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Google’s new search feature will help you buy a house

Buying a house is a pretty scary experience. It’s like walking to a local store, picking goods and taking them home. There are a myriad of paperwork, troublesome shopping experience and the half lifetime of the loan signing of a daunting process.

While Google can’t eliminate all of these scary things from the house buying process, the search agency does its best to make the experience easier. designed to help with some of the features that make learning to buy a house a little more painful.

Google’s new mobile search feature

As detailed in the publication Keyword, Google has created a new mobile search experience (check out Google search cheatsheet). It’s about giving U.S. home buyers an important tool — information.

Thanks to the partnership with the Consumer Protection Agency (CFPB), typing the word “mortgage” into your search will provide all sorts of information that will be useful when you decide to buy a home. Information on prices, refinancing, purchase process, credit and more.

There is, of course, so much information on the internet about buying a home that it is impossible to know where to start. With this feature, Google tries to put it all together in one place, which is admirable.

google search loan tool

The most useful part of the new search tool comes with a click Process section. Google and the CFPB share everything from buying a home to a real foreclosure and everything in between.

Much of buying a home is loan insurance, and Google has all sorts of tools and information to help you understand the loan application process, determine how much you can afford through a debt-to-income ratio, and more. It even has a breakdown that allows you to compare loan offers so you can understand which one is the most cost effective.

In addition to the information provided by Google and the CFPB, there are also links to news articles related to buying a home. This will help Google take advantage of useful articles that aren’t too heavy in jargon for ordinary people who want to buy a house to understand.

How to use Google’s new search tool

As mentioned above, all you have to do is type the word “attachment” into the search bar on your mobile device. From there, you will see various tabs at the top of the screen. You can tap the one you want more information about.

For example, if you are interested in current mortgage rates, you can tap tariff to see the percentage for different types of loans in your area.

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. After all, optimizing your Internet connection can be as important as choosing the home you want to live in!

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