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Google Maps gets CarPlay dashboard and Apple Watch support

Google Maps downloads huge updates for Apple devices in the form of the CarPlay dashboard and Apple Watch support.

Google’s mapping app is one of iOS ’most popular GPS services, and if it gets support for these important parts of Apple’s ecosystem, it will make it even more useful.

How Google Maps works in the CarPlay dashboard

Google announced the first major change to Google Maps Keyword. The company revealed an increase in CarPlay Dashboard support. Although Google Maps has partnered with Apple CarPlay since launch, when Apple added a dashboard feature on iOS 13, only Apple Maps showed instructions on that screen.

Now that Google Maps is supported, you can view directions while having access to other important CarPlay features. If you need to skip a song, check a calendar event, or do something else that works with the control panel, you can complete it without losing your directions.

If you’re a CarPlay user who trusts Google Maps, this will make navigating much more enjoyable. CarPlay dashboard is one of the biggest changes that come CarPlayen since its establishment, and it is great to see that a large third-party mapping application works with it. Hopefully we’ll also see other apps like Waze jumping into the mix soon.

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch

If you find yourself walking a lot in unfamiliar places, there are guides in the Apple Watch app. Google will release an app that works with Apple Watch so you can see translation-translation instructions right on your wrist.

Google Maps Apple Watch

However, the application is not without restrictions. You can use it to navigate to saved places, such as home or work. You can also assign other application shortcuts. Wherever else you need to go, you need to start navigating your phone before you get step-by-step instructions on your wrist.

Google Maps CarPlay dashboard and viewer availability

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch app is not yet available. Google says it will be rolled out in the coming weeks, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to get instructions on your wrists.

However, you can try Google Maps in the CarPlay dashboard now. All you have to do is plug your phone into your CarPlay support vehicle and you’re good to go.

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