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Facebook is working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 misinformation

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, the false information about the virus will be the same. In an effort to stop false news from COVID-19, Facebook has removed and / or tagged millions of misleading messages.

Facebook COVID-19 removal

As you probably already know, Facebook has become a breeding ground for COVID-19 conspiracy theories and misinformation. During this quarter Report on the implementation of Community standards, revealed that Facebook has deleted 7 million messages containing COVID-19 false information.

Most of these messages contained misleading information about false COVID-19 cures and preventative myths. At the same time, warning labels were issued to 98 million misleading messages. This is in addition Facebook’s fight against hate speech

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, which also led to the elimination of several million posts this quarter.

Facebook’s attempt to stop false information has only affected daily users. After U.S. President Donald Trump posted a video of his Fox News interview, Facebook quickly removed it. Trump mentioned in the video that children are “almost immune” to COVID-19, which is against Facebook’s COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Facebook provides more contexts for COVID-19 content

From now on, every time you share a link to COVID-19, you will be notified. This notice tells you how old the article is and also helps you identify the original source.

John Hegeman, vice president of Facebook feeds and stories, described the purpose of the announcement About Facebook by post saying:

The notice helps people understand the accuracy and source of the content before sharing it.

Facebook hopes this will force users to stop and think before they share a potentially misleading message. The only exceptions to the alert are reliable health facilities such as the World Health Organization.

The pop-up also provides a link to Facebook COVID-19-Information Center. This page gives people access to reliable COVID-19 data from both local and global health organizations.

How to find the truth about COVID-19 online

False information can spread in the form of a fire. When a single message is shared, there is no information on how many times it is forwarded. Facebook’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 misinformation will hopefully help squeeze myths about the virus.

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