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Google Stadium will soon be playable on iOS devices

Google’s games streaming service can access titles on Apple iOS devices through a web app.

Google has joined a growing line of developers by bringing the Stadia cloud game service to iOS.

google Stadia logo on iphone

As with Microsoft and Nvidia, Google plans to go around the iOS App Store and offer its services through a mobile app.

Google Stadium is coming to iOS soon

Google has announced “not yet one” in an instant Reddit message dated 11/19 that it will release Google Stadium on iOS.

Google has followed in the footsteps of Nvidia and Microsoft. Nvidia has confirmed it to be provides GeForce NOW via iOS Safari. Microsoft has announced that the same is true for Game Pass.

This means that if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can soon play Google Stadia products on your Apple device.

However, you do not use it through a separate application. Instead, you access it through your cell phone. So for iPhone and iPad users, this is the iOS version of Safari.

Is Google Stadium already available on iOS?

Well, yes and no. Google Stadium can be downloaded as an app from the iOS App Store. However, you cannot use it to play.

Apple is known for its strict application restrictions. These restrictions extend to applications that allow streaming of any game.

Apple has tried to offer some leeway, telling platforms that they can provide apps, but only if Apple itself reviews and approves each game individually. This can prove to be a logistical nightmare for most cloud gaming platforms.

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At this time, you can only use Google Stadium as a clarified chat service. The app allows you to send messages to other users and manage your Stadia account. You cannot stream any of the titles available in the collection.

This overcomes the object of the game’s streaming platform. So developers have had to use the rise to circumvent Apple’s advanced application marketplaces.

Google Stadium will be coming to iOS soon

google Stadia trackpad

Google Stadia is currently unavailable. It hasn’t been tested yet, so wait until you get to Stadia on your iOS device.

Several developers are going the route of the iOS mobile app to offer their cloud gaming services. Could this mean that we are seeing Apple’s control in the market model slip?

Whether Apple is bowing to the will of developers is still to be seen. However, one thing is more obvious; Apple needs to update its marketplace model if it is to attract users like Google, Nvidia and Microsoft in the future.

google Stadia trackpad

You can now share Google Stadia games with your family

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