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Don’t throw away old prints! 19 Used papers

We are all wasting more paper than was intended. Recycling is important, but it’s more than just sorting old sheets of paper into the right tray. You can recycle by reusing, which extends the life of the product.

So the next time you make mistakes when printing or throwing old school papers in the trash, stop and think. It can almost certainly be recycled. To prove it, here are 19 ways to reuse scrap paper.

1. Reuse the printed paper: turn it over on the unused side without printing

If only one page has been used, why not just turn the sheet over and print on the other side?

This, of course, depends on what you print – of course you don’t want to do this with anything important. But if you print for personal use, such as online posting, why not save paper this way?

2. Turn the waste paper into a wallet

It may not be the most durable wallet you own (compared to leather), but a paper wallet works nonetheless. What’s even better, it’s fully customizable! Printed wallets can be absolutely stunning even if you printed incorrectly, although plain paper may be more your style.

3. Paper CD / DVD holder

With optical media on the way out, many of us still have the occasional placement of CDs or DVDs on a case-by-case basis. Try this instead of leaving scratches before saving disk images to your hard disk. With a few folds of a standard sheet of waste paper, you have a paper CD wallet.

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4. Paper pen and pencil

Need to clean a table? This video guide shows you how to build a DIY origami pen holder, 20x20cm, with just two papers. The result is a comfortable pen and pencil holder – you’ll never lose them again!

5. Make your own memo or sketchbook

If you have printed a lot of old paper through your printer, you can stack the sheets together as a note.

Bind the sheets just with the bulldog holder and you have paper ready for unpacking quick reminders and more. Write stories, doodle, plan home improvements, sketch, do to-do lists for anything.

6. Origami gift boxes

Another way to reuse scratch paper is to use it in gift boxes. With Origam, you can handle boxes of all sizes that are especially useful as Christmas or birthday decorations. And if the wasted print was colorful (maybe a photo that doesn’t print correctly), you have a unique gift box.

Nor are you limited to gift boxes. Use them to organize your desk and store paper clips, towel rails, thumbnails, anything!

7. DIY sticky notes

Instead of buying sticky notes, use scrap paper instead. Just cut the sheets of old paper into squares, attach double-sided tape to the back and you have a sticker sheet. Whenever you need to draw a note somewhere, you can have it ready in seconds!

8. Awesome paper machines from old paper

One of the best uses for old paper is undoubtedly the construction of paper machines. We’ve all done it scrap on a sheet of paper, but have we done the right thing?

This video shows you how to make a paper tray that flies and flies and flies.

9. Make a simple bookmark

Another great idea for reusing scrap material is to cut it into 300mm wide strips for bookmarking. Just take two or three tapes and then secure them together with glue or tape to make the result more durable. Maybe even make holes in the top and tie a small string of loop to finish the custom bookmark.

10. Draw an optical illusion

Learning to draw is a great way to use backup papers – and what better than an optical illusion?

This example is a good place to start as it only requires scrap paper, pencil and pen. It’s an anamorphic illusion, which means it has to be viewed from a certain angle to function.

11. Gift box

Running out of wrapping paper? Only use waste printer paper if the object is not too large. Don’t worry about what others think – just be creative and save money.

12. Create a circle with a pen and paper

The graphite in your pencil results in a small flow enough to burn the lamp. You can test this with unused printer paper, LEDs, and battery. Draw the circuit on a sheet of paper, connect the components, and drop your jaw into fear.

13. Split the old wrapping paper

If you own a shredder, converting old personal data printouts to tapes is a smart idea. Instead of recycling it right away, use it instead for packaging materials. It’s greener than a foam pack of peanuts and takes waste paper out of your house.

14. Make a paper wheel

Let’s make noise! If you want to surprise someone, just fold the paper into a popper. This “banger” can make a real crack, so be careful who you use it for.

15. Waste paper greeting cards

Homemade cards for birthdays and other occasions add a nice personality.

Simply fold the old printed sheet of paper in half or fold it better for a quarter for durability. This is especially useful for hiding unintentional old print jobs! When you’re done, decorate it the way you want.

16. A simple paper-pop gun

Something offensive like a greeting card is a pop gun. With a few sheets of scratch paper, elastic bands and tape, you can shoot small pellets at targets.

It’s a little more intense than some of the scrap service projects we’re proposing, but it’s worth going for.

17. Paper Crossbow

If you have a paper pistol, why can’t you find anyone to shoot? They could probably do with their own weapon – where the paper lattice comes in.

This is perhaps the most advanced scrap book project on the list that requires a few tools and a glue gun.

18. Make a few paper nails

Whether you’re dressing for Halloween, a cosplay show, or a theater, these paper nails will make a real impression. More wolves than a wolf, they are designed to slide on both fingers. Add more color and these paper nails suddenly look more like paper.

19. Scrap paper Mask

You can even group the nails of the paper with the corresponding paper mask… or just make another mask completely.

Scrap paper, whether your printer or old papers at school, is ideal for making a paper mask. Either follow the guide above or look further. You can even tear used paper into paper papers.

Hundreds of uses for scrap books

You have so many options for reusing paper that you usually throw away. Just be creative and think about what you need – you’ll discover how you can do it without spending money.

Checking the YouTube app or using a search engine is a good way to get started. You’ll also find lots of creative ideas on Pinterest.

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