The following list focuses strongly on secure Internet browsers. Security is hand in hand with privacy, which many people strive for but are difficult in the online world. Your browser plays a key role in your privacy and online security.

Can you distinguish security from privacy?

In this article, which looks at the most secure browsers of 2020, we’ll talk about both features. As you can see, some browsers offer excellent Internet security but are deficient in terms of your privacy.

Mozilla Firefox 2020

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular secure browser that regularly beats other top-tier competitors for security and privacy reasons.

First, Firefox is the only great open source browser. This alone distinguishes it from the most important browsers in terms of accountability. In addition, the development of Firefox will be directed by the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization. The Mozilla Foundation is also leading the development of the Thunderbird email program.

Firefox has a wide range of security features. It advises users that the browser offers “strong privacy protection from installation”, but there are more privacy and security options.

For example, Firefox blocks cross-site tracking cookies by default, preventing you from tracking social media and other tracking devices on the Internet and building a user profile. You can also use integrated tracking security to see which sites and trackers are trying to track you.

In addition, several excellent security and privacy extensions are available as Firefox add-ons.

Another great security feature in Firefox is DNS-over-HTTPS, which encrypt your domain searches before submitting

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them on the Internet. DNS-over-HTTPS was once the only reservation for third-party DNS providers. Still, browsers like Firefox make the technology and the security it provides even easier for ordinary users.

While Firefox doesn’t receive as many updates as some of the options, it is still a highly secure browser that actively encourages user privacy and believes that “Privacy should not be moved to optional settings”.

Good: Open source, extensive privacy features, tracking blocking as standard, Facebook repository, highly customizable.

Bad: Sometimes a lack of internal testing withholds features and releases, a lack of funding can cause Firefox to shut down.

Charge: Mozilla Firefox Windows, macOS, Linux | Android | iOS

Tor browser 2020

What list of protected browsers would be complete without Tor? Nothing, that’s the answer. The Tor browser is a customized Mozilla Firefox browser that includes advanced features that allow users to browse the dark web.

Additional features are provided as plug-ins, such as NoScript, HTTPS Everywhere, TorButton, and TorLauncher, all required to use a dark network securely. The installation of the Tor browser (and the content to which it has access) is generally considered a significant disadvantage to its use. While access to vague content is undoubtedly a concern, there are other issues with the Tor browser.

For the most part, the Tor browser is not very useful as a daily driver for Internet browsing. Sure, it keeps you anonymous when you’re browsing the regular Internet, but because of the extensive privacy settings, it also breaks a lot of stuff in the process. While the situation is much better than before, many websites are not working.

Now you can also argue that these websites should not use as much intrusive tracking. I agree with you. But reducing the privacy offered by Tor’s traditional Internet browsing also makes browsing the dark web much more dangerous.

The Tor browser is best suited for this purpose or for times when extensive privacy is required, as other secure browser options do not make browsing the Internet a hassle.

Good: Integrated privacy features, open source and frequent updates.

Bad: Breaks-websites the possibility of harmful removal nodes; painfully slow sometimes due to network configuration.

Charge: Tor Browser Windows, macOS, Linux | Android

I also want to add that access to the dark network is both good and bad depending on your grip. Not sure what to think? Check us out a dark web explanation for everything you need to know

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epic browser 2020

Epic Privacy Browser is a Chromium-based Internet browser with a strong focus on security and privacy.

Epic Privacy Browser blocks a huge amount of ad tracking and background scripts, greatly increasing security and privacy. Blocking a script ensures that misuse and cryptocurrency currency mining scripts fail. There’s also an integrated fingerprint protection that protects your privacy again.

At the same time, Epic’s one-click encrypted proxy hides your IP address and routes traffic securely.

Epic blocks most browser extensions and add-ons. While Epic is chrome-based and could provide access to an extensive list of Chrome extensions, the developers believe this poses an unnecessary risk. Extensions can be associated with security issues, create vulnerabilities, and most importantly, invade your privacy (for example, some extensions reveal your IP address even when you use other privacy features).

One problem is Epic’s refresh rate compared to other secure browser options. At the time of writing, Epic is using the Chromium 80.2.3988 structure, which was released sometime in February 2020. The latest version is actually 83.x, while version 84.x is close to release.

Good: Stunning privacy from the tray, extensive privacy options, blocks most extensions and add-ons, and deletes all session data when you close your browser.

Bad: Sometimes lags far behind updates; integrated privacy features do not always work. Epic also offers a false sense of security.

