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Facebook starts merging Instagram and Messenger conversations

In early 2019, Facebook hinted at the matter plans to combine Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp

Facebook plans to connect Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram
Facebook plans to connect Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. This allows messaging applications to work seamlessly together.
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. The merger would allow cross-platform communication between all three applications.

And now, after 18 months, it looks like Facebook has finally implemented those plans. A small number of users have the opportunity to upgrade to Instagram Direct – a sign that Messenger is about to take over.

Instagram introduces integrated chat features

Most users have vague opinions about the ambitious idea of ​​integrating the cross-platform conversation between Facebook’s three platforms. Despite this, it looks like Facebook has already started the Instagram-Messenger merger.

Like Circuit, some Instagram users have been notified when they use their direct message. The prompt reads: “There is a new way to post on Instagram.”

Both the Instagram and Messenger logos appear at the top of the announcement, a clear sign of a future merger.

Then the prompt will continue to describe all the new features coming to Instagram Direct. According to the note, you can update the app to get a colorful chat interface, more emoticons and a swipe-response touch gesture. And even though the ad says you can message users on Facebook, you can’t yet use this feature.

Click to install a new chat system Update or press to save it for another day Not now. After installation, you will get the new features listed above, and the familiar DM paper plane icon will be replaced with the Messenge logo.

When will the Instagram / Messenger merger take place?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp will eventually be able to operate from a universal discussion board that is encrypted end to end. However, there is no official date yet for this to happen.

Over time, more Instagram users will likely see the Instagram update in a pop-up window on their phone as well. But in the meantime, you can check these out hidden Facebook Messenger tricks

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