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How to change default applications and settings in Windows 10

As soon as you sign in to Windows 10, Microsoft will push its recommended apps and settings to you. If you don’t want to use a Microsoft account to sign in, don’t like Bing Search baked into your operating system, and hate Edge, you’ll be happy to know that you can change all of these.


While you can’t change everything, it’s possible to adjust a lot of Windows 10 off. This allows you to change the default settings and applications in Windows 10.

What does “default” mean?

If you’ve never thought about default programs before, the concept is pretty straightforward. Windows maintains a list of applications that it always uses to open certain types of media or links. These are called default programs.

For example, when you double-click an MP4 file, Windows opens it in the default video pointer. There’s this Movies & TV app in the box, but you can switch it to another player with more features.

To access a file that is not the default setting, open the file, right-click it, and select Open the to select another.

Windows opens

How to change default programs in Windows 10

Windows does not automatically set new applications to their default settings when you install them. To change the default programs in Windows 10, follow these steps to open the default application settings page:

  1. go to settings > applications.
  2. click on default Applications in the box on the left. Here you can see the default applications for general use, such as E-mail, music Caller, Web browser, and more.
  3. Click an application to see others installed on your system that can replace it, and then select the application you want to set as the default.

Default settings page for Windows 10 applications

If the application you are using is not already installed, this panel allows you to search for it in the Microsoft Store. Chances are you want to a traditional desktop application, not a Store application

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, by default. Install the new application and then go back to this menu to set it as the default setting.

To change other defaults, scroll to the bottom of the app’s default settings page and you’ll see three other menus:

Windows applications by protocol

Default programs in the control panel

The old control panel interface is still on Windows 10, despite the fact that Microsoft has moved more of its functionality to Settings with each major update. It has default Programs a section with four available menus, but all of them aside Auto play (see below) Redirect to Settings.

However, if you are still using Windows 7, you can change this section of Control Panel to change the default programs.

Windows Control Panel default programs

If you cannot set the Windows 10 browser

Sometimes you may have a problem where Windows 10 doesn’t remember your default browser after you change it. If this happens, first try uninstalling and reinstalling that browser.

If the problem persists, open Set defaults according to the application paragraph default Applications page, as discussed above. Find the browser you want to set as the default and select to take care. Make sure that the primary browser is selected for all file types listed here.

Windows 10 default settings by application

How to change the default autoplay settings in Windows 10

Does your computer automatically open the File Explorer window when you connect a USB drive or play automatically inserted DVDs? This is called Auto play, which makes it easier to launch removable media.

If you don’t like the current behavior, you can change it. Thus:

  1. go to settings > Equipment.
  2. click on Auto play in the box on the left.
  3. You will see the fields for Removable drive, Memory stick, and other devices that you last connected (such as your phone).
  4. For each, click the drop-down box and select a default action, such as importing photos with Dropbox, playing videos on a video player, or always asking.
  5. To turn off autoplay completely, turn off the power Use autoplay on all media and devices a slider.

Windows 10 autorun settings

If this is not enough to control, you can change the autoplay settings for certain types of media through the control panel. Search control panel On the Start menu to open it. Change Category open in the upper right corner Small icons, then select Default Programs> Change AutoPlay Settings.

There are many more options for default functions here. You can choose what different types of media do, and use AutoPlay for CDs, DVDs, software, and more.

Windows 10 AutoPlay Control Panel

Be careful what you let drive automatically. Historically, some malware has taken advantage of AutoPlay, making it easy to infect your computer if you plug in a random memory stick.

How to replace Bing with Google on the taskbar

In addition to your computer, the taskbar search function can search the web. However, Microsoft has locked this out to always use Bing inside Edge.

