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How to check who is following anyone on Twitter

With popular Twitter users with hundreds of thousands of followers, it’s hard to figure out who’s following. Or if one user follows another certain user.

If you have too much time on your hands, you can get a list of their followers. If you have a life and want to do it quickly and easily, check it out DoesFollow instead.

Find out who is following on Twitter

By just feeding a Twitter handle to each user, DoesFollow tells you if the first user is following another user. The site will give you the answer as simple “yup” or “nope”. You will also see the opposite, if another user is following the first, below the answer.

DoesFollow Yup Answer

To get results, DoesFollow will ask you to sign in to your Twitter account.

DoesFollow doesn’t have a number of advanced features, but it does offer some of the ones you might enjoy.

Latest and popular inspections

You can click above the search box Last to see a list of the most recent inspections on the site and Popular the most popular.

A black arrow indicates whether the user is following another, and a red line means that neither is following each other. You can also click “Is [user one] to follow [user two]? ‘ link to see the answers.

DoesFollow Newest and most popular

How to use DoesFollow groups

Another great DoesFollow feature is that you can create groups. In a group, you can check multiple Twitter users at once.

  1. Click the main DoesFollow page Create a new group.
  2. Add a label to the group and enter the usernames.
  3. click on send.

DoesFollow Make a group

On the next page, you’ll see your group and the usernames in it. Enter the username you want to check your group at the bottom and press send.

DoesFollow Check the group

You will see results such as the most recent and popular revisions with black arrows and red lines as they apply.

DoesFollow group results

You can also access new groups and create new groups. click on Create a new group You will be hosted on the next main page and you will see the ones you have created on the left so you can return to the page or make a new one on the right.

DoesFollow lets you see who’s following who

To see if Donald Trump is following Chance the Rapper or whether Ariana Grande is following Gordon Ramsaya, head to DoesFollow for an answer.

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, we have covered you.

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