Charge: Epic Privacy Browser for Windows, macOS | Android | iOS

If you like Chromium-based browsers like Epic, check it out the best Chromium-based browser options

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Comodo icedragon 2020

Comodo IceDragon is a secure browser developed by the security company Comodo. The IceDragon browser is based on Mozilla Firefox, so it has many of the same security features as the main browser.

Comodo IceDragon integrates other Comodo safety features. For example, Comodo’s SiteInspector tool scans for malware and other vulnerabilities before visiting a website. It is also possible to use Comodo Secure DNS to load web pages faster and reduce the chances of downloading malicious pages. Comodo Domain Validation checks the website’s SSL certificates.

Another plus is that you can use all Firefox extensions with Comodo IceDragon. This means you can extend your browser’s security and privacy features with tried-and-tested add-ons.

Good: Based on Firefox, access to Firefox extensions, integrated Comodo security features.

Bad: Fewer updates based on the old version of Firefox.

Dooble browser 2020

Dooble is a unique entry in the list: it is not produced by Chromium or Firefox. Instead, Dooble is an independent development that is impressive.

Dooble offers a strong focus on privacy. Default and security options include ad and tracking blocking, script blocking, encrypted bookmarks and browsing history, encrypted user profiles, sandbox tabs, and more. Also note that Flash and JavaScript are disabled by default.

The browser also frequently receives security and feature updates. Interestingly, you can also use Dooble as an FTP client to transfer files to the server or otherwise. Dooble is ours too a list of the best open source browsers

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, which is worth exploring other browser options.

Good: Open source, free from Google and other development effects, light and fast.

Bad: Feels outdated compared to other modern browsers; hard to find add-ons. It has a very small group of users, which means easy identification.

Charge: For Dooble Windows, macOS, Linux

Vivaldi browser 2020

Vivaldi is a free secure browser based on Chromium. Vivaldi seeks to replicate some of the features that the user felt were lost when Opera switched to a Chromium-based development model. While the Vivaldi is also chrome-based, it includes numerous modifications to emulate the older Opera style.

Vivaldi is a very secure Internet browser. It is updated frequently and is in line with key Chromium releases, which is important for user safety. Your browser protects against phishing sites and malware and prevents you from downloading files from a malicious site. Another great feature is encrypted bookmarks and passwords that you can sync between devices.

In addition, the latest updates to the Vivaldi software have improved scripting and tracking prevention, although these features lack some of the details you can find in alternative browsers.

Good: Recurring updates, access to Chrome extensions and add-ons, easy to use, highly customizable, with great tab management options.

Bad: Closed source. At the same time, the small market share makes Vivaldi browser users easy to identify without a VPN. Performance issues sometimes, especially with resource-intensive tabs.

Charge: For Vivaldi Windows, macOS, Linux | Android

google chrome 2020

Google Chrome is constantly on the list of safest browsers. Now some people are thinking about the idea that Google Chrome is protected. This is because while Chrome works well by keeping attackers and other intruders at bay, it is also very relaxed in terms of personal privacy.

Chrome has regular updates, works well in hacking tests, comes with integrated security features, and in most cases has won the most secure browser section in the annual Pwn2Own hacking contest (as well as other security awards).

Still, Google Chrome’s privacy intrusion and data collection are well known. It should come as no surprise that a browser developed by a company whose primary source of revenue is advertising would use the opportunity to collect data.

Therefore, as good as Chrome is in real security, it’s bad for privacy. You can, of course add more privacy-focused Chrome extensions to add

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your privacy. Some of these extensions also increase security. But when there are equally secure options with better privacy features, Chrome shouldn’t become your automatic choice.

Good: Award-winning security, regular updates, inviting outsiders to stress-check your browser, and plug-ins make your browser more secure.

Bad: Major privacy issues, browser extensions can cause security issues, closed source (based on the open source project, Chromium), and as many have noticed, very resource hungry and vulnerable to hanging.

Are lesser known browsers secure?

In a world where privacy and security are vital, finding the most secure browser is difficult. As you can see, you have to make trade-offs between choosing security, privacy and functionality. Mozilla Firefox ticked all three boxes and is one of the most secure browser options in 2020.

There are many alternative browsers. The most important issue facing these browser options is funding. How can you attract enough users to ensure continuous improvement without surrendering to a particular type of invasive technology or before the refresh rate causes a serious security issue?

Even if you don’t trust Google, Chrome is updated frequently and is usually secure. But those Chromium-based browsers take longer to deploy security features and updates, potentially exposing you. The same problems are obvious to those who use Firefox as a starting point.

So yes, lesser known browsers can definitely be safe. Before you commit, check your browser’s version history, refresh rate, and overall reputation.

Another thing to consider is speed. Have you ever wondered why some browsers are faster than others

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