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How do I make fake live video calls? This is how you find them

Video calls are common. You can make a video call to your friends, family, and colleagues by sharing your face and surroundings at the same time. Being in the same place all the time is boring, right? What about appearing on your normal face? Everyone knows what it looks like.

What if you could make a fake video call that turned off your face, background, or other important features – Are you calling your fake family?

Here you will find information on how fake video calls work and how you can detect them.

What is a fake video call?

The wrong video call can mean a few things.

For example, you could create a fake video background to try to trick people into believing you’re on vacation. You can record a video of yourself by looking at your screen and then playing it back during a meeting you don’t have to talk about.

It’s possible to mirror the webcam input to a YouTube video that doesn’t include you at all, but could look like an amusing cat video.

A misplaced video call can also use deep-fake technology, using an AI power supply to display faces and sounds on the screen. You can find out more about deepfake technology later in the article.

Making a fake video call with ManyCam

How you approach fake video calls depends on your operating environment. Your desktop or laptop computer has several software options for using fake video, but your access to certain applications is limited. For example, the WhatsApp desktop application does not allow any video or voice calls.

For the applications you can use, ManyCam lets you change the look of your webcam extensively. For example, you can use more than one webcam with Skype

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or other voice call applications, or streams a completely different video that appears instead of a webcam.

Here’s how to make a fake video call with ManyCam.

1. Configure ManyCam

First you need to download, install and configure ManyCam.

Charge: For ManyCam Windows | Mac operating system

When the download is complete, install ManyCam.

2. Create a ManyCam preset and select a fake video source

You can use presets for a fake video call. Open ManyCam, then below presets, choose Preset 1. Below the Presets panel are the video source settings. Select the video source to use, such as webcam, IP camera, YouTube video, web source URL, and so on.

To use a YouTube video, copy and paste the video URL into ManyCam. Do the same for the fake video source you selected.

3. Select ManyCam in the call application

Once you have identified a fake video source, you can make a video call. However, you must select the ManyCam webcam option in the video calling app to view the fake video.

For example, go to the Skype desktop application Settings> Audio & Video. year Camera settings, select ManyCam Virtual Webcam. When you make a video call, ManyCam videos play instead of a regular webcam.

manycam Skype camera options

The process is a little different in each video call application, but you can find the ManyCam Virtual Webcam setting in the camera or webcam options.

How to make false video calls using OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a popular open source video streaming tool. You can Use OBS to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

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, Storage media and more. In this case, you can use OBS to stream fake video instead of a webcam.

The result is similar to ManyCam. However, because OBS is completely free, you can use all video streaming and uploading options. Although OBS has more tools, the software is not difficult to use.

This is how you make a fake video call using OBS.

1. Configure OBS

First you need to download and install OBS. Although it is a cross-platform tool, the following steps only work with OBS on Windows because of the plug-in required to create a virtual webcam.

Charge: OBS for Windows (Free)

2. Configure OBS-VirtualCam

OBS VirtualCam is an open source extension for OBS. The plugin creates a virtual web option in OBS. After you install the plug-in, you can print media to the virtual camera and then select the virtual camera from the video call options.

Charge: OBS VirtualCam Windows (Free)

Download and install the plugin. The OBS-VirtualCam plug-in automatically detects the OBS installation folder. Select when prompted Yeah, you want to replace the folder. Then choose whether you want one or more virtual web outputs. Now complete the installation.

obs virtualcam plugin

Now open OBS and go Tools> VirtualCam to turn on the virtual webcam. The virtual web option in OBS-Camera now appears in video calling applications such as Skype or Facebook Messenger.

3. Select Fakes Video Source in OBS

OBS has several options that you can use in fake video. OBS allows you to play local videos, displays the browser window, or online video to create a video stream of the third-party video player (such as VLC) and much more.

obs to add media source

You can see different options at the bottom of the OBS main screen. Below Source, Choose + icon, and then select the video input option for your fake video call.

