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Google is adding new security features to G Suite

For many people, teleworking has become a new normal. Which means services like G Suite are more important than ever. After all, people still have to get the job done, whether they can go to the office or not.

This will not be lost on Google, as reported by the company Google Cloud Blog that it releases a lot of security updates for its services. The G Suite update includes everything from supporting the Gmail BIMI standard with the new Chat security features.

What’s new in Gmail?

First, Google announced that it would export the BIMI (GIM) standard to Gmail. In essence, this allows companies to verify ownership of their company IDs and make them visible in existing avatar locations in the Gmail interface.

This should make it easier for large companies (or at least those who choose to participate in this program) to identify and prevent counterfeiting and phishing

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Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available, but Google says it plans to launch a pilot product for the feature in the coming weeks. If you are not sure if BIMI is right for your business, check on the working group’s website and see what it is about.

New features in Google Meet

G Suite also comes with new drivers for Meet. The latest update is intended to give meeting owners more control over who can join. For example, if you kick someone out of a meeting, they can’t try to come back to the same conference call by tapping. Instead, the host must invite them back in.

Google also adds a limit on how many times a user can be denied access to a meeting. After a certain number of attempts, the user is not allowed to send any more requests to join.

Caught in a meeting, Google also adds security locks that define the ways people can join the meeting. Some locks block attempts by all unknown users to join the meeting.

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Google chat will also be safer

Google also adds the same phishing protections to conversations that it uses in Gmail. This means that links sent via Google Chat will receive a real-time verification that they are secure.

Another new feature coming to Chat is the ability to report Chat rooms and block them if you suspect malicious activity. Finally, Google also adds the ability to automatically detect and restrict abusive content across the entire G Suite service line.

G Suite Administrator Security Updates

Google will also add any updates that G Suite administrators can use to lock things.

First, Google has redesigned the device page in the G Suite console. In addition, it launches integration with Apple Business Manager. There are a lot of other updates that will help companies improve their security because they are forced to get more employees to work remotely.

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