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Google’s Read Along app helps teach kids reading

Google has launched a new app designed to help children read. As a play called Read Together, the app gives children both visual and verbal feedback when reading stories aloud. Helps them develop their literacy skills independently.

Give children a lifelong love of reading

Helping children learn to read and write is probably the most important skill a parent can teach a child. Without basic literacy, the world is a challenging place to navigate. And if children read at a young age, they will love it for a lifetime.

To improve children’s literacy, Google has launched Read Aloud. As in detail Keyword, this Android-exclusive app uses Google’s text-to-speech and speech recognition technologies to ensure how well each student is doing well.

How reading aloud can teach children to read

This feedback is given by a guy who reads in the app, called Diya. Who gives positive feedback in the same way a (good) parent or teacher would. Diya can also help children utter awkward words or phrases that they may find difficult.

Read Aloud offers a variety of different and interesting stories. Games are sprinkled to add fun to the events. There’s also some gameplay involved when kids are able to collect stars and tokens as they learn, helping them focus on the next goal.

Google has created Read Aloud for security and privacy, so there are no ads or in-app purchases. In addition to the initial download, Read Aloud works offline, even audio data is analyzed on the device instead of being sent to Google’s servers.

Read Along has been available (under the name Bolo) in India since 2019. However, it is now available in over 180 countries and in nine languages ​​including English, Spanish and Hindi. Read Along is a free download for Android, but the iOS version is not mentioned.

Charge: Read together for Android

Other apps that can teach kids reading

Read Along is not the only app designed to teach children to read. Google also offers Rivet, a free reading app with gamification elements

This new Google app will help kids learn to read
Google has launched a free reading app, Rivet, designed to help children learn to read (and remove parental pressure).
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. And in March 2020, Duolingo launched Duolingo ABC

Duolingo ABC can teach children reading
Duolingo ABC is a free app designed to teach reading to kids ages 3-6. Of course with the help of their parents.
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, which aims to teach reading to children ages 3-6.

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