  • If you already have a video you want to use, select Media Source, then browse to the location of the file on your computer.
  • Alternatively, you can play the fake video on a separate media player. care about Window capture, then press to select the media player Window drop-down menu.
  • To use online video, select the browser, then enter the URL of the website to display. Next, use the width and height to resize the browser window to fit the video size.

Whichever video configuration you choose, the result is played back via the OBS-VirtualCam virtual camera.

Can you make false video calls on your smartphone?

Smartphone applications have various restrictions on fake video calls.

There are a thousand to ten fake video apps for smartphones, but they don’t do what you expect. If you search for “fake video call apps” on Google Play, you’ll find thousands of poorly coded apps that allow you to “chat” with a fake person instead of streaming fake videos through the video call app.

Cheating on a smartphone camera inside an app is not easy. Smartphone video calling apps (and other apps in general) don’t allow this behavior for a simple reason: it poses a security risk. If one app can cheat and emulate the camera for a fun reason, another app will use the same process for a bad reason.

What is a deep fake?

On the more miserable side, there are deep flaws. Deepfake video uses AI technology

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create a very compelling video that portrays someone else.

Deepfake technology continues to evolve, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between real-world video and AI-video. For example, take a look at an example that introduced deep-fake technology and mimicked Barack Obama:

The hands and gestures are Obama’s own, but the mouth (performed by comedian Jordan Peel) is out of step. While a little over a year later in The Dark Knight’s Tale, Heath Ledger plays herself as a Joker in Dark Knight, but also in A Knight’s Tale.

The story of the Dark Knight is a fake. But it really illustrates the tremendous advances in deep fake technology over the years.

At the same time, a deep fake presented by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also illustrated the technology.

Once again, it is wrong. Zuckerberg sounds completely different from a deep fake.

Deep faxing requires masses of computing power (especially a powerful GPU), time, and data. Due to the effort required to create a lifeless deep fake, you are unlikely to encounter an effective prank as a stick in the near future.

How to Cheat a Video Call |

Can you detect a fake video call? The answer is the quality of the fake video.

The development of deepfake technology is an excellent example. Jordan Peel’s deep fax video, which mimicked Barack Obama, was clearly a fake. But the quality of deepfake technology aimed at the public is much better than it was. It is without taking into account the deep technology that powerful organizations or governments have access to.

Other times, you know the wrong video call is wrong because of your contacts. Making a really fake video call on WhatsApp is incredibly difficult because the contact information is displayed during the connection. Similar restrictions apply to other video calling applications that link to phone numbers.

There are, of course, tricks to these topics – the wrong accounts, the wrong phone numbers, the wrong names, the pictures and so on. But for the most part, would someone go so far as to create a fake video call to trick you?

For most people Technical support scams are a more urgent issue

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. Either that, or its threat phishing scams related to the latest news cycle

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5 Ways to Make a Fake Video Call

In short, there are a few indicators for false video calls:

  • Video quality. Video quality is usually poor. If the fake video is from an online source, check for watermarks or other characters that steal the video.
  • Video size. For any fake video call, the video size will change to fit the webcam window or application you are using. Resizing a video distorts the proportions of the video, making it look out of shape (think of faces that are particularly long or extra wide, etc.).
  • Contacts. Is there someone in your contact list to call you? If not, does the name mean anything to you? Or does the contact’s name appear as an application name?
  • If the video call comes from someone you know and their contact information is correct, what is the video content? Does the person allegedly even call you in the video?
  • Loops and cuts. Many fake videos go round after a certain amount of time. Alternatively, the video stops abruptly at the end, but the video call does not end.

Also, if someone is using a face change app with video features, face alignment is highly unlikely.

Fake video calls are going!

Now that you know a few methods to make false video calls, as well as what platforms they work best on, you’re better prepared to detect and avoid them.

I hope you don’t encounter fake videos online. But fake news is big business. If something feels dim, check it using one of the best fact-finding sites

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to find the truth.

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