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Facebook bans more hate speech, including Blackface

While Facebook has been hostile for some time, it has now expanded the definition of the term. In line with Facebook’s new community standards, Facebook will remove all posts with black pages and anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Facebook war on hate speech

Facebook’s quarterly Community Standards Implementation Reports give users an idea of ​​what the technology giant is doing behind the scenes. More specifically, it describes in detail the measures that Facebook will take to combat it inappropriate content on Instagram

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and Facebook.

Last Report on the implementation of Community standards shows that the rate of detection of hate speech on Facebook has risen from 89 percent to 95 percent. This resulted in the deletion of 22.5 million malicious messages, a significant increase over the deletion of only 9.6 million messages in the first quarter.

In addition, Facebook sought to eliminate 23 hate groups and also saw an uptick in the number of harassment reports resolved.

Facebook’s improved hate speech recognition system will be credited with increased deletions and increased content control. Thanks to new advances, Facebook is better able to detect hate speech in English, Spanish and Burmese.

The message About Facebook, Facebook Honorary Vice President Guy Rosen pointed out that Facebook strives to be a safe platform for everyone:

We’ve made progress in fighting anger in our apps, but we know we have even more to do to make sure everyone feels comfortable using our services.

The latest update to Facebook’s community standards

To ensure an inclusive environment on Facebook, the company also announced updates Community standards hate speech. The amendment adds offensive content to the list, including blackface and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

The new instructions will remove content from users participating in black and white. The same is true for all users who post content that contains Jewish stereotypes, especially those that refer to Jews who control the world’s largest institutions.

Can Facebook succeed in fighting hate speech?

Clearly, Facebook has made significant improvements in finding and detecting hate speech. With the new updates, Facebook is on the right track to reducing the amount of malicious content on the site.

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