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Google is testing a new context feature for the most popular stories

Google is testing the new “For Context” feature in the Top Stories section, which provides a little more information about the news. It does so by submitting another article that gives a little more background to the news you read.

The feature is still being tested. Which means it may take a while before we see it spread significantly to Google search results. Still, it’s useful, assuming you find a news story that takes advantage of the feature.

How to use Google’s context feature

Because the feature has not been officially reported by Google, you will need to find a search term that has been given treatment in order for the Context feature to work.

SERoundTable first announced the change, and we got it to work with the phrase “Senate second stimus pack,” which is currently a hot search term in the United States.

google for context feature example

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is a Forbes article on the recovery package and another article linked to the “For Context” app written above it. Basically, the Google For Context feature is a way for a company to expand their article with an article that provides more information.

So far, it looks like the other article is not in the same source. As in the example above, it links to another Forbes article. However, since Google has not officially announced the new feature, we don’t know if this is always the case.

Another important thing to consider in this new feature is that it will only be tested on mobile devices, at least for now. We were tired of many search terms, including “Senate Second Stimulus Package” on the desktop, and couldn’t get the For Context link to display.

How to avoid false news

Google is always testing something new. Sometimes these features become significant parts of the Google experience, and sometimes they are forgotten as quickly as they launch. Hope this catches up. After all, this is another way Google can make sure accurate data rises to the top.

There was a time when Context was not needed. But in these false news days, adding context has become important.

With this in mind, be sure to check out our article that explains how to avoid false news during a crisis

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. It just can save you from serious stress.

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