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GTA V is now free at Epic Games

You can now get Grand Theft Auto V for free from the Epic Games Store. However, the offer is only available for a limited time, so you need to be quick to grab a copy of the game. Still, even seven years after its release, GTA V is worth playing.

Since the Epic Games Store was launched in 2018, Epic Games has donated dozens of games for free. However, nothing is as great as GTA V, which will be available for free download until May 21, 2020. And this is Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, at least one.

How to Get a GTA V for Free |

To grab a copy of GTA V for free, all you need is an Epic Games account, which is also completely free. Once you have installed one, log in and go to Grand Theft Auto: Premium Edition on the Epic Games Storewhere it should be reported free of charge.

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition includes Story mode, access to GTA Online, and “all existing game updates and content, including The Doomsday Heist, Gunrunning, Smuggler’s’s Run, Bikers.” You also get a crime starter kit.

GTA V may be seven years old (released on the console in 2013), but it’s still a fantastic game. Completing the story takes hours, while Grand Theft Auto Online offers even more ways to make money, spend money, and usually cause chaos.

Most people have already played GTA V now. However, so many people tried to grab a free copy of the game on Thursday (May 14) that the Epic Games Store suffered an eight-hour downtime. Fortunately, it is now ready and running again.

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For years, Steam was the only digital store for PC gamers. However, the Epic Games Store is now a serious challenger, and giving GTA V will only help it compete. To take this into account, be sure to read the article on scores Steam vs. Epic Games Store

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