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Facebook is starting to label ads that are connected to the political market

As the 2020 U.S. presidential election approaches, Facebook has placed new restrictions on politically connected news outlets. Facebook now requires these publications to go through a disclaimer before publishing politically driven ads.

Facebook is moving towards political neutrality

Facebook aims to make the forum more politically neutral. It gives you already disable all political ads

You can now disable all political ads on Facebook
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, and it now places more restrictions on political news.

In the past, some political stores were able to bypass the process of authorizing Facebook ads by applying for a news exemption. This exception allowed certain publications to broadcast advertisements without having to issue a disclaimer. Political publications could unfairly influence the election by refusing a disclaimer.

The social media giant is finally closing this loophole in the political market. Every news source that Facebook considers “political” needs to take extra steps to publish ads.

Facebook Company Help Center defines a political publication as “an organization, enterprise, or other group whose primary purpose is to influence politics, public order, and / or elections.”

This includes all outlets with links to political parties, politicians, PACs and other political organizations. Not only do all political publications have to go through the ad authorization process, but their ads must have a “Paid” clause.

On Facebook journalism project blog, Facebook explains the purpose of its new policy:

Identifying politically connected publishers is a new process for us, and we will learn and adapt as needed, while continuing to add ads on Facebook to be more transparent and to protect the integrity of elections.

And while political news organizations can still register as a news page, they are now not allowed to appear on a Facebook news feed. Facebook’s new rules also prevent political publications from using news messages in the WhatsApp Business API and Messenger business environment.

How Facebook continues to threaten the election

Despite the fact that Facebook has placed new restrictions on the political market, the social network can still influence politics. For more information, read the article that explains how your Facebook information will be used to win the election

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