If you prefer to search with your default browser, replace Edge as follows:

  1. Install a free app called EdgeDeflector and turn it on. The app hasn’t been updated since the end of 2017, but it still works well since this writing.
  2. You will be prompted to ask which application you want to use. Care about EdgeDeflector, check Always use this application, and hit okay.
  3. If you reject this dialog box or it does not appear, you must configure EdgeDeflector manually. Go to Settings> Applications> Default applications and click Select the default applications according to the protocol background. Find Microsoft Edge protocol and change it EdgeDeflector.

Edge driver for Windows 10

Now the app runs in the background and changes the web searches on the taskbar from Edge to the default browser. However, these searches are still visible on Bing. To use Google or another search engine, do the following:

  1. If you’re using Chrome, install Chrometana Pro enlargement. Firefox users should install Foxtana Pro, port of the same developer.
  2. During the installation, you will see instructions for setting your default browser and installing EdgeDeflector, which we have already taken care of.
  3. Click the Chrometana Pro icon in the top right corner of your browser and select options. Here you can choose whether to redirect all Bing searches or only Cortana searches. You can also switch from Google to DuckDuckGoon or another search engine.

Chrometana Pro settings

Changing keyboard settings in Windows 10

You can find options to change the keyboard layout, language, and other related settings at Settings> Time and language both area and Language tabs. Make sure that Country or area is set correctly area the page displays the correct options, including Windows display language on Language.

Windows 10 Change regional information

At the bottom Language page, you can see the current languages ​​of the system. click on Add the language you want to add a new one. However, it is more beneficial for most people to click on the current language and beyond options. Here you can click Add a keyboard to add another language or layout.

Even if the language is selected as English, you will find everything on international keyboards, such as Japanese and German alternative layouts such as US DVORAK. Of particular interest is United States International a layout that allows you to enter accents with easy shortcuts

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Switch between keyboards at any time Win + Space Shortcut.

Change the default folder view in Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10 includes several views, such as Detail, Large iconsand tiles. It uses a view based on the contents of the folder, and you can check what type of content Windows keeps in the folder.

To do this, right-click any folder and select features. On Edit The option is highlighted on the tab Optimize this folder.

These choices are General products, documentation, pictures, musicand Video. These are all self-evident General products, which Windows uses for mixed content folders.

Windows folder properties

To set a consistent default view for all folders of this type, use this method:

  1. Find the folder of the type you want to edit and open it.
  2. Use the view tab at the top of the window so you can use the settings you want. You can switch if you wish Navigation Pane, change Layout, adjust Sort by someone, and more.
  3. When you’re happy with the changes, click options on the right side view tab.
  4. Switch to view -tab options and click Use for folders to change all types of folders to your current view.

Windows 10 Change the folder view settings

Sign in to Windows 10 without a Microsoft account

There are pros and cons to using a Microsoft account to sign in to Windows 10. Windows allows you to create a local account during installation, but you can delete your Microsoft login and use a local account

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if you change your mind later.

Windows may ask you to create a Microsoft account to sync data across applications, but Windows 10 works well without it. Some features require a Microsoft account, and you must sign in to purchase paid apps from the Store, but most features do not require a Microsoft sign-in.

Other than that, don’t forget your password because change the password for the local account

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there is effort.

Restore Windows 10 to default settings

Do you want to reset all Windows 10 settings to default? Unfortunately, this is not an easy way to perform a complete reset. You can change the default programs back to “Microsoft Recommended Defaults” at Settings> Applications> Default applications, but it doesn’t change anything else.

If you don’t want to upgrade to return to the default settings, the Windows Reset option shouldn’t take long to preserve your files. Follow us a guide to restoring Windows 10

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to start.

Windows 10 default settings, your information

We’ve looked at how to change most of the default applications and behaviors in Windows 10. When your computer works the way you want it to, you’re much more productive. Be sure to check these settings again after important updates to Windows 10, as they may change from time to time.

There’s a lot in the Settings menu in Windows 10 that we didn’t explore here. For more information, see our guide to the Windows 10 setup application

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and what you need to do after installing Windows 